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Woman plagued by migraines for twenty years ‘cured’ after giving up mac and cheese

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman racked with migraines so painful she’d go blind in one eye has told how giving up her favourite food - Mac n Cheese - has ended the scourge. Ever since she was a young teenager, Leia Harrison endured migraines so agonising she’d often be reduced to tears. At one point Leia's family even feared she might have a brain tumour. The crippling headaches brought on a strange „aura” that blurred her vision - and also saw her almost crashing her car following an attack while driving.

'China doll' baby Mya was born with bones so brittle that even the slightest sneeze, cough or giggle could cause a fracture

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the baby born with bones so brittle even the slightest sneeze, cough or giggle could cause a fracture. Little Mya Honca, now four months, was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta - also known as brittle bones - after medics spotted she had a fractured femur whilst she was in the womb. Her mum, Emma Tomlinson, 37, a psychiatric nurse, and dad, Louis Honca, 32, an illustrator, now have to handle their fragile newborn baby with great care - treating her like a 'china doll'. Mum-of-three Emma, from Hull, East Yorkshire, said: "Mya is so fragile - it's like she's made of china or glass.

Mother-of-two struck down by dementia at the age of just 35 has to leave her family and move into care home

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young dad has told of his heartache after his wife was diagnosed with dementia aged just 35 - leaving him no choice but to let her live in a care home. Barbara Bamford was only diagnosed with the condition six months ago but already she's struggling to talk to her beloved daughters Chloe, 14, and Sophie, 12. With hindsight, devoted husband Jonathan, 36, said he noticed subtle changes in her personality back in 2017. The school cook forgot what she'd bought at the shops, he'd hear her say 'love you' when saying goodbye to the postman - like she did kids - and was forgetting simple facts.

Old carpenter copies Benz 500K with wood

With 8 years and 200 thousand Yuan investment, 62-year-old Sun Lixue, a carpenter from northeast China, makes a wooden duplicate of Benz 500K, which can even drive as fast as 90 km/h. The wooden roadster is made of 3 tons of wood and composed of over 60 thousand pieces of wood.

This is the perfectly timed moment poodle struck a ‘killer pose’ as he reared up on his hind legs - looking exactly like the orca statue behind him

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny dog made for the 'picture perfect' moment got on his back legs and struck a killer pose - just like a killer whale statue behind him. Poodle mix Baxter, eight, was taken out for walkies by loving owners Katie and Justin Ferley, both 28, when they snapped the adorable photo.  Justin pretended to hold a doggie treat and waved it above Baxter's head. Their little pet got so excited that he jumped up on his hind legs, his front paws outstretched - making for the perfect photo opportunity.