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Eczema-stricken man's incredible transformation after ridding himself of flaky skin by ditching the steroid medications he was 'addicted to' for years

***EXCLUSIVE*** After years of struggling with eczema and being given steroids which risked cancer, this man discovered TSW but was told by a consultant that it ‘ISN’T REAL’, and he is treating his skin by depriving his body of ALL MOISTURE. Associate director for a bank, Jonathan Rowe (32) from London, UK, developed eczema on his face when he was 18 and his doctor gave him a steroid cream to treat the eczema, and although it seemed to fix the problem initially, the rash-like eczema returned soon after. Jonathan visited his doctor every month for his eczema, which was growing worse, and with each visit he was prescribed a stronger steroid cream. By the time he was 24, Jonathan’s skin was out of control as his whole body was covered with eczema and he was then prescribed prednisolone, an oral steroid to briefly clear his eczema. Whenever Jonathan stopped the steroids, his eczema would come back worse, so he was started on cyclosporine, an oral immunosuppressant normally used for transplant patients. Although it didn’t completely clear his eczema, it became more manageable, but Jonathan knew he couldn’t keep taking the medication forever so after two years he came off cyclosporine as he was warned that long term use could cause cancer. Jonathan decided to try Protopic as a last-ditch effort to heal his inflamed skin. The cream would burn his skin for 12 hours but then the area of eczema would be cleared for a short while, but it would always come back after a few days. Jonathan came to the realisation that his eczema was getting progressively worse and despite increasing the quantity of cream he applied, his skin was uncontrollable, so he knew he needed to find a better solution. In early 2018, while researching ways to stop using Protopic and topical steroids, Jonathan came across articles discussing topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) and soon realised that was what he was suffering from. He went to see a consultant dermatologist about his finding, hoping to discuss ways he could help heal his skin naturally, but the dermatologist told him that TSW isn’t real and he should continue using steroids.

A young widow poses in her wedding dress EVERY YEAR to remember her deceased groom who passed away after just two years of marriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vanessa Lanktree, 29, was devastated when her high school sweetheart Eric, 25, died in a motorbike accident two months after their second wedding anniversary. The photographer, of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, now takes pictures of herself in her bridal gown every year to honour her husband’s memory. This year Vanessa asked her boyfriend, Kurtis Isbister, 29, to take pictures of her wearing the dress and rubber boots in a field of sunflowers.

A mum-of-one who gave birth to a baby girl after a second round of IVF has given the gift of life to another couple - by donating her EGGS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Holly Atkinson, 32, wanted to help give a childless couple the joy of parenthood after it took her eight years to have a baby. She first fell pregnant aged 21 before heartbreakingly suffering a miscarriage at 12 weeks, which was the start of a traumatic journey to motherhood. Holly then had her first round of IVF through the NHS in September 2014 but sadly two embryos did not develop after being transferred into her womb. Undeterred, Holly went through a second cycle of IVF just months later and amazingly fell pregnant following a positive test in March 2015. She then gave birth naturally to daughter Mia who weighed a healthy 6lbs and 14ozs on October 29, 2015 - coincidentally during National Fertility Week.

A quadriplegic who can't walk is now able to fly to see all his favourite places - using a DRONE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Former surfer James Bedding, 37, was 15-years-old when he fell from a harbour wall and broke his neck confining him to an electric wheelchair. While he can still visit some of his old haunts on the Channel Island of Jersey, there are many places his chair hasn't been able to get to. But James says he was given a new lease of life after he discovered drones.

Louis Vuitton unveils League Of Legends prestige skins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Louis Vuitton is ramping up its partnership with League of Legends and unveiling in-game Prestige Skins. The skins, which were designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, LV's Artistic Director of Women's Collections, are available for champions Qiyana and Senna. This is the first time a luxury brand has produced custom skins for esports. LV's new skins will be unlockable beginning November 10 to coincide with the League of Legends World Championship Finals in Paris.

Monkey dentist

***EXCLUSIVE***A young monkey plays dentist as it inspects the teeth of an older member of its pack, looking for any lingering scraps of food. The Japanese macaque spent around 30 minutes tending to the dental hygiene of its elder, at Taman Safari, in Bogor, Indonesia. The monkeys take great care when it comes to their dental hygiene, normally cleaning their teeth after every meal, which are known to be remarkably strong. They are also known to 'floss' their teeth, and pass on their dental techniques to their offspring.