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Fitness-obsessed mother-of-three, 52, says people refuse to believe she has kids because of her incredible abs and body

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: Meet the mum in her FIFTIES with such an impressive SIX PACK that people don’t believe she’s had kids. Personal trainer and nutritional coach, Maria Woolgar-Blacutt (52) who was born in La Paz, Bolivia but now lives in Texas, USA, had a difficult childhood and grew up under painful family circumstances and her mum suffered an aneurysm, leaving her handicapped and unable to speak or walk. Growing up, Maria was withdrawn, shy and insecure of her body, so she became drawn to the gym where she found empowerment. At that time, it was unheard of for a woman to be muscular or toned and the gyms were predominantly used by men. Despite being judged about her decision to lift weights, Maria insisted on going to the gym as she felt it was her getaway from the troubles she faced at home. Over time, she managed to sculpt an athletic physique and by the time she was in her late twenties, she welcomed her first child, Miguel, who is now 23 years old. Over the next three years she had two more children, Fabiola and Miki, now 21 and 19 respectively, but she continued to train hard five times a week after her last pregnancy to get back to her previous figure of 8st 9lb and UK size 6. She has been sticking to this ever since, and now that she is in her fifties, she has been receiving she has been receiving considerable attention as a role model to men and women of all ages aspiring to get fit, and stay fit well into their fifties and beyond. With over 8,500 followers on Instagram, @strongmariastrong, she was encouraged by her children to set up the page and help other women achieve similar results as she has.

I can’t hug my baby boy without tearing his skin and causing nasty, painful blisters

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALASKA, USA: Meet the baby with an INCURABLE skin condition that with just a TOUCH results in BLISTERS - making it difficult for his parents to even HOLD HIM. Stay at home mum of two, Tiana Williams (26) from Alaska, USA, was 16-weeks pregnant with her son, Jamison (three months), when her fears were confirmed that he had epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a group of rare genetic conditions that result in easy blistering of the skin. Tiana had another child, Mia, who had EB and this meant that there was a 50 per cent chance Jamison would have the same condition. Mia passed away when she was six months old. Since Jamison was born in July 2019, Tiana and her husband, Eddie Stanley Jr (29), have struggled to hold him, change his nappy or dress him due to the sensitivity of his skin which left them feeling devastated. They are so cautious of holding him that they leave him naked in a soft blanket unless they are taking him out of the house. They now want to raise awareness of this incurable skin condition to provide a safe space for other families who are going through a similar ordeal and they want them to follow Jamison’s journey.

This stunning series of images is literally - eye-catching! Photographers from around the globe were challenged to capture images which featured eyes

***EXCLUSIVE*** And the results of the Agora Images contest called the World's Best Photos of #Eyes2019 were striking. One photo features a menacing crocodile whose eyes are poking out from the water, and a baby monkey with lots of expression (and cuteness) in his eyes.

A young woman who suffers up to 100 seizures a DAY has revealed she's regularly rescued by her dog - who can recognise her distress despite never being trained

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lucy Brown gave up her job and lost her freedom after being struck down by non-epileptic attack disorder (NEAD). The condition has forced the former carer to leave the house she shared with her boyfriend of five years and move back in with her parents for her own safety. Brave Lucy, 20, said she has also had to sign on for benefits and has lost several friendships since being hit by NEAD as she can't drink or go out.

A happy couple have tied the knot at a special wedding ceremony where their PONY was the guest of honour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Couple tie the knot with an actual PONY as their special guest of honour. They planned their perfect day, in the stunning grounds of St Elizabeth's House, in Plymouth, Devon, and wrote up a long guest list - with one special invitee. And they made sure that their pet pony named Joker was able to attend to celebrate with them. Majestic white-haired Joker took centre stage at the equestrian-friendly marriage ceremony, and even featured in the wedding pictures. The pair were joined by family and friend for their memorable day, and volunteers from Hoofbeats Equine Rehabilitation Sanctuary including Sharon Vieira. Sharon said: "We were so pleased to be able to help bring an extra special touch to the wedding. "It was only right that Joker was able to be a part of the big day and we wanted to also repay all the hard work Courtney and Ben have done for us over the years."

Britain's top food blogger has taken on her lengthiest challenge to date - a giant hotdog measuring a whopping THREE FEET long

***EXCLUSIVE*** Social media star Kate Ovens demolished the oversized hotdog - which was topped with cheese and FIVE types of bacon - in only 25 minutes, despite it needing two men to carry to her table. The blonde blogger, famed for taking on and conquering giant food challenges, thought she had bitten off more than she could chew with the estimated 5,000-calorie feast - enough to feed a family-of-four.

Jungle Boogie

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dancing to the afrobeat! Remarkable photos show a wide variety of African animals strutting their funky stuff, including two lions picturesquely caught mid leap. Light-hearted snaps show two cheetahs tackling the quickstep; a pair of lindy hopping lions; and a limber lemur waltzing across a road. The amusing shots were all captured by wildlife photographer and guide, Andre Cloete (43) from South Africa, who has snapped a wide range of species on his travels across southern and eastern Africa and the island nation of Madagascar.

Two zebras pictured together making the optical illusion of a two headed zebra

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing 'optical illusion' photograph teaches us not to see everything in black and white - as it appears to depict a TWO-HEADED zebra. Alberto Ghizzi Panizza was baffled when he saw what appears to be a very unique two-headed animal. But on closer inspection, the zebra is actually two zebras standing next to each other in a position which perfectly aligns their stripes, making it look like the two animals share one rear.