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I got HIV from my drug addict mum & have been bullied all my life – but I’m proof you can live a healthy life with virus

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH EAST LONDON, UK: This British woman contracted HIV from her drug addict biological mother which resulted in her being BULLIED AT SCHOOL and REJECTED BY DATES – but she is determined to break the stigma surrounding the virus. Business owner, Channan Warmington Lewis Moore (19) from South East London, UK, was just six months old in 2000 when she was diagnosed with HIV caused by prenatal neglect from her biological mother who was a drug addict. After living with her biological parents for the first six months of her life, she essentially lived in the hospital for the next six months during which time, she was taken by social services into a foster home. She was put on treatment immediately after her diagnosis to help treat her illness; she wasn’t growing or eating and doctors feared she wouldn’t live long or could be disabled. Social services put her in a foster home due to being neglected by her parents and she was fostered by adoptive advocate, Janette Thompson (60), when she was just one and then she adopted her at the age of eight. Growing up Channan never felt like she missed out on anything in life as she was supported unconditionally by her new family. Janette had also fostered her biological younger sister and older brother. She never knew any different than being hospitalised and having medication all her life, but when she was just six years old, her brother broke the news to her that she is HIV positive after he overheard a conversation between her social worker and her mum. As she was very young at the time, she was unaware of what HIV was, so she went to her mum who explained in simplistic terms what the illness is. Throughout her years in primary school, Channan was bullied by members of her peer group due to her illness, and also by her brother due to jealousy. It wasn’t until she was in high school in 2012 that she felt confident enough to speak out about her journey in an assembly and was accompanied by her consultant doctor and support worker. Her talk was followed by a Q&A section where her peers had the chance to ask their own questions. In 2014, Janette told Channan that her mother had passed away and this provoked anger and frustration with her mother and herself because she didn’t get an opportunity to ask ‘why’. Once she began studying at college, after attending an all-girls school, she never realised how much her journey and living with HIV would affect her relationships and dating. After being rejected by a potential boyfriend after telling him about her illness two weeks into dating, she decided to be more up front with the men she dated.


Over £100,00 of Renaissance gems found in hoarders freezer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Frozen Assets - Over a £100,000 of Renaissance era jewellry found under a frozen joint of lamb in a run down chalet bungalow is coming up for auction. Amazed auctioneers found the hidden gems in the ramshakle hoarders freezer near Uffington in Wiltshire - where the canny late owner had gone to great lengths to protect her precious haul. However, the hidden stash wasn't the result of a bank heist but belonged to an eccentric collector who amassed the items in the 1960s - and kept the receipts to prove it. She passed away recently and her family brought in experts to hunt out relics they knew their relative had hidden away over the years.

Top three most valuable exhibits at 2nd CIIE

A 2-million-dollar-worth guitar covered with 400 carats of diamonds, copy of the shoes that designed by Jimmy Choo for Diana - Princess of Wales, a toilet covered with gold and over 40,000 diamonds, which are worth 1.28 million US dollars are exhibited at the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) at National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China.

Giant Qing Dynasty screen owned by early HSBC Taipan

***EXCLUSIVE*** Big screen entertainment... Sarah Lopez-Ferreiro from Woolley and Wallis's Asian Art department is dwarfed by the huge screen. This enormous Qing Dynasty Chinese screen, brought back from the Orient by an Victorian HSBC banking Taipan is up for sale - but you will need a large room to house the ornate 20ft by 10ft panels. Sir Thomas Jackson is credited financing the expansion of Hong Kong from a far eastern backwater into a booming metropolis during his time in charge of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank. In 1891 he returned to Gilford Castle in his native Northern Ireland, bringing the huge screen and many other oriental artefacts with him. Auctioneers Woolley & Wallis are selling the hardwood and porcelain item on the 12th November with a £30,000 estimate.

Carry on doctor...I'm watching the TV

***EXCLUSIVE*** An NHS hospital has become the first in Britain to give anxious patients video goggles to distract them during operations. Patients can watch a whole movie or TV box sets through the hi-tech headsets while they have surgery under local anaesthetic. Horror films or laugh-out-loud comedies are not advised as they could make the casualty jolt and squirm around too much as they go under the knife. The Royal Bournemouth Hospital is now trialling the Wi-Fi enabled goggles in the hope they will actually save money. With the patient being more at ease they will not have to be sedated and will recover and leave hospital quicker, freeing up valuable bed space.

Menin Gate recreated in Lego

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable Lego version of the famous First World War memorial at Ypres has been created by a history buff. The scale model of the Menin Gate was built using 54,000 Lego bricks - the same number of soldiers killed at Ypres with no known grave. The unique tribute also contains 250 Lego figures who are depicted attending a Last Post ceremony beneath the iconic arch. The incredibly detailed model was produced by Belgian Jan Vandan Berghe who spent six months building it.

Royal treasure trove from the Queen's dressmaker sells

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable 'timewarp' archive amassed by a dressmaker to the Queen has sold for over £100,000. The late Ian Thomas meticulously kept his fashion designs, letters, cards and photographs relating to the Queen at his home that was more like a museum. He helped design the Queen's coronation gown in 1953 as well as the powder blue outfit she wore for Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981. The lifelong bachelor passed away in 1993 and left his home and its contents to a florist he had been good friends with for 25 years. After she died in 2015 the property was inherited by a relative who also knew Mr Thomas well. She has now sold the contents at auction.

Charming childhood photos of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret have come to light

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charming childhood photos of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret have come to light, including a previously unseen image of the future Queen in a kilt. The portraits, taken by acclaimed British society photographer Marcus Adams, capture the future Queen from being a baby to her adolescence. The Queen Mother would often take her daughters to his central London studio where he would set up toys and props to keep them entertained.

The perfect Cornish Coastal home

***EXCLUSIVE*** An idyllic coastal home with spectacular views over a picturesque bay has emerged for sale for £2.5m. Stack Point House in Falmouth, Cornwall, occupies a breathtaking clifftop plot which overlooks the vast Falmouth Bay. Built in the year 2000 it was designed specifically to make use of the beauty spot and enjoys uninterrupted panoramic sea views.

Unique lilac Aston Martin DB6 for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** This striking Aston Martin will probably leave fans of James Bond shaken and stirred - but the iconic and original motor is one of a kind. The unique Aston Martin convertible was ordered new from the factory by famous fashion company boss Stephen Marks, founder of French Connection in 1969. Some 140 DB6 Volantes were built by the British marque with this 1969 model the only example to be delivered in this vivid colour. He was said to have fallen in love with the colour and kept the Aston Martin as part of his car collection for 45 years before parting with it.

Elephant disappears into a cloud of dust

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young elephant covers itself in dry earth to ward off the ticks and parasites that lurk in the nearby jungle.  The three year old male has emerged from a bath in the Ramganga river, in Uttarakhand, India. He spends around 10 minutes hurriedly coating himself in loose sand and twigs, in a process known as 'dust bathing', before heading off to catch up with the rest of his herd.  Photographer K.V. Raghupathi captured the moment from around 250 metres away.