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Pear-shaped china teapot found on a shelf in a modest home sells for a staggering £1 MILLION at auction after sparking an international bidding war

***EXCLUSIVE*** A China teapot that was found on a shelf of a humble home has sold for a staggering £1m. Its owner, who wasn't aware of its significance, brought it down to show expert Lee Young who had been invited to the property in Dorset to value some ornaments. Mr Young, of Duke's Auctioneers of Dorchester, Dorset, identified the stamp on its base as being that of the Chinese emperor Qianlong. On the lid was a finial of a peach, a symbol of immortality and unity in Imperial China. The 5ins tall teapot was conservatively estimated to sell for a few thousand pounds but interest in it took off ahead of the auction.

Meet the pampered pit bull whose owners threw him his own BIRTHDAY PARTY complete with a professional photographer to take snaps of the happy event

***EXCLUSIVE*** Boris, three, lives a life of luxury in Saint Charles, Missouri, USA, with devoted owners Alley and Alex Bardon who rescued the pooch from a shelter. In September, the husband and wife celebrated their beloved canine’s third birthday with a party in their backyard attended by 15 guests. Alley, 27, a content manager, said: „Nobody could believe that we were having a full-on party for a dog. We had a proper peanut-flavored dog cake from a local bakery called Treats Unleashed. The two chihuahuas Bebe and Belle who came were picky so Boris had the whole thing to himself over a few days. We hired a photographer to take pictures and wore special t-shirts with Boris’s face on them.” The couple even arranged for special gold balloons to spell out the words: „Let’s Pawty”.

Shark bite feeder

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible photos show a courageous shark feeder getting up close and personal with the deadly apex predators – despite being BITTEN by one last year. Remarkable shots show a shark specialist interacting with an array of the phenomenal fish – including imposing tiger sharks, hammerheads, bull sharks, lemon sharks, and nurse sharks – by stroking their underbellies, holding bait just inches from their razor-sharp teeth, and gracefully directing sharks with a gentle touch and an assured nature. But Roberta Larosa (31) who lives and works in Bimini, The Bahamas, as a scuba diving guide and marine biologist, knows full well that whilst sharks are intelligent, highly evolved creatures, they can have a wild side.

Abandoned outlaw village

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sinister photos of a long-abandoned mountain village in Transylvania which was supposedly used as a historical hiding spot for outlaws have emerged. Eerie snaps portray a dust-filled dilapidated church still full of religious relics and ancient books; an overgrown and forgotten cemetery; and a creepy house where the owners appear to have left one day and simply never returned. The atmospheric photographs were taken by Romanian photographer, Cristian Lipovan (37) in the heart of the deeply impressive Apuseni Mountains.

Shopper who bought £1 Chinese vase from charity shop sells it for almost HALF A MILLION at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese vase bought for just £1 in a charity shop has sold for a staggering £484,000 (US$487,955) on Friday, November 8 after it emerged that it was made for an 18th century emperor. The lucky shopper, unaware of its significance, listed the small yellow vase on eBay - only to be inundated with messages and bids. Realising it must be valuable, he removed it from the site and took it to specialists at Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers' in Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex. They studied the 8ins tall vase and identified it as being Chinese imperial and made for the Qianlong Emperor, who reigned from 1735 to 1796. The Qianlong famille rose vase is marked with a symbol that meant it wasn't for export, but for one of the emperor's palaces. It is inscribed with an imperial poem that 'praises incense' and two iron-red seal marks that read 'Qianlong chen han' or 'the Qianlong Emperor's own mark'.  It also reads 'Weijing weiyi' which translates to 'be precise, be undivided'. The pear-shaped vase is designed to be attached to a wall, with a flat back and floral decoration on the front. Its yellow colour is significant as this was a special colour reserved for the emperor. The unnamed buyer spotted it on sale for £1 in a charity shop in Hertfordshire and picked it up as 'he liked the look of it'. The successful Chinese buyer bid a hammer price of £380,000, with extra fees taking the overall figure paid to £484,000 Yexue Li, head of the Asian art department at Sworders, said: "The gentleman vendor was in the charity shop and picked out the vase because he liked the look of it. "He was unaware of his significance so he put it on eBay with a very low starting price to begin with and there was a lot of interest. "He decided to take the vase off eBay and bought it in to us to take a look. He was shocked and very excited when we explained its importance.

G-Shock and 'Transformers' launch new Master Nemesis Optimus Prime watch set

Following their 35-year anniversary collaboration last year, G-Shock and Transformers come together once again to create a new watch inspired by Master Nemesis Optimus Prime. The Unicron-created character serves as the black colorway offering of last year’s G-Shock x Transformers Master Optimus Prime Resonant Mode watch set. The “Dark Cobe” features red and blue-green lines as well and retains the ability to transform from a collectible figure into a watch pedestal. The pedestal, of course, features the new G-Shock DW-6900TF-4 as the Matrix of Leadership chest piece in Optimpus’color. Grab G-Shock & Transformers‘ DW-6900TF-4 watch set in Nemesis Prime/Black Convoy/Scourge colors December 7 for $275 USD.