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B, the world's first bee influencer who travels the world taking fun selfies of it's self to raise awareness of the protection of bees

***EXCLUSIVE*** Environmentalists are trying to create a buzz around the protection of an endangered species - by unveiling the world's first-ever BEE influencer. Savvy staff at the Fondation de France have decided the best way to capture the public's attention is on social media so have set up an account for 'B.' on Instagram. Posting pictures from fashionable places around the world, the humorous account - which has more than 117k followers - actually has a serious message behind it.

Soundproof meditation booth made from 1,000 plastic bottles aims to bring peace to employees in the workplace

The stresses of work often make us want to crawl under our desks. Now, one innovative firm is providing offices with a designated place to tune out the noise and find inner peace. Designed by New York-based firm ROOM, the Calm Booth, which is made out of over 1,000 recycled plastic bottles, was created for companies that want to provide their employees with a space to enjoy a moment of peace while working. According to the designers, the inspiration for the Calm Booth came from the common difficulty that workers face when wanting to find a moment of peace during a long, hectic workday. The booth is designed to be a place where „meditation meets privacy” allowing workers to enjoy a respite to relax and refocus during the day. ROOM has long been known for its soundproof booths that are designed to create private spaces for office use. But this time around, it is partnering with a meditation app, called Calm, to create a soothing space that has an extensive library of meditation soundtracks, from nature soundscapes to music to „nap stories”. The Calm Booth is a simple structure clad in a crisp, white facade with a frosted, acrylic privacy door. The booth is made soundproof thanks to three layers of insulation made with more than 1,000 recycled plastic bottles.

Marilyn Monroe's Menorah, given to her by the parents of her husband, playwright Arthur Miller is to be offered at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A religious lamp once owned by iconic Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe is going on sale - for a staggering £115,000. The blonde bombshell's Menorah - a Jewish symbol used to celebrate Hanukkah - is being auctioned off in New York City next week. The item is being sold by a private collector who bought it from Christie's during the famous 'Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe' auction two decades ago. Found among Marilyn's possessions when she died in 1962, auctioneers Kestenbaum & Company have set a guide price of £77,000 to £115,000 ($100,000 to $150,000).

Man celebrating his 100th skydive - by jumping out of a plane over Las Vegas, Nevada, dressed as Marvel superhero Deadpool

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Marvel fan has celebrated his 100th skydive - by jumping dressed as Deadpool. Derek Finn, 37, jumped from 12,000ft dressed as the lycra-clad superhero, played by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. He decided to wear the outfit after watching the skydiving scene in the second movie, when Deadpool jumps to the ground - only to be left hanging on a roadside sign. Ex-freestyle skier and full-on daredevil Derek donned his favourite Marvel hero's suit, and had a buddy film the 50 second free fall over Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brave mum says mastectomy scar is beautiful and a ‘badge of honour’ after first feeling like ‘half a woman’

***EXCLUSIVE*** WEXFORD, IRELAND: This brave mum was terrified that her son would grow up without her after being diagnosed with breast cancer but after undergoing a MASTECTOMY she is OWNING her body and doesn’t care if she’s SINGLE FOREVER because of her ONE BOOB. In March 2018, data analyst, Trina Cleary (35) from Wexford, Ireland, felt a small, pea-sized lump in her left breast which moved around. She brushed it off as hormones and ignored it, as she thought she was too young to have cancer. By August 2018 when she visited her GP, her lump had increased to 3cm in size, but her doctor wasn’t too concerned about it. She went back to the doctor two months later and by this time her lump had grown to 5cm, so a biopsy was performed, and the results had shown that she had stage two invasive ductal and lobular breast cancer. She was terrified at the news and had to undergo eight rounds of chemotherapy on a two-week cycle and an unsuccessful lumpectomy which meant that she had to have a single mastectomy with no reconstruction surgery. This followed 25 rounds of radiotherapy which was a tough journey for her. Trina, who has a son called Corey (12), became fearful for her future and the possibility that her son could grow up without a mother. As she couldn’t tell him herself, her mum told Corey the news which prompted him to approach her. They talked about it and cried together. While initially Trina was put off by her image post-mastectomy, she soon felt a surge of empowerment, knowing she made the right decision. She now owns her body with pride and even though she wondered if any man would ever love her, she is now proud of her journey.

