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Man has eaten a kilo of soil every single day for the past 20 years!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who is addicted to eating SOIL - munching a kilo a day. Nukala Koteshwara Rao, 48, started eating soil in Andra Pradesh, in Kadapa District, Kalasapadu Village, India, twenty years ago. He claims he suffers no illness from his diet - and while he can skip normal meals he never misses his daily soil. He says he still has his own teeth.

Designer creates world's first reversible wedding dress to give a bride options on her big day

***EXCLUSIVE*** New Zealand wedding dress designer Trish Peng has created a world first for the wedding industry - a reversible wedding dress. With her new line Reflections, customers don't have to choose between two styles of dress. Instead, they can wear one style for the ceremony and another for the reception. The collection of stunning reversible wedding gowns feature single-coloured fabric on one side and a delicate lace pattern on the other. The silhouettes are stylish, featuring details like plunging backs and flowing trains, so either way, the bride is sure to look fabulous. Peng has developed 11 styles that are inspired by, and named after, her brides. The naming choice is a fitting one, as Peng first had the idea to design reversible gowns after a client couldn’t decide between lace or a more minimalist fashion. ''You can flip it and reverse it, it's a two in one dress,'' Peng explains. Constructing one of these gowns is no small feat, and one seemingly small trim proved the most difficult problem to solve - the zipper. Because a reversible dress hadn’t been attempted before within the bridal industry, there was no supplier that manufactured a delicate dual zipper. The only kind available was what you’d find in a sleeping bag. To remedy this issue, Peng came up with the idea of hand stitching two zippers on each side of the gown.

Shark photographer took daughter diving with great whites when she was two

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the dad who has taken both of his two toddlers CAGE DIVING and admits most people think he has ?MENTAL PROBLEMS? because of his fascination with getting up-close with SHARKS. In an amazing series of shots we see a man leaning over a boat with his camera pointing towards a gaping shark, an epic view of a sharks muscular underside and a mesmerising photo showing the dense red gums of the frightening fish as it parades it?s endless razor-like teeth. The fascinating images were captured by cinematographer Andy Brandy Casagrande (42), from New York, USA. The Emmy award winner and father of two was born with an extreme fascination for sharks, which explains his urge to secure immersive shots of these enormous animals.

A beary big world record

This is a teddy bear your daughter will not be able to take with her to bed at night. Measuring over 20m long and weighing 4 tonnes, it has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest teddy bear in the world. The bear is named Xonita by its makers, a group of residents from Xonacatlan, a town in Mexico, reported news site El Sol de Mexico.

Best bartender in town: AI powered smart taps serve the perfect pint

San Francisco, California, United States: There's nothing more frustrating than queuing at a bar for a period of time before being served a warm beer with a 3-inch-thick foam head. A San Francisco-based technology company wants to rid us of the imperfect pint by using smart beer taps to serve the perfect beer. Pubinno’s latest innovation, Smart Tap II, uses AI technology to pour the perfect pint every single time. With just a single touch Pubinno’s smart taps pour the ideal beer at optimum pressure and temperature „depending on if it” a pale ale or a stout of course. The product is specially developed for bartenders, as multiple pints can be poured one after the other using precise measures. The small screen also lets you know when the keg is empty, allowing pubs to run smoothly and more efficiently. What’s more, the IoT platform converts sales and quality data into meaningful insights, allowing pub landlords to increase their operational efficiency while breweries can use it to improve and standardise quality. Additionally, Pubinno’s smart solutions can increase keg yield by up to 20% and minimise waste using an AI-powered flow algorithm. Pubinno’s patented technology combines robotics, IoT and AI to present the future of draft beer, or what they like to call the „internet of beer”.

Starbucks unveils epic 35,000-square-foot reserve roastery in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, United States: Starbucks has unveiled a 35,000-square-foot reserve roastery in Chicago - the coffee chain's biggest store to date. Opening it's doors to the public on Friday 15th November, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Chicago is located on North Michigan Avenue and Erie Street on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The opening marks Starbucks sixth global Roastery and third location in the U.S. Starbucks largest-ever immersive coffee experience „across five floors and 35,000 square feet of retail space” celebrates the company’s heritage and is a tribute to the roasting and the craft of coffee. Visitors will be able to see, hear and learn about coffee’s extraordinary journey through intentional and unparalleled design, while enjoying a menu featuring unique beverages exclusive to this location. The Chicago Roastery joins locations in Seattle, Shanghai, Milan, New York and Tokyo. „Over the past five years, we have created the ultimate immersive experience around all-things-coffee in spectacular Starbucks Reserve Roasteries in flagship cities around the world. This week we are delighted to open our doors on the sixth global Roastery in an iconic building located on Chicago’s renowned Magnificent Mile” said Kevin Johnson, Starbucks ceo. „These Roasteries amplify the Starbucks brand, serve as innovation hubs, and create experiences for millions of customers around the world.” Starbucks has a rich history with the Windy City, dating back to 1987 when the company opened its first store outside of the Pacific Northwest and had a total of 11 retail stores and served as the foundation for the company’s national growth strategy. Nearly 32 years later, there are 796 company-operated stores in the region where Starbucks employs more than 18,100 partners.

Firefighting plane robot

***EXCLUSIVE*** Liu Jie checks on a firefighting plane robot built out of scrap firefighting equipment in Chongqing, China, 13 November 2019. Liu Jie, an equipment technician of Chongqing Shapingba Fire and Rescue Detachment, built fire robusts and models out of scrap firefighting equipment during his part time, adding firefighting elements to robots in Chongqing, China.

Monkey drinking from a can

***EXCLUSIVE*** A monkey finishes off the last drops of a discarded can of fizzy drink after fighting off rivals for a chance to take a sip. The long-tailed macaque has just finished wrestling other members of its troop for the can, which was thrown their way by a tourist in Phuket, Thailand.

Aerials of cabbage patch workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker walks through a huge field between rows of thousands of cabbage plants. The man sprays pesticide and distributes fertiliser as he makes his way through the lines of vibrant, green vegetables.

Fabrics factory in Myanmar

***EXCLUSIVE*** A women inspects colourfil fabrics as they are left to dry outdoors in the sunshine following the dying process. Zarni Myo Win, 43, from Yangon, Myanmar visited the factory near Bagan, an ancient city in central Myanmar.