Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

An athlete has set a new world record after running 196 marathons in every nation on earth in just 22 months

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ultra runner Nick Butter, 30, quit his banking job and embarked on his solo expedition in January 2018 after being inspired by a friend with terminal cancer. He has since covered 5,130 miles in organised events across seven continents, overcoming the extreme heat of the Sahara Desert and bitter cold of Antarctica. Nick has averaged three marathons in three new countries every week for the last 96 weeks - burning an estimated 1.5 million calories in 5.1 million steps. During the 675-day adventure he has been hit by a car, bitten by a dog, broken his elbow and even been shot at. Today he completed the final event - the Authentic Marathon in Athens, Greece - making him the first man in history to complete the feat of running a marathon in every nation. He hopes to raise a total of £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK.

An 11-year-old girl is having a quarter of her brain removed to cure her epilepsy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Addyson Weyman, from Worcester, suffers severe seizures which can leave her temporarily "blind and deaf", almost daily.  Doctors at Birmingham Children's Hospital said she could be at risk of brain damage unless she has surgery.  Addyson said she feels "excited but nervous" about the operation due early next year.  The schoolgirl started having "frightening" seizures from the age of eight, but she has been determined to lead a normal life.  She will be off school for three months after having surgery to her right temporal lobe.

Chanel has just revealed its a sleek water bottle bag for $5,551 USD

***EXCLUSIVE*** The piece arrives in a gold metal material, complete with a black screw-on cap with Chanel's signature logo detailing. The accompanying bag sports Chanel's signature quilted design complete with gold chain detailing as well as a long strap for easy carry. The piece retails at $5,551 USD.

World’s most pierced man with 450 studs shows off his ‘Devil horns’

The world's "most pierced man" showed off his eye-catching "devil horns". The horns - subdermal implants costing up to £1,500 - were just one of the many alternative body mods on show at conventions. German Rolf Buchholz, 60, has an impressive 450 piercings. A whopping 278 of those are in his penis - but he says it doesn't affect his sex life. Rolf said: "It's not a problem at all. I have had the piercings already so long, if there was a problem, I would have got rid of them already long ago." The telecommunications worker attended the tattoo convention, an annual gathering of body-mod lovers and award-winning tattoo artists. Ink lovers can even get tatted up at the convention, with prizes handed out for the best ones. Rolf - who also has a number of tattoos - says his piercings don't cause him many problems, even the 94 various metal rings and studs around his mouth.

Wife who shared a drunken kiss with her friend during truth or dare reveals they're now living as a 'married' throuple - and her pal is expecting her husband's first baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** OREGON, USA: Meet the couple who formed a POLYAMOROUS relationship with their BEST FRIEND after a game of TRUTH OR DARE – and now the three of them are MARRIED and expecting a BABY. In 2014, professional dog trainer, Brandon Tidd (34) from Oregon, USA, was doing his advanced training as a soldier in the military when he locked eyes with a female soldier, Elizabeth (23) from Wisconsin, USA, while they were both lined up in formation. They began talking and instantly became close friends. Their friendship and mutual attraction quickly developed, and they began dating; it was Valentine’s Day of 2013 when their relationship got serious and within a few months, he moved across the country to be with her after the distance between them became difficult. Two years later, they got married and bought their first home together. They both run a Harry Potter role play website, with 10 active writers involved, they formed a close friendship with one of the writers, resident assistant, Shannon (30) from Ohio, USA, after Brandon began messaging her on the website. Their friendship online grew even more and after meeting up a few times, as she was living with her parents, Brandon and Elizabeth agreed to help her become independent, so they invited her to live with them until she found her own place. One day, the three of them were playing Truth or Dare and after some time, getting drunk, Elizabeth and Shannon ended up kissing. Elizabeth was surprised to find that she enjoyed it and it reoccurred the next day. Elizabeth fell for Shannon and over time with the three of them spending more time together romantically, Brandon found himself falling for Shannon too and that was the beginning of their polyamorous relationship. In 2018, both Brandon and Elizabeth proposed to Shannon using a heartfelt letter penning down their feelings for her and took her to a paper lantern festival, which has been on her bucket list of things to do. In March 2019, Elizabeth fell pregnant with their first child and they got married in October 2019. Their baby is due this December.

Mum's horror as veg steamer tipped over son's head leaving him with horror burns

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dougie Dodd, then aged one, got tangled in the wire of mum Nadia Hulse's kitchen appliance.  Nadia, 25, was cooking in the kitchen when her son's spoon that he was playing with caught the cable.  It sent the steamer's contents all over him - nine litres of boiling hot water and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  Mum-of-one Nadia lunged towards her boy but was just too late as the three tier vegetable steamer toppled over.  Dougie suffered horrific burns to his face, neck, chest, hands, wrists and feet.  He was in hospital for two months, fighting for his life as he battled infections from the third degree burns that covered half of his body.

Woman gives birth but finds home submerged underwater two days later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dan, a marketing manager, said the couple were given no prior warning they were at risk of flooding and has slammed the authorities for their response.  The couple had spent around £5,000 renovating their £180,000 end terrace house in Fishlake ahead of the arrival of their first baby.  But when Jade, 29, went into labour on Thursday night, they never thought they would not be able to return home.  Dan said he has not been able to get home to see the damage for himself yet, but he fears the couple's furniture and possessions will be ruined as flood water in the village is as high as ground floor windows.  They are staying with Jade's parents in nearby Hatfield while they await news on when they can return home.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan uses 1,344 lights to create 'starry sky' effect inside

Lord Vader, your new Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge has arrived. Rolls-Royce is finally taking its Cullinan SUV over to the Dark Side. The new Vader-inspired Black Badge Cullinan is, according to Rolls-Royce „the boldest and darkest expression of Black Badge yet”. Like the sinister Black Badge versions of the Wraith, Ghost and Dawn, the Cullinan gets the full noir treatment. Nearly every piece of chrome has been chemically darkened, rather than painted or coated, to give a smokey hue that doesn’t chip or peel. Inside the Cullinan features a much-demanded Starlight headliner with 1,344 individual twinkling fibre optic ends. There’s also a new „shooting star” feature that randomly uses groups of eight, brighter-white fiber optics to dart across the roof. The SUV features a 6.75-litre v12 engine that delivers an increased power output of (600ps) and torque.

Colourful town of Burano

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial shots capture the vibrancy of a small Venetian fishing village, where houses are painted every colour of the rainbow. The exact origin of the unique tradition on the island of Burano is unknown, but the legend goes that fisherwomen couldn't recognise their homes through thick fog on the nearby lagoon, so they started painting them bright colours. Vibrant shades of red, yellow and turquoise are especially prominent.

Push over bear - Bear's play fighting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two young bears play-fight in a lake, wrestling and pushing one another into the water. The two males spent over half an hour horsing around in Naknek Lake, near the base of the Alaska Peninsula. The Peninsular Grizzlies - also known as Coastal Brown Bears - are two years old, but once they are fully grown will stand around 8ft tall.