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Items that belonged to Keith Flint, which are up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A haul of The Prodigy star Keith Flint's most prized possessions are set to go under the hammer at an auction on Thursday following his death in March. His treasured belongings are part of a sale at Cheffins in Cambridge and include a custom-made gothic bed worth £20,000, his famous double cone septum nose piercing and a gold chest of drawers.

Weight loss: I ate my way to 30st thinking ‘big is beautiful’ – now I’ve lost 23st after shock diagnosis

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman’s body confidence saw her eat her way up to a whopping THIRTY STONE but it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with DIABETES and struggled to TIE HER OWN SHOE LACES that she decided to shed the pounds. Senior business office representative, Stephanie G. Paredes (29) from Richmond, Virginia, USA, had struggled with her weight since she was a child, but because she always felt beautiful she felt she could eat in excess. Stephanie was always confident and had lots of positive people in her life so was never bullied growing up, but she used to eat when she was feeling emotional or when she was bored. This meant that she happily ate her way to 29st 12lb and a UK dress size 40. Although she was very body positive, as she grew in age and size she had to deal with a slew of health problems all directly related to being obese. In August 2015, Stephanie was diagnosed with high blood pressure and sleep apnoea, had problems with her knee and then told she had type 2 diabetes in August 2015. Stephanie struggled to do normal everyday things that others could and she felt like she couldn’t go out with friends because she didn’t want to slow them down. She struggled going to restaurants with her peers because she struggled to fit into the booths which made her feel embarrassed. Fed up of not fitting into nice clothes, struggling to tie a shoe lace, not being able to fasten her seatbelt in the car and being diagnosed for diabetes, she realised big changes had to be made. After making the decision to have a gastric bypass in April 2018, Stephanie has slimmed down to 11st 13lb and wears a UK size 12.

Emperor penguins could be extinct in just 80 years as climate change worsens

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emperor penguins could be wiped out by climate change within 80 years, warns a new study. The fate of the birds - some of the most striking and charismatic creatures on Earth - is largely tied to the fate of sea ice which they use as a base for breeding. Emperor penguins tend to build their colonies on ice with extremely specific conditions. It must be locked in to the shoreline of the Antarctic continent, but close enough to open seawater for the birds to access food for themselves and their young.

Ol' blue eye: Lioness is left with a startling blue eye after a fight with a warthog

***EXCLUSIVE*** A magnificent lioness has been nicknamed 'Blue Eye' after a fight with a warthog left her looking like she has a glass eye. The veteran predator was wounded when the prey she was hunting pierced her eye with its tusk two years ago. The injury now resembles a blue glass eye. But experts say it is just swollen and has turned blue due to the veins inside rising to the surface. Taken on the Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa, the lioness is known by local rangers to be the most formidable hunter in her pride, despite her injury.

Praying with fire

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of worshippers gather at an ancient temple to pray and light candles as part of an annual ritual. Aerial photographs show tens of thousands of candles in straight rows as the worshippers sat in between them. Heavy smoke can also be seen at the Shri Shri Lokenath Brahmachari Ashram temple in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, as a result of lighting candles, burning oil lamps and incense.