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Dad earns £5k-A-MONTH as professional Santa and even grows his own beard

***EXCLUSIVE*** ESSEX, UK: This British dad earns up to FIVE-THOUSAND-POUNDS a month spreading Christmas cheer as a PROFESSIONAL SANTA - receiving over ONE THOUSAND letters from children every year. In 2009, professional Santa, Sheldon Scott (48) from Essex, UK, woke up in the early hours of the morning three weeks before Boxing Day and had an epiphany; he wanted to bring Santa Claus to life. He spent the next three weeks doing research for props, costumes, fake beards and all the necessary accessories needed to transform into Father Christmas. Using a makeshift Santa costume, he attended a party with his family and surprised them all with his convincing get-up. A year later, he decided to fully commit to becoming Santa and to create an authentic look; he bought fake beards, belts, boots, gloves. He struggled to find the right beard that would make Santa look real, so he decided to grow out his own beard and would regularly bleach it white at his daughter, Rebecca’s (21) hair salon. He spent the next few years attending charitable events for free to gain experience as Santa, until 2018 when he was approached by someone who saw him at a church hall and was impressed by his portrayal of Santa and asked him to attend one of his events. From then his hobby-turned-career was snowballing as there were many other people who wanted him at their events. He has since been earning roughly between £2,000 and £5,000 a month and has been working as professional Santa all-year round. He has also included his second-youngest child, Sam (9), as his helper elf, who is the head toy maker and oversees all of the toys; making sure they are all designed correctly, packaged carefully and managing the other elves while they do their work. They have around 30 events leading up to Christmas Day 2019, including a Christmas farm, Christmas fairs, meet and greet events.


Woman's pins and needles turned into condition that left her 'locked in her body'

***EXCLUSIVE*** DARGAVILLE, NEW ZEALAND: What started as pins and needles became total PARALYSIS to the point that doctors thought this woman was completely UNRESPONSIVE, but she was actually ‘LOCKED IN’ her own body - for A MONTH. Pharmacist Anstey Campbell (29) from Dargaville, New Zealand, noticed she had pins and needles in her toes on the morning of January 17, 2019 after returning from a run. Thinking it was nothing, she got ready for work but by lunchtime the pins and needles took over her feet. As the afternoon progressed, the pins and needles spread to her hands so she went to her GP who wasn’t concerned and said it could be stress related. That evening, Anstey’s legs became weak and her knees buckled when she stood up. After a sleepless night due to chest pain, Anstey got up the following morning and fell to the floor as her legs were so weak. Through the day, Anstey’s body was gradually taken over by paralysis which worked its way up her body to her face. Fortunately, Anstey’s mum stayed with her and knew she needed to call an ambulance for her daughter. Within 15 minutes of seeing a doctor at the hospital, Anstey was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), muscle weakness caused by the body’s immune system attacking the nervous system. Anstey was transferred to ICU, but as her breathing deteriorated and her entire body became paralysed, even her eyelids, doctors decided to put her in an induced coma for a week to save her lungs. Doctors lowered Anstey’s sedation after and she was placed on a ventilator for 86 days. Doctors looked for a response after lowering the sedation, but there was nothing and they believed Anstey was completely unresponsive, however for 31 days she was actually experiencing locked in syndrome – when the whole body is paralysed but a person is still conscious and aware of their surroundings. Locked in syndrome was terrifying for Anstey because she was desperate to communicate with doctors who were asking her for responses, but as hard as she tried, nothing happened and with her eyes shut she could only tell day from night by the visitors she could hear.

Stunning country hotel with its own spa and restaurant built for Cornish tin mine boss could be yours for less than £1.3million

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning country hotel, spa and restaurant that was originally constructed for the captain of a prosperous tin mine in the 1700s could be yours for less than £1.3m. Incredible images show inside some of the luxurious suites, the beautiful hotel from the outside and the sprawling grounds. Other striking shots show the sleek bathrooms, shimmering indoor pool and the spa treatment room. Boscundle Manor is located in Tregrehan, near St Austell, Cornwall and is close to the world-renowned Eden Project. It is currently listed by Lillicrap Chilcott for £1.295m.

Unveiled: Dartz Prombron Black Stallion created for mystery action film

Latvia: Keep an eye out for this unique four-wheeled beast on the silver screen although the firm that conjured it up are keeping tight-lipped about which movie they have created it for. The one-off, super-rugged Dartz Prombron Black Stallion can be seen in these impressive images, and Cover Images are the first to have video of the vehicle being shown off. Dartz previously fashioned eye-catching vehicles for films such as The Dictator, in which Sacha Baron Cohen’s character rode in one of Dartz’s gold-plated cars. Detailing on the menacing new jet-black SUV includes a badge featuring a skull in a flight cap with bullets and crossed rifles, while similar skulls appear on the wheel hubcaps and INSIDE the fuel cap cover. The Stallion appears to be based on a Hummer H2, although Dartz are keeping quiet on modification details. According to formacar.com, it is powered by a 6.2 Hellcat V8 supercharged motor, resulting in 1,000 horsepower. The interior cabin is wrapped in ray leather and alligator skin. Dartz describe themselves as „Opulent and Armored Car Manufacturers, creators of movie cars for the dictators, villains, cops, spies, tycoons”.

Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier does high-speed turns

Newport News, Virginia, United States: This is what it looks like when a 100,000-tonne warship does high-speed turns. The Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday (29 Oct) saw the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) conducting high speed turns during Sea Trials. Aerial photography and heart-stopping video captured the scene as the $13B United States Navy aircraft carrier was put through its paces. The 1,106 ft, nuclear-powered vessel was at sea from 25 Oct to 30 Oct before returning to Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia.

This is the moment an angry bull was filmed as it attacked a CAR

***EXCLUSIVE*** The angry animal was seen near the railway station in Hajipur of the Vaishali district of Bihar in northern India.  Video shows the angry bovine lifting the car from different sides using its horns and then banging it on the ground.  The bull tries to topple the vehicle several times but fails.  The locals say that the bull tried to lift the vehicle for fifteen minutes before it was chased away by the brave residents.