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Child genius, nine, with an IQ of 145 is set to become the world's youngest EVER university graduate - and his parents are hoping for a place at Oxford

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nine-year-old boy who is set to become the youngest ever person to complete a degree, is inundated by offers from the world's top universities for post-graduate studies. Laurent Simons from Amsterdam, who is currently studying for a degree in electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology, is set to graduate next month after completing his studies in just nine months. Laurent who completed secondary school aged eight, is set to finish his first degree in December and will take the title of the world's youngest graduate from Michael Kearney, who gained a degree from the University of Alabama at the age of ten. The youngster, who completed high school at the age of eight after completing the entire programme in 18 months, has hopes of one day becoming an astronaut or heart surgeon.

Undateables star, 25, who was called the 'hunchback of Notre Dame' by school bullies poses in a sultry boudoir photo shoot to show you 'can be 'disabled and sexy'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British photographer with more than a HUNDRED-DEGREE curved spine is showing that she is DISABLED AND SEXY in a series of risqué photographs after she was bullied at school and called the ‘HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME’. Photographer and marketing and communications officer, Becky Dann (25) from Cambridgeshire, UK, was just four years old when her parents noticed that her spine was curving. They took her to the hospital where they diagnosed her with kyphoscoliosis, a deformity of the spine characterised by an unusual curvature of the vertebral column in two planes. She was taken in for x-rays and as she got older, Becky had numerous operations to figure out what was happening and how it could be cured. For most of her childhood, she had to wear a body cast to keep her spine upright. Growing up with this condition which doctors could not rectify as it would have been dangerous, meant that Becky was subjected to being bullied by her high school peers who would call her ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and when she was left in a wheelchair, she would be accused of ‘faking’ her condition. In 2002 her curve was at a 118-degree angle and has been curving ever since. After years of dating, she discovered that many people assumed that since she was disabled, she could not or did not have sex, which motivated her to write a blog about sex and disability to educate people about her condition. In December 2018, she decided to take a series of risqué photographs of her in lingerie to show people that it is possible to be sexy and disabled after the realisation that there were no models with disabilities shown in lingerie. Her project has garnered positive attention and open discussions around the topic and despite initially feeling nervous about putting her work out there, the reaction she has received has inspired her to continue her mission.

Back to nature! Edinburgh veterinary students brave chilly conditions to pose naked for animal charity calendar

***EXCLUSIVE*** EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, UK: A group of student vets braved the elements to horse around in the Scottish countryside all in the name of charity for their 2020 naked calendar. Some 94 students from Edinburgh University’s Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies have stripped off, posing in the nude with animals to raise cash for animal charity All4Paws, which provides free vet care to the pets of homeless and vulnerably housed people.  The pictures were taken across Scotland and include horses, highland cattle, birds, cats, reindeer and dairy cows. One picture even shows a bevvy of veterinary beauties posing across the roof and bonnet of a farmer’s Land Rover Defender. The images all feature in the calendar, When Vets Undress, and were taken by photographers and fourth year vet students, Liv Halloran, Mengxuan Zhang and Nirvana Leaver. The project was organised and directed by student, Jara Mrdja.

Her royal likeness! Meet the 21-year-old student who works part-time as a young Queen Elizabeth lookalike

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the 21-year-old university student who works on weekends as a young Queen Elizabeth lookalike. Since the release of NetflixŐs hit show ÔThe CrownŐ, Harriet Ball has forged a part-time career as the young QueenŐs impersonator. Harriet from Preston, Lancashire is such a dead ringer for Her Majesty that she gets stopped by strangers on the street who are a fan of the popular TV series Đ which returns to Netflix for season three on 17th November. During one of her lookalike appearances, The QueenŐs cousin, HRH The Duke of Kent even commented on HarrietŐs remarkable resemblance to the young monarch.

Formerly vegan sisters say switching to a raw meat diet healed their lifelong autoimmune disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two formerly vegan sisters say switching to a diet of RAW MEAT healed their lifelong autoimmune disease.  Siblings Ashley Armstrong, 26, and Sarah Armstrong, 23 feast on a mostly raw meat diet of uncooked organs, fat and eggs and the pair pride themselves on eating the Ňwhole dang animal Đ nose to tailÓ with no vegetables in sight. The sisters from Urbana in Central Illinois, USA  tried everything from veganism, macro-based eating to a traditional low fat diet to combat the crippling autoimmune issues they had suffered since teenagers.  But it was only after becoming Ôraw carnivoreŐ in June this year that they were able to cure their chronic symptoms of constipation, bloating, depression, fatigue, circulatory problems and RaynaudŐs syndrome. The sisters are now educating their 12,000 followers on Instagram (@strong.sistas) about the benefits of a raw vegan diet and are even co-authoring a cookbook of carnivore inspired recipes which will be published early next year.