Mother, 20, whose GP said her back pain was sciatica is diagnosed with a rare CANCER which is normally only found in children under five

***EXCLUSIVE*** HATFIELD, HERTFORDSHIRE, UK: This mum had no idea her back pain would turn out to be a rare CANCER found mainly in CHILDREN UNDER TEN but she is thankful to be a young mother as she might not be able to conceive again. Sales assistant, Lois Parker (20) from Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK, was troubled by severe back pain in April 2018 so after a few weeks without improvement she went to her GP where she was told it was sciatica. Lois wasn’t assured by this diagnosis because sciatica still didn’t explain what was causing the problem in the first place. She Googled causes of sciatica and a number of problems came up, including a slipped disc, crushing spine or cancer. Lois wanted a proper diagnosis so she returned to see a consultant a few weeks later, and when Lois showed she could step on her tip toes the consultant ruled out sciatica. Lois was referred for an MRI in June 2018, but the scan revealed shadowing on her spine and a growth on her pelvis, so a second MRI and a CT scan were scheduled. Following this, Lois was referred to a sarcoma specialist for a biopsy, but the results showed that the cells weren’t Ewing sarcoma as they initially believed. Lois’ case was then referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for further testing. In September, it was confirmed that Lois has stage four neuroblastoma, a type of cancer which is most typically found in babies and children. Doctors and nurses were baffled by the diagnosis as, according to Children with Cancer UK, neuroblastoma accounts for six per cent of childhood cancer cases, with the rates dropping drastically over the age of 10. Lois, herself a mum to Lexi (2), was diagnosed with the childhood cancer aged 19 – almost twice the age of the age bracket for this cancer. The aggressive nature of her cancer meant Lois had to begin treatment within a week, which meant there was no time to harvest any eggs, which made her very glad she’s already a mum. Lois has since endured chemotherapy, radiotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and immunotherapy.

Mum clears out messy toy cupboard to make peaceful ‘mum cave’ to escape the kids for just £17

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young mum who needed some time to herself converted her understairs cupboard and creates the world's first MUM cave. Jessica Pool, 25, has three children and after her newest arrival she started to suffer from postnatal depression. After a while she noticed that her children would take themselves away when they needed some quiet time, and Jessica realised everyone had their own space - except for her. The children had their bedrooms and her partner, Matthew, had the shed so Jessica, from Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, set about converting the understairs cupboard into her own space.

This incredible set of pictures show the world's best photos - that feature the colour BLUE

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pictures have all been entered into Agora Images competition called the World's Best Photos of #Blue2019. Taken by photographers from around the world, some of the striking images include a Verditer flycatcher in almost neon blue, and a shoal of Barracuda in deep navy.

Woman who desperately tried to buckle her seat belt as the vehicle she was in spun out of control is left with a scar spanning her entire torso after her organs lacerated

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW MEXICO, USA: This woman desperately tried to buckle her seat belt as the vehicle she was in SPUN OUT OF CONTROL but it was too late and she’s been left with lifelong injuries and scar SPANNING her ENTIRE TORSO. Technical writer, Ashley Waldram (27) from New Mexico, USA, was the passenger in an all-terrain vehicle that was being driven by her uncle, Jr (42) on January 30, 2016, but unfortunately, she hadn’t buckled her seat belt when the vehicle went over a ledge and lost control. The vehicle was travelling at 50 miles per hour and while Ashley was trying to buckle herself in, a dangerous turn caused the vehicle to roll over. Ashley’s uncle was immediately ejected from the vehicle, yet she was stuck inside the framework until it stopped rolling down. Shortly after, Ashley was found with her head wedged between the seat and the external frame. The extent of her injuries was unknown by this time but bystanders who watched the crash unfold rushed to Ashley’s side to pull her out from the wreckage and drove her to the road where they awaited the ambulance. When paramedics arrived, she needed to be flown to a nearby hospital, but before flying, her lung needed to be inflated manually to keep her alive. Once at the hospital, doctors discovered how many injuries Ashley had sustained, and they hoped she would make it through the first 48 hours on ventilation which would be critical for her recovery. Ashley had skull fractures, brain bleeds, a broken right humerus, collapsed lung, a grade four liver laceration, six broken ribs on her right side and an unknown amount on her left. The impact severely damaged her liver and the internal bleeding almost killed her, but she was placed on a ventilator for three days. On February 2, Ashley returned to surgery where she had titanium plates put in her ribcage to stabilise them, leaving an enormous scar across her torso which has taken years to heal. The journey to recovery was long and difficult, with Ashley often finding herself crying because she couldn’t wash or feed herself, and even breathing was difficult. Now, with years of physiotherapy behind her, Ashley wears her scars with pride and encourages others to remain hopeful through whatever.

