Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Utah father creates stunning replica of Harry Potter's world in family living room, selling the sofa to make way for the Forbidden Forest, Hogwarts and Hogsmeade Station

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tony Rigby, 47, said it all started when he spotted a character in his Christmas village arrangement looked just like giant Hagrid.  He used some clay to transform the figure - and before he knew it he'd totally recreated the giant's hut from cardboard boxes, quick dry clay and paint - in amazing detail.  Married business consultant Tony has been working on the project for more than a year and has so far made the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade train station.  He also created Diagon Alley - the cobblestoned wizarding shopping alley - and Hogsmeade Village, complete with the student's favourite shops.  The Burrow - the ramshackle home of the Weasley's - took him a couple of months and he's chipping away at Hogwarts.  Talented and totally self taught Tony has made the Knight Bus, the Whomping Willow Gringott's Bank, a tiny Quidditch pitch and even the Weasley's cabbage patch.  Almost all his incredible creations are in 1/87th scale and include tiny characters such as Buckbeak, Dobby and even Hagrid's pink umbrella in perfect detail.

Sexy naked gingers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Europe’s sexiest GINGER MEN have stripped off to set pulses racing and fight the dowdy stereotype for a new calendar– proving that they are RED HOT. The raunchy shots have been released to celebrate all things ginger and show some of Europe’s hottest redheads embracing their pale complexions and flame coloured hair. The guys can be seen frolicking in the waves of the sea and on the sand with only a strategically placed hand to protect their modesty. Other pictures show a man flaunting his rippling abs on the shore, another showing off his pert derriere and a loved-up couple enjoy a cheeky kiss as the golden sun beats down on their muscular backs. The stunning pictures all feature in British photographer, Thomas Knights’ Red Hot European Boys 2020 Calendar and features Europe’s most beautiful male redheads. The calendar is in its seventh year and importantly raises funds and awareness for the Terrence Higgins Trust, whose mission is to end the transmission of HIV in the UK. So far Red Hot has raised over £60,000 for good causes. This year the models jetted off to the sunny Balearic Islands, Thomas spoke about how the calendar aims to celebrate ginger men.

Ballet dogs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amusing images have brought together a pairing you never knew you needed - ballet dancers and DOGS. The stunning pictures show a man balancing on his head while doing the splits as his bemused dog looks on, a fleet-footed dancer leaping in the air as her dog copies her and another using his huge Irish wolfhound to help him stretch. Other striking shots show a pup leaping through a happy dancer’s arms, a small dog trying to copy a red-dressed ballerina’s tip-toe pose and a tutu-wearing dancer sprinkling some love on her pet dogs. Hilarious behind-the-scenes footage shows the many mishaps along the way as the excited dogs got to dance with their ballet partners. The funny photographs form a new book, Dancers & Dogs, that has been put together by St Louis-based professional photographers Kelly Pratt and Ian Kreidich, a husband-and-wife team who work with the Saint Louis Ballet along with dancers around the country.

Self-made millionaire house

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON: A dark and dreary terraced house bought for just FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS in the 1980s has been painstakingly revamped by its owner and is now on the market for almost £2M. Photos of the stunning four-bedroom Victorian townhouse show an exquisite home chock-a-block with tasteful designs and period fixtures – including a luxury bathroom with standalone tub; an elegant living room with a fascinating array of antiquities; and a jaw-dropping bedroom filled with natural light. Another set of photos shows the remarkable change the neighbourhood has undergone in the last four decades, with a grainy snap from the 80s showing very little in the way of skyscrapers whilst more recent shots from the property’s roof terrace show the distinctive gleaming glass super structures of Canary Wharf.

Mum sheds 17st in 17 months and credits weight loss to simple lifestyle change

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman lost over SEVENTEEN STONE in SEVENTEEN MONTHS after her weight left her struggling to even find clothes in the XXL STORE – and she says people no longer RECOGNISE her. Field agent, Meghan See (30) from Broadway, Virginia, USA, comes from a family of obesity and would use any excuse she could to eat herself into oblivion. Meghan would eat all day long and most of her meals were eaten out at places such as McDonalds and burger king and in-between she would snack on Poptarts, cookies and other junk food. Meghan tipped the scales at 30st and was a UK dress size 32. She was shamed for being unable to go on rides at amusement parks, she couldn’t squeeze into restaurant booths and she couldn’t even put on her shoes without being out of puff and struggled to find clothes to fit her at plus-sized shops. The breaking point for Meghan was sitting at work with heat pads to get through the day due to crippling arthritis pains. Meghan was losing her mobility and when she thought about not being in her daughter’s life she knew she had to do something about it. Meghan knew she needed to start loving herself and on Black Friday of 2017 she placed an order of some supplements called Truvision that her sister had recommended. When she started taking them she asked herself how she could make each meal healthier. Now on a typical day, Meghan will have eggs, fruit and peanut butter for breakfast, lunch would be meat and vegetables or a salad and for dinner more meat and vegetables. Over time she introduced weight walking and yoga to her route and then later included high intensity interval training (HIIT) and weight training. By consistently working in this way Meghan lost an unbelievable 17st 2lb in just 17 months and now weighs an incredibly lighter 12st 12lb and slips into a much more comfortable UK dress size 12.

Two cheetah cubs look like they are dancing while having a play fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** These two cheetah cubs look like they are rehearsing for Strictly Come Dancing as they enjoy a little bit of play-fighting. The energetic siblings are pictured in a ballroom clinch which makes them look they are prancing along to a cha-cha-cha. The majestic felines were captured on camera at the exact moment their front legs wonderfully interlinked and went over each other's shoulders. 

The eagle unleashes it's claws into the water grabbing it's prey

***EXCLUSIVE*** TAIWAN: Thrilling images have captured the dramatic moment an Osprey EAGLE swoops in and grabs its catch from the water. A stunning picture shows the bird of prey as it plummets with precision towards the water below, whilst another showcases its huge FIFTY-inch wingspan as it glides across the water towards its ill-fated meal. The stunning shots are accompanied by a dramatic video which shows the bird eyeing-up its meal before going in for the kill with frightening precision.