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Mother reveals she has been accused of CHILD ABUSE and 'brainwashing' for raising her eight-year-old as a transgender girl

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, USA: Meet the mum who has been accused of CHILD ABUSE for raising her DAUGHTER as TRANSGENDER – but insists she is happier as a girl. Luxury brand retail manager, Jaime Clara (41) from Long Island, New York, USA, first noticed a change in behaviour from her daughter, Dempsey (8), who was born biologically male, when she was just two and a half years old; she gravitated towards dolls, dresses and sparkly objects. Initially, Jaime and her husband, Dennis, thought it was just a phase that would pass, but over the years Dempsey became increasingly angry at having to dress like a boy; she would bring back pictures she drew of herself as a girl with long blonde hair and would cry when she had her hair cut short. When she was just four years old, her parents took her to a paediatric mental health professional who diagnosed her with gender dysphoria, a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress due to the mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. Throughout her journey, Dempsey has had to face criticism from her peers in primary school, who would bully her. This prompted her family to raise concerns with her teachers who let them speak at her school to raise awareness of transgender children. Other parents would also accuse Jaime and Dennis of child abuse for the way they are raising their daughter and would attack Jaime for ‘brainwashing’ her, but they have simply ignored them and insists that she struggles to get her children to eat vegetables, let alone change their genders. In 2019, Jaime and Dennis changed Dempsey’s birth certificate to reflect her gender change and their family have since participated and volunteered at various LGBTQ+ events and protests.

Lucky shopper who bought a Chinese vase for £1 in a charity shop has sold it for a staggering £484,000 after it emerged it was made for an 18th century emperor

***EXCLUSIVE*** A humble Chinese vase bought for just £1 in a charity shop in Hertfordshire has sold for a staggering £484,000 yesterday - after research revealed it was made for 18th century Chinese Emperor Qianlong. At first the lucky shopper, unaware of its significance, listed the small yellow vase on eBay - only to be inundated with messages and bids. Realising it must be valuable, he removed it from the site and took it to specialists at Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers' in Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex. They studied the 8ins tall vase and identified it as being Chinese imperial and made for the Qianlong Emperor, who reigned from 1735 to 1796. The vase sparked a bidding war, with the successful Chinese buyer paying six times the auction house's pre-sale estimate of £80,000.

6300A has set the record for the world's most expensive watch

***EXCLUSIVE*** Yesterday it sold for a record-breaking of $31 million. The timepiece went under the hammer yesterday at a charity auction where luxury brands donated special editions of their most prized wares.

Singer who married a felon serving a LIFE SENTENCE releases SONGS about her blissful life as a 'prison wife'

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman married a man SERVING LIFE after being introduced by a friend – and says the relationship is blossoming despite only getting to spend a night together once EVERY FOUR MONTHS. Vocal coach, singer and owner of Queen Vision Entertainment, Maria Ferrer (34) from Los Angeles, California, USA met her incarcerated husband Rayshun (33) in October 2014 through a mutual friend. For reasons Maria wishes not to disclose Rayshun was locked away for life at just 15 years old back in 2002 as a minor. Maria could never have imagined that a relationship would blossom with an inmate in prison, but from the very first conversation with him she knew there was a strong connection. Being a singer her whole life and then coaching for the last ten years, in 2017 one of her students asked her why she didn’t write her own music. Maria told him that she didn’t know what to sing about and he said she should focus on writing about being a prison wife. From that day on the idea stuck in her mind and with her new determination she grabbed hold of her microphone and wrote her first song called That’s My Baby which is about her relationship with Rayshun. Terrified of what the feedback would be she posted it on Instagram and awaited her followers’ response. She was surprised and elated when she woke up to hundreds of messages from people all around the world who related to her circumstances as a prison wife. Maria continued to write her own songs as a prison wife and has now released two popular albums called The Prison Wife Handbook and The Prison Wife Handbook 2.