Cocker spaniel named Coco is travelling 4,000 miles to North Carolina in desperate bid to save one of her puppies using a pioneering stem cell transplant that will cost thousands

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cocker spaniel is travelling 4,000 miles across the pond in a desperate bid to save the life of one of her own sick puppies with a pioneering stem cell transplant. Mum Coco gave birth to Millie in the UK six years ago before the pup moved with her new owners to California, where she was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her only chance at survival is through pioneering stem cell treatment, which is not yet available in the UK and can only be performed at one US hospital. Coco and her owner, 52-year-old Robert Alcock, travelled from their home in Darwen, Lancs, to North Carolina to reunite with Millie.

Stunning image captures rare moment 'upward lightning' shoots out of a volcano in Guatemala

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extraordinary image has captured the moment a lightning bolt hit an erupting volcano. Astrophotographer Sergio Montúfar, took the photograph as volcanic ash escaped from the top of Volcán de Pacaya which is an active volcano in Villa Canales, Guatemala. The astrophotographer, who's based in Guatemala, had planned to photograph the molten lava after a forecast had predicted clear skies.

£53,000 Caviar Airpods pro headphones go on sale

Russian Federation: Feel the newly launched Airpods Pro are too much of a bargain at £250? How about the £53,000 Caviar Airpods Pro Gold Edition? Russian company Caviar announced they would create just one 18ct gold edition - and it promptly sold out. The company have previously released special edition iPhones 11 Pro handset they claim contain Mars, the Moon and the Tsarev Meteorite. Now they explain: „The Russian company delights the devotees of luxury and precious materials with gold limited smartphones and accessories once again. This time, Caviar introduce to the world an extraordinary accessory - wireless earphones Apple Airpods Pro in a modified jewellery design. Caviar Airpods Pro Gold Edition is the only model in the world, the body of the case and earphones of which is made of one-piece gold of 750 content. It is noteworthy that the company will issue only one copy of the gold accessory for the whole world. The modified Airpods Pro possess a big weight in comparison with the original ones, but this is that special argument in it: because the true pieces of jewellery art are notable for a pleasant heaviness underlining the jewel’s expensiveness. Even more often, we notice that wealthy people strive to underline their status with luxurious accessories. Limitedness, precious materials, jewelry elements receive a special popularity. The concept of gold body was born like lightning, because to stand out from the large community of the lovers of technics with an apple logo, one really needs to try hard. We’re sure that the gold edition of Airpods Pro will find its owner and will delight not only with its quality sound, but also with extraordinary, limited luxury the brand’s representatives comment.

How the Victorians dealt with london’s homeless youths: haunting portraits reveal how 19th century society sent destitute teens to Canada

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the remarkable portraits which reveal how Victorian society dealt with HOMELESS London youths Đ by helping them emigrate to Canada. The Ragged School movement helped countless young men - who were sleeping rough - emigrate to the new world full of new opportunities. Before they set sail, the Ragged School would record their story and take the photograph for posterity. Their stories are gut-wrenching but also heart-warming as the school made a huge difference to their lives.

Bear catches fish during salmon run

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hungry bears lines up its dinner as it tries to catch leaping Salmon from the water at Brook Falls, Alaska. Photographer Nina Waffenschmidt captured the extraordinary moment the hungry bear tried to catch the fish as the left from the water. The 34 year old was on an expedition with a friend when she snapped the bear feeding at the river.  The bear must have caught around 15 to 20 of the elating salmon, which would have made for a nice dinner! The marketing consultant from Hamburg, Germany said I was on a viewing platform at the Upper Falls in the Katmai National Park when I took the photos. I really like all the funny expressions, the bear gave off, such as the times when the bear seemed to be puzzled by the salmon just missing his open mouth or his paw.