Owner takes his two cats on his travels around Japan

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daisuke Nagasawa, 50 and his faithful furry pals Daikichi, 13 and Fuku-Chan, 7 have spent the last three years travelling the land of the rising sun together. The trio have visited all 47 prefectures across Japan including major landmarks like Mount Fuji, the cherry blossom gardens of Kyoto and the ‘Floating’ Torri gate in Hiroshima.

The vets "Jesus Is King" of Kanye West

***EXCLUSIVE*** Following Kanye West's pop-up in Los Angeles this past week for his most recent project, Jesus Is King, which saw a variety of AWGE-designed merchandise for sale, the entrepreneur has now released the various graphic emblazoned pieces on his website. Prices ranging between $20 USD and $260 USD.

$71k iPhone features half a kilogram of gold and 137 diamonds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Russian luxury brand Caviar‘s latest Apple makeover comes in the form of a new iPhone 11 Pro, which has been created with a half-kilogram of gold, 137 diamonds and a luxury clockwork mechanism placed on the back as icing on the cake. Inside Caviar's iPhone 11 Pro “Discovery Solarius” tourbillon watch face are yellow diamond sunstones, as the smartphone's golden design. Price: $70,000 USD.

Chocolate Ferrari

A reproduction of the Ferrari F2004, the most successful car driven by Michael Schumacher, created by the chocolate master Mirco Della Vecchia to honor the German driver, on display in the Sciocola event.

A colossal female pig was dramatically rescued from a first-floor flat by firefighters who had to carry her out on a stretcher - because she weighed 30 STONE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two-year-old porker Twiglet had been bought as a £60 Christmas present for Elaine Edwards by her grandchildren after they saw an advert for a "micro-pig” on Facebook.  But although Twiglet was initially tiny, she swiftly grew to a whopping 200 kilograms after gorging on Chinese takeaways, chocolate and porridge.

Duck that looks like it has real hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** This duck's extraordinary mane of orange 'hair' makes it look uncannily like US President Donald Trump. The adult duck was spotted swimming on a London lake as Trump did a telephone interview with LBC radio, backing Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in the forthcoming General Election. Photographer Alison Jenkins spotted the red-crested pochard's likeness to the American president as she walked around Bushy Park in Richmond upon Thames.

Calendar captures the universal sadness of lost footballs

If you’ve ever risked submersion when using a big stick to fish out a football from a pond, or felt the hopelessness that is watching your Euro '96 ball loop into the miserable next-door neighbour’s garden, then you’ll appreciate the 2020 Lost Footballs calendar. Set up by 43-year-old Matthew Lutz, the calendar captures the universal sadness of discarded, burst or irretrievable footballs. Matthew had the idea while out walking his dog one morning. „I noticed this football sitting lost in the park behind our house,'' he told BBC Three. ''I took a photo and posted it on Twitter. Loads of people responded to tell me how sad they thought it looked. My brother is a sports journalist. He retweeted the image and it picked up from there. Within two or three days, we had 500-600 followers and people suddenly started sending photographs to me.' Unlike last year's calendar when owner Matthew chose his favourite 12 pictures to feature, this year some of the winning photos were picked by some well known names among the sporting industry including Guy Mowbray, Sid Lowe, Paul Hawksbee and Max Rushden. Places lost footballs were found this year include outside Durham Castle, on Filey Beach and even on the tracks of London's busy Kings Cross St Pancras International station. Proceeds from the calendar will be going to The Sporting Memories Foundation who help tackle dementia, depression and loneliness through the power of sports reminiscence.

