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A former Yves Saint Laurent and Dior model has got herself glammed up once again to go back in front of the camera - 60 YEARS after she began her career

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lesley MacLennan, 85, now lives in a care home and suffers from dementia - but in her early twenties, she made her name in Paris, working with Yves Saint Laurent when he was still an emerging designer. She later encountered him again at Dior, working with him both on the catwalk and in front of the camera. And when she came across high-end fashion photographer James Muller by chance last week at her care home, he jumped at the chance to photograph her - and Lesley happily obliged.

These beautiful photos show people in a rural Indonesian community going about their every day life

***EXCLUSIVE*** The cinematic pictures show mother's tending to livestock and cooking food while children happily play in the nearby river. Taken in the West Java province of Indonesia, the photos show the "simple and peaceful" lifestyle of the local people.

Snap these up! Bizarre 200-year-old false teeth made from hippo ivory and gold are set to fetch £7,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brick layer who unearthed a 200-year-old set of gold dentures while out metal detecting has put them up for sale for £7,000. Peter Cross, 59, made the bizarre discovery while searching a field near his home in Derbyshire earlier this year. The false teeth are believed to date back to around 1800 and would have belonged to an incredibly wealthy individual. Only the upper dentures were discovered as the lower set would not have included any metal.

A bank worker had a lotto beginner’s luck when she won £1million the first time she played an online game - while killing time on a "boring" caravan holiday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jodie Scullion, 38, was sitting in her caravan on a wet campsite in Somerset when she decided to play an Instant Win Game on her mobile phone. She paid £5 to play the £1M Run for Your Money' game on October 28 and scooped the jackpot. Jodie, a mortgage underwriter, picked up her mega-cheque at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

A grieving son has paid tribute to his Christmas-mad dad who died of a heart attack ‚Äď by putting up a display of 20,000 fairy lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shaun Pickering, 24, was devastated when his dad John died suddenly in July aged just 59. To honour his dad, who loved Christmas, Shaun spent two months decking out his dad’s old home in Telford, Shrops., with lights and decorations. The housing trust worker even painstakingly recreated the iconic Coca-Cola truck which sits in pride of place in his front garden. He hopes to raise thousands of pounds for the British Heart Foundation after he switched the lights on each evening for people to enjoy. Single Shaun, who doesn’t have any children, said: „We’ve literally gone all out this year. We wanted to do something in dad’s memory. He would’ve have absolutely loved it. There’s 12,000 lights on the house alone and probably 20,000 altogether. My dad absolutely loved Christmas because it allowed all of us to get together. He always wanted to make it.”

Video grab of the spectacular footage of cliff diving daredevil doing a backflip off of 51ft high cliffs in Arbroath - his biggest ever jump

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the daredevil who has been doing backflips off huge British cliffs since he was a teen - and has just completed his biggest jump ever. Adrenaline junkie Lee Mitchell, 27, has been leaping from cliff tops since he was just 14-years-old. But he is still pushing himself to the limits more than a decade later. The dad-of-one has perfected his techniques through years of practising his flips on trampolines, BMXs and while snowboarding. Lee, a joiner from Arbroath, Angus, also watches professional cliff divers on YouTube for inspiration.

Mum losing teeth and going blind to spend more time with her kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** Despite a family history of cancer, Kerry Borlase, 37, was dismissed by doctors for months after she repeatedly complained of a blocked nose in March 2019.  It wasn't until she had a biopsy six months later that doctors found the mum of three had a large cancerous tumour behind her nose and eye.  Diagnosed with stage 2/3 squamous cell carcinoma - the most common form of head and neck cancer - Kerry underwent surgery to have the tumour removed in October 2019.  With a 50% chance of the cancer returning, Kerry was offered radiotherapy that would reduce the odds of the cancer coming back to 20% but she would lose her upper set of teeth and potentially the sight in her right eye.  With three children and a loving fiance at home, Kerry decided to have the extensive six week treatment so she would have a better chance at having more time with her family.

60-ft-tall mural of environmental activist Greta Thunberg appears in San Francisco

San Francisco, California, United States: A 60-ft-tall mural of environmental activist Greta Thunberg has appeared in San Francisco. The enormous eight-storey painting will tower over residents and visitors near Union Square in the heart of the city’s downtown. The artist behind the mural, Argentine Andres Iglesias - known as Cobre - collaborated with not-profit-organisation One Atmosphere and is donating his time for free to the project. Andres said he hoped it would impress on those who saw it the necessity of taking action against climate change. „Climate change is real. This girl Greta is awesome and she knows what she’s doing” he told the local news website SFGate. „I hope with this mural people will realise we have to take care of the world.” Paul Scott, the director of local environmental charity One Atmosphere, said he hoped the Greta Thunberg artwork would be the first of many depicting climate change activists across San Francisco. „Greta is having profound effects on the environmental movement right now” Mr Scott also told SFGate. „We’re hoping [the mural] is going to touch people and that it will open up their hearts and minds to the unbridled conviction of Greta’s message. She is a bright light in a dark time and we hope people will follow her lead and make some changes.”

Legendary Woodstock master tapes have emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** The master tapes from the legendary Woodstock Festival have emerged for sale for £600,000 - but the successful bidder will only be able to play them in the comfort of their own home. The over 700 minutes of audio features iconic performances from Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin. They were made by producer Eric Blackstead who put together the albums Woodstock (1970) and Woodstock Two (1971) to capitalise on the festival's huge success. Only four copies of the master tapes exist, with the other three residing in the archives of record labels. The tapes are being sold with British auction house Just Collecting. However, reproduction and distribution rights are not included in the purchase, so the buyer will get the 'physical ownership' of the items only.