Doctors discover 'football-sized' cyst on woman’s ovary: 'The pain was worse than childbirth'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum suffering from a mystery illness for over a year feared she was going mad - before discovering a hairy cyst the size of a football in her stomach. Emma Corcoran, 43, discovered the horrific growth after eventually going for a scan, after doctors had told her over a hundred times that she was just suffering from panic attacks. But, despite being unable to eat solid food for a year and sleeping on her sofa due to the severe pain, it took 16 months to discover that she had developed a dermoid cyst. The growth had become so large that it was pressing on her organs, causing her crippling pain and leaving her unable to stand up straight or walk - meaning she had to quit her job at a watch shop.

Some like it hotline… Marilyn Monroe book for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Film icon Marilyn Monroe's personal address book which reveals who she was close to at the height of her career has emerged for sale for £23,000. ($30,000) The navy blue leather book contains a host of famous names including crooner Frank Sinatra and the 'Of Mice And Men' author John Steinbeck. Others listed were fellow actresses Eva Marie Saint and Shelley Winters, as well as acclaimed filmmakers John Huston and Billy Wilder. Also a phonecall away were the cosmetic empire founder Elizabeth Arden, the designer Jean Louis who was responsible for her 'Happy Birthday Mr President' dress, as well as the gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, writer Saul Bellow and photographer Richard Avedon. The 1958 address book, which contains Monroe's notations, was kept by her longtime New York secretary May Reis. It has since passed into the hands of a private collector who is selling it with Los Angeles based Julien's Auctions.

Tiny cat-sized DEER thought to have gone extinct 30 years ago is pictured living in a forest in Vietnam

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cute miniature deer feared to have gone extinct has been rediscovered in Southeast Asia. The chevrotain, also known as the mouse-deer, is about the size of a domestic cat and dates back to the Stone Age when it was depicted in cave art being chased by hunters. It was believed to have been lost to science until being spotted in the wilds of Vietnam - for the first time in 30 years. The discovery could save other endangered animals being hunted out of existence to feed growing demand for bush meat.

First edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone sells for £116,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone has sold for £116,000. ($150,000) The hardback is one only 500 copies printed in its initial run in 1997 and was signed at the time by author J.K Rowling. Of the original editions, 300 went to libraries and 200 went to private individuals including family and friends. The first print run contained various spelling mistakes which were then corrected in later editions.

Dad calls for lollipops to be BANNED after his son, 5, almost choked to death on sweet

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad has called for lollipops to be BANNED - after his five year old son nearly died when he was given one during trick or treating.  Brett Cole said his son Bobby 'went floppy' and passed out when he started choking on the popular sweet he received on Hallowe'en that had come off its stick. The dad has now issued a start warning to other parents about the hidden dangers of the lollipop. He said he does not usually allow his two children to have lollipops but after being given them in their trick-or-treat haul, he allowed them to have one.

Student was left fighting for life after being struck down with deadly meningitis

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Worcestershire man completely missed his 21st birthday because he was lying unconscious in hospital with meningitis. Matthew Griffin, from Stourport-on-Severn, is still recovering from the terrifying experience last month, and wants to help others understand what a serious disease meningitis can be. His warning is backed by the UK‚Äôs largest meningitis charity, Meningitis Now, which offers support to everyone living with the impact of the disease ‚Äď including a special programme for young people called Believe & Achieve. Matthew said that when he started feeling ill on 14th October, he assumed he had flu or food poisoning. But things started getting a lot worse the next day and he decided he was too ill to go to university: ‚ÄúAs the morning went on, I had an intense headache and my neck began to stiffen,‚ÄĚ he said.

David Bowie’s early tape is up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A previously-unheard demo tape in which David Bowie lambastes a studio guest for having 'loud feet' that ruined one of his takes has been unearthed. The boxed reel of 7ins tape dates back to December 1966 when a young Bowie was recording his first album. During his attempts to record 'Please, Mr Gravedigger' Bowie breaks off to slam an anonymous guest, telling him tersely 'your feet are too loud'.

Ice and reflection on lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mountain range is capture in a perfectly calm lake acting like a giant mirror. The icy waters of Lake Jasna near the ski resort Kranjska Gora in Slovenia reflected the mountains Mt. Prisank and Mt. Razor which are well known in the Julian Alps. With tempertaures well below freezing local Ales Krivec, 36 a web designer made the short trip to the Alps to capture the artistic image.