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Eczema-stricken woman whose body was left red raw makes a dramatic recovery by 'ditching steroid creams and showering just once a WEEK'

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: STEROIDS caused this woman’s eczema to spread like WILDFIRE and forced her to MOVE BACK IN WITH HER PARENTS - and she says UK doctors are handing them out ?like sweets?. Graphic designer, Holly Broome (24), originally from Gloucestershire and now living in London, UK, was born with atopic dermatitis but it wasn’t discovered until she was two weeks old, and from then it became progressively worse. Holly remembers taking oral steroids to help her eczema, but as the problem grew worse, she had to be hospitalised and wrapped in bandages at night to prevent scratching - although this didn’t work and only irritated her skin more. Thankfully by the time she reached her teens her eczema had become better and she wasn’t using topical steroids. Unfortunately, during a difficult period in her life, Holly became incredibly stressed during university in 2017 which triggered an eczema flare on her back, legs and arms. Holly went to a GP but was only told it wasn’t ?that bad?, to moisturise more often and use a stronger topical steroid. Holly continued using Eumovate, a strong topical steroid, on the affected areas as well as moisturising twice a day and taking cool showers. However, during the summer of 2017, Holly’s skin seemed to be getting worse and the rash on her back was spreading all over her torso, arms and face. She was constantly sore, her skin radiated heat and it hurt to shower. As Holly continually returned to her GP, she was prescribed more steroids, despite her eczema spreading and becoming more painful after using steroids. By that winter, more than 70 per cent of Holly’s body was covered in eczema. After trying an eczema diet, consisting of rice, chicken and cabbage, and seeing no improvement, Holly read about topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) and was horrified by the damage it could do, but initially she refused to believe that was what she had until researching it further.

New mural appears on the side of the turbine hall at Chernobyl power station

***EXCLUSIVE*** A striking 200ft-long mural has appeared on the turbine hall of the disastrous Chernobyl nuclear plant. The colourful painting, which depicts a giant, gloved hand manipulating atomic energy alongside a breed of endangered wild horses, appears to warn of the role humans can play in jeopardising our planet. Measuring 60ft-tall the mural, called 'Looking into the future', now covers the upper reaches of the rarely photographed turbine hall's eastern wall.

Extreme snowboader drops in on frozen waterfall

***EXCLUSIVE*** A snowboarder makes an impressive leap in the air as he "drops in" on a frozen waterfall in the direction of deadly looking icicles.

Otters showing affection

***EXCLUSIVE*** The moment two adorable eurasian otters cuddle for warmth. Photographer Matthew Watling captured the beautiful interaction a mother otter took care of her cub on the coast of Mid Argyll, Scotland. The 36 year-old said “I was watching this pair for over an hour through my camera, and they stayed together for the whole time I was watching them.”

Shark has tooth ripped out

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pictures capture the exact moment a tooth flies from a great white shark's mouth as it bites down on a tuna head being used for bait. The tuna, which is attached to a buoy, was being used to lure the 14ft-long female to a cage diving boat near Guadalupe Island, 150 miles west of Mexico's Baja Peninsula.

Bear on ice

***EXCLUSIVE*** This happy looking bear appears to be enjoying a tumble on the ice as it rocks around on its back above a frozen lake in France.