Bride who didn't want to wear a size 20 wedding dress drops 6st and EIGHT dress sizes in less than a year to fit into her dream gown

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman would gorge on a FULL BAG OF CHEESE for dinner until the prospect of getting married as a SIZE TWENTY BRIDE pushed her to drop SIX dress sizes and squeeze into a SIZE EIGHT wedding dress. Customer service advisor Natalie Mellor (29) from Brough, East Yorkshire, UK, had always been larger than her friends when she was younger, but as the years went by she gradually became even larger. When Natalie and her now husband Gavin (34) discovered they were expecting their first child together in 2015, they were overjoyed, but pregnancy caused Natalie to gain weight rapidly. Nearing the end of her pregnancy, she became aware that she was nearing morbid obesity and she wasn’t just putting herself at risk, but her son too. During the pregnancy, Natalie and Gavin got engaged, and as thrilled as they both were about their future nuptials, she realised that she didn’t want to be a bride in a size 20 dress. After welcoming the couple’s first child, Henry (4), Natalie’s weight didn’t improve because food had become an emotional crutch for her. She admits that she would eat when she was unhappy to console herself but she’d also eat as a celebratory treat when she was happy. Natalie’s weight reached 15st 7lb before she realised, and she felt ashamed of her large frame. The embarrassment at having let her weight soar stopped Natalie from socialising because she didn’t want to be looked at, she didn’t wear the nice clothes she saw in shops because she didn’t like her figure and she feared that she wouldn’t be able to nimbly move around the children’s play areas with her son, making her feel uncomfortable as a mum. In 2016, Natalie joined Slimming World to lose weight and there was no better target than her wedding in June 2017. Fitting into her dress and looking immaculate was Natalie’s aim because she wanted to feel beautiful and to treasure all the photos from the day – as opposed to deleting them like she’d done with all her holiday snaps. In under a year, Natalie shed six stone and now she weighs just 9st 7lb and wears a size eight.

CBD infused Christmas pudding by Firebox

***EXCLUSIVE*** A controversial new CBD-infused Christmas pudding is advertised as the best way to beat festive family stresses this year.  The 100 per cent legal dessert is made with 10mg of Cannabidiol oil, and its makers claim it will de-stress you if the big day becomes fraught. Firebox, the retailer behind the unusual treat, says even 'the most conservative relatives' can't object to 'you getting a hit of the calming green stuff' through the handmade pudding.  Apart from the cannabis oil, it is made with all the classic Christmas Pudding ingredients such as fresh vine fruits, sweet currants, sultanas and raisins.

Dramatic Icelandic ice cave images

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Peter Svoboda travelled to the ice caves over a number of years to capture the extraordinary changes that take place. The images are taken around the Jokulsarlon glacial lake and show both caves that no longer exist as well as those that have completely transformed. Peter Svoboda said My first visit to the ice caves was in March 2016 and this particular cave does not exist anymore. The temperature was around 4 degrees Celsius and it was difficult to take pictures as the ice ceilings were melting and drops of the water were falling on my lens. When I retuned in 2017 I was shocked to learn that the particular room in the cave had collapsed entirely. The images from 2017 show the same ice cave as that from 2018, but begin to highlight the huge difference between its shape when you compare them. I returned with my guide to the exact cave space in 2018, and I was told that the glacier front retreated more than 70 meters during the summer season. The ice cave rooms were completely different despite we were in the same one. The ceilings in the ice caves were up to 20 meters high, with the temperature in the spaces sub zero on Peter Svobodas subsequent visits.

Leopard has a nap with its kill up a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** A leopard takes a nap up a tree with its kill carefully stored on a nearby branch to keep it out of reach of scavengers.  The predator had successfully caught and killed a gazelle before it dragged it and carried it up the tree. Exhausted by its efforts, the tired female took a moment to rest and slept on a branch of the acacia tree, dangling a paw down as it snoozed.  If a leopard does not bother to hoist its kill into a tree, it risks losing its meal to hyenas and lions.

Bloody Syria

UN advocates are calling for the full protection of thousands of women and children currently being held in overcrowded camps across northern Syria and Iraq. They fear recent ongoing hostilities can further worsen the already dire conditions of this highly vulnerable group. Following the Turkish incursion into northern Syria last month, the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria reported that more than 100,000 people, mostly women and children with presumed links to ISIL fighters, are 'lingering in makeshift camps' in the region. Turkey halted its military inside Syria when it struck deals with the US and Russia for the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), who are considered a'terrorist group' by Ankara, to be moved 20 miles from the border with Turkey. The offensive faced international criticism over fears it could undermine efforts to prevent the Islamic State (ISIS) from returning in Syria and unleashing another humanitarian crisis in the already eight year long war. The Syrian Democratic Forces, were the USA's main ally in the battle against ISIL in Syria. US President Trump has faced domestic criticism for announcing a troop withdrawal that was seen as a green light for Turkey's cross border campaign against the armed group. The outcome, the refugees state, is a form of ethnic cleansing, an operation they see as intended in part to force out Kurdish residents and their sympathizers and replace them with Arabs loyal to Turkey.