Now that's a cat fight! Terrifying moment two jaguars face off over territory just yards from photographer on a riverbank in Brazil

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jaw-dropping images show the shocking moment two FEROCIOUS jaguars face off in an attempt to KILL. The tense altercation, which was also captured on video, shows the moment when two jaguars approach each other before engaging in a fiery battle.  One remarkable shot shows the long fangs of the jaguar, trying to warn off the intruder as it lets out a thundering roar. Whilst another amazing image captures the jaguar’s stretched out body in its efforts to deliver a fatal blow. Video shows the jaguars slowly circling one another with their hefty claws, stalking the tiniest flinch of their opponent and trying to analyse any potential weak spots. Within a second, one of the mighty cats hauls itself into the air whilst striking ferociously trying to cause some major wounds – and within a few seconds, they return to an intense stand-off.

Fisherman floats on dream world of pink algae

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman floats on a tiny wooden boat among clusters of bright pink algae as if drifting through a dream world. The tranquil scene gives the impression the small craft is drifting through the sky past clouds of the pink plants. The photos show a lake on the edge of Bao Loc city in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, where the algae blooms every Autumn.

Squirrel reaches high for nut

***EXCLUSIVE*** A squirrel stands on its hind legs as it reaches desperately for a low hanging pine nut. The female Yakut squirrel strained every sinew before finally grasping the nut and carrying it into the forest. She was foraging from the dwarf pine tree in Yakutia, a region of far-eastern Russia, in order to store food to survive the fast-approaching 'cold season'.

Vietnamese worker dries incense sticks

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Vietnamese worker sits surrounded by thousands of incense sticks in Quang Phu Can, a village in Hanoi, Vietnam, where the sticks have been traditionally made for hundreds of years. Charity worker and part time press photographer Nguyen Huu Thong, 32, from Vietnam said: “Incense plays an important role in the spiritual lives of Vietnamese people. People use incense in all worship activities. The bamboo bundles are arranged on the ground on sunny days so as to dry them.” To make the incense sticks the bamboo is first split in two, cleaned and dusted and then a third of the stick is coloured red, purple or yellow. To dry them the sticks are laid out on the ground or road-side for about one day. After they have dried, the sticks are collected and put into bunches of about ten and these are fastened together. They are then sold around the provinces.

Three damselflies posing like friends inside the hole of a leaf where a caterpillar has chewed

***EXCLUSIVE*** This incredible macro photograph shows three friendly Damselflies posing for a picture through a bitten leaf. The striking image was captured by professional photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, taking several attempts to get the eye-catching shot of the tiny insects. The trio of winged creatures can be seen peering through the whole in the leaf, with what appears to be the middle Damselfly holding its arms round the other two - as they all look straight into the camera lens.

Iranian saffron

Torbat-E Heydarieh, Razavi Khorasan, Iran: Iranian farmworkers harvest saffron flowers just outside the city of Torbat-e Heydariyeh in Razavi Khorasan province, Iran. It’s a brilliant patchwork of color as the women open thousands of purple crocus flowers and, from each, separate three delicate, tiny and extremely valuable red threads: It’s Iran’s harvest for saffron, lauded as the world’s most expensive spice. Despite Iran's status as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the saffron world, it has yet to realize the full economic potential of the 3,000-year-old industry and faces challenges to hold on to its rampant market share.

Over loaded two wheeled transport

***EXCLUSIVE*** Goods as varied as mattresses and cabbages are precariously balanced on bikes and hauled enormous distances to be sold at market stalls. A series of photos show workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighbouring Rwanda walking up to 20 miles as they transport their wares from small villages and farms to city marketplaces. One shot even shows a man riding a motorbike with seven multi-coloured mattresses tied to the back.  Bicycles laden with sacks bursting full of potatoes will weight more than 30 stones, as workers wheel them from their homes to be sold.