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My boyfriend spiked my drink and raped me after I refused to lose my virginity – I won’t let other women suffer like me

***EXCLUSIVE*** COTO DE CAZA, CALIFORNIA, USA: This brave woman was SPIKED by her ex-boyfriend but didn’t tell anyone about the physical and verbal abuse she endured until four years after their relationship ended – but she’s speaking out after finding love again to help other women. Social media manager, Mayci Jones Neeley (24) from Coto de Caza, California, USA, met her ex-boyfriend when she was 17 at a New Year’s Eve party and after kissing at midnight, the pair hit it off. He went back to college, but they decided to see if things could work long-distance. Four months later when he was back home for the summer, Mayci started to notice signs of jealousy from her ex; he checked her phone, accused her of cheating and pressurised her into doing sexual things like touching, which Mayci wasn’t comfortable with due to being Mormon. Mayci was manipulated into thinking that this behaviour was normal and when she joined him at the same college to complete a tennis scholarship, the abuse got worse. He forced her into drinking alcohol and when he was drunk would scream at her, call her a ‘b*tch’, a ‘sl*t’ and a ‘wh*re’ and try to pressure her into having sex, which she refused. Then the abuse turned physical with him choking her in arguments, pushing her into walls and one day he pushed her into a door which caused her heel to bleed. As well as this, her ex would harm himself in front of her to scare her into staying with him. One night he spiked her drink and raped Mayci, despite her pleading for him to stop. The relationship ended when her ex had to go back to his hometown due to health problems and the day he left, Mayci broke up with him, she has not seen him since. Mayci struggled to navigate life when the relationship ended after a year in March 2014. It took her four years to tell anyone what had happened as she suffered with PTSD and nightmares which were stopping her from moving on with her life. Mayci met her husband, Jacob Neeley (23) in April 2016, through a friend and he has supported her through every step of her healing journey, she decided to share her story on Instagram to help others.


Mysterious ape-like species could be ‘missing link’ in human evolution – as rare bones uncovered in Germany

***EXCLUSIVE*** A "missing link" between humans and their ape like ancestors has been unearthed in southern Germany. The new species of primate lived in Bavaria almost 12 million years ago - and holds the key to our evolution. The bizarre creature had arms suited to hanging in trees and legs like ours - an "ape and human in one", say scientists. It provides the first image of what the last common ancestor of apes and humans looked like. Fossils from this period are rare.

Meet Britain's worst Elvis Presley impersonator who's been banned from tribute competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of Britain's worst Elvis Presley impersonator was snubbed by a tribute competition organiser who said he was "too rubbish" to take part. By day, Simon Goldsmith is your friendly neighbourhood postie- but by night he transforms into the King of Rock n Roll himself by putting on his sequin-clad white suit. And while he admits, his act is "low budget" and a "bit rubbish" he said always puts on a good show and doesn't take himself too seriously.

82-year old to become first person in Britain to cycle one million miles after keeping meticulous records

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retired civil servant Russ Mantle is set to become the first person in the UK to cycle one million miles in their lifetime - having meticulously recorded his mileage for 67 years. The keen cyclist will this week achieve the astonishing milestone at the age of 82 on his cherished Holdsworth road bike which he has owned since 1964. Since 1952 Mr Mantle has carefully recorded every ride in his diary as he cycled to and from work, competed in races and pedalled up some of the world's highest mountains during tours across Europe and America. Mr Mantle - nicknamed 'mile-eater Mantle' by admiring friends in the cycling community - completed a staggering 22,550 miles in 2001, which is nearly enough to circumnavigate the globe.

Nurse parents with five kids who all work for the NHS and had 14 children - all born at the same hospital where their grandparents trained

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kate Warren (née Chedzoy) and her siblings Hannah, Hayley, Emilie and Jade, were born to psychiatric nurse parents Jacqui and Alan Chedzoy. Jacqui, 59, met Alan, 60, when the two were completing medical placements at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset, as part of their nursing training in 1978. And a couple of years later, Jacqui found out she was pregnant with eldest daughter Kate - whilst she was working on the maternity ward at the hospital. Since then, Musgrove Park Hospital has become like a second home to the Chedzoy family. All five of Jacqui and Alan's daughters, and all 14 of their grandchildren, were born there. And of the five siblings, only Emilie, 32, has gone on to not work at Musgrove Park - but still works for NHS England, as a neonatal screening administrator.  Musgrove Park Hospital discovered the Chedzoys remarkable link to the hospital when they launched their 'Musgrove Babies' campaign.

Successful test flight of 'pseudo-satellite' aircraft

Belarus: A solar-powered aircraft with a mission to stay in the air for a YEAR has completed a successful test flight, it has been announced this week (4 Nov). The ''pseudo-satellite'' aircraft is designed to serve as a stratospheric telecommunications platform. UAVOS announced its successful test flight completion of the new modification of ApusDuo solar-powered high-altitude platform system (HAPS) with a wingspan of 14m. The new prototype is the next step in the HAPS ApusDuo project towards a wingspan of 28 meters and carrying capacity of 8 kg. The aircraft is designed to serve as a stratospheric telecommunications platform for delivering next-generation global connectivity over practically any territory, including the northern regions during the summer. Aliaksei Stratsilatau, CEO, UAVOS: Following lower-altitude test flights and other preoperational activities, currently we coordinate with the Air Traffic control getting permit to perform stratospheric test flights.

Vegan pork pie

***EXCLUSIVE*** Supermarket Morrisons today announced it is launching the UK's first vegan pork pie. The food retailer said as Christmas approaches it wants to ensure plant-based diet followers don't miss out on the British classic. Morrisons has replicated the combination of pork, jelly and butter pastry with entirely plant-based products, keeping its meaty taste, classic appearance and crumbly pastry texture. The recipe for the 'Vegan No Pork Pie', which is Britain's first supermarket vegan pork pie, is being kept as a closely guarded secret until it is launched at stores on December 9.

Battling eagles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eagles battle in the air, colliding into one another and clawing at each other's torsos as they fight for the right to feast first. The White-tailed Eagles clash with each other near the river Weichsel, close to the city of Włocławek in Poland. The duels last around 30 seconds, and in one picture a young bird can be seen clattering into the ground on its back, as ravens look on in the foreground. The birds are fighting over carcasses, which the winners will feast on, as the losers sit a few metres away waiting for leftover scraps with the ravens.