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Mother who goes hunting up to eight times a month with her three children insists they 'love the adventure' - and says it's a better 'free and fun' hobby than being glued to screens

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum of three was still hunting to provide food for her family at NINE MONTHS PREGNANT and says her children „love the adventure” of it despite receiving DEATH THREATS from cruel trolls online. House painter and full-time mum, Lucy Rose Jaine (29) from Wanaka, New Zealand, first started hunting when she met her partner, Sharn. Lucy, who is against intensive factory farmed food, soon fell in love with hunting animals to feed her family as the meat is organic, sustainable and she knows that the animal has had a fulfilled life. Lucy and Sharn love the outdoors and go hunting between five and eight times a month and take their children, Indie (7), Kahu (4) and Daisy (5 months) along for the adventure, which they love. The family mainly hunt wild pigs but also hunt deer, chamois, tahr, goats, rabbits and wallabies to fill their freezer. Lucy estimates she saves approximately Ł150 (300NZD) per month through hunting animals for meat. Lucy, who was still hunting at nine months pregnant, shares her family’s incredible hunting adventures on Instagram under the handle, @hunting_lucyjaine, where she largely receives an overwhelming level of support from other women in hunting but unfortunately has been subjected to death threats from people who don’t understand her hobby.

‘Suicide disease’ left me in excruciating pain but I refused all painkillers to become a mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA: Being diagnosed with an intense pain condition known as „SUICIDE DISEASE” wasn’t going to stop this brave woman from becoming a mum as she refused pain killers to achieve her dream which left her in agony for months. Toni Lea Lawrence (33) from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, was a senior paralegal for 13 years but unfortunately, she was forced to give up her career after being diagnosed with a rare chronic pain condition affecting the trigeminal nerve. While she was at work in March 2010, Toni Lea was engulfed in pain and her left side stopped functioning. She feared she was experiencing a stroke, and when a colleague commented that her face didn’t look quite right, she panicked and she swiftly went to the GP surgery nearby. The doctor who saw Toni Lea thought she could have a brain tumour and sent her for an MRI. As her pain intensified, nurses gave Toni Lea pain medication after her scan to ease the agony. The intense pain is caused by a condition called trigeminal neuralgia (TN) which sees even minor facial stimulation trigger excruciating pain. It is unknown what caused the condition in Toni Lea’s case, and although it isn’t curable it can be manageable with daily pain medication. She explained that the pain can feel like a burning pain on her left side and as though her teeth are being pulled out by fishing wire. Toni Lea was distraught to learn that the pain medication would have a negative impact on her fertility, but after marrying her husband Kieran (32) in 2015, she couldn’t ignore how much she wanted to be a mum. Her longing brought her to the brave decision to wean off her pain medication so she could get pregnant  which fortunately happened in September 2016. The pregnancy was incredibly difficult as it heightened the pain, but she couldn’t take any pain relief to ease it, until immediately after the birth of the couple’s son Theo (2).

Conjoined twins from Cameroon successfully separated in France

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sisters Bissie and Eyenga Merveille—their family name is the French word for "marvel"—were born in Cameroon on November 6, 2018, joined front-to-front and partly sharing a liver, the hospital said in a statement. After the marathon separation in southeastern French city Lyon, which involved some 20 surgeons, doctors, and other medical experts, the girls were put into emergency care and said to be in a stable condition. They were brought to France for the life-changing procedure by the charity organisation La Chaine de l'Espoir. One of the girls has been diagnosed with a heart condition which will be operated on later, the charity said on its website. Rejected by the girls' father and members of her family, the twins' mother Mayah fled her town of Ayos to Cameroon's capital Yaounde some 140 kilometres (87 miles) away, where she and her daughters took refuge at a hospital where they lived awaiting the operation. 

The 'Ocean Community' responds to rising sea levels with luxury houseboats

These striking house boats aren't just stylish and luxurious - they could provide people with a better way to live in a wetter world. Ideally, humans would figure out a way from preventing the rise of ocean sea levels and its potentially disastrous effects on coastal populations. But if that doesn't happen, rising Polish designer Wojciech Morsztyn's ''Ocean Community'' concept offers a an alternative solution in a colony of live-in vessels that float no more than 800 meters off the coast of a city. Connected via walkways, the floating pods make for autonomous living, with the ability to store and filter water, channel airflow for cooling and harvest energy from the sun and wind. ''In the next 10 to 15 years, rising sea levels could bring irreplaceable changes to our environment. Ocean Community creates mobile domestic naval units and transforms the ocean into a habitable space,'' Morsztyn said of his design. ''The creation of these new structures will serve as fully functional living spaces connected with existing land infrastructure so that new ocean communities become a natural extension of coastal cities.'' Morsztyn imagines these structures creating small floating and sailing modules located 800m from the coastlines, close enough for everyday life on land. Each two-level pod runs off a combination of sustainable and electric energy and features panoramic views of the sea and coastline, neutral colour palettes and minimalist wood furnishings, making them a potentially lucrative property expansion for hotel and resort chains. Morsztyn imagines his concept being implemented by 2035 and says that with further investigation - and the time for the necessary technology to decrease in price - costings could be as low as £150,000 per unit. Ocean Community recently won a 2019 Red Dot Design Award by an expert jury in the area of design concepts.

Wuyuan fisherman turns to model

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographers take photos while Wang Libao, the ex-fisherman and current model, acts as a fisherman in Wuyuan county, Shangrao city, east China's Jiangxi province. Wang Libao, an ex-fisherman in Wuyuan county, now becomes a popular online celebrity, since he becomes a model chased by a group of photographers. The man who nearly went bankrupt due to his broken leg caused by a traffic accident now not only manages to find a way to earn his living, but also contribute to promoting his hometown, Wuyuan, which has a landscape dotted with strange caves, deep secluded rocks and numerous historic sites.

Woman who QUIT her job because she was 'too fat to work' at 17st halves her body weight after having a gastric sleeve - and has a new active role in a warehouse

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British woman QUIT HER JOB because she was TOO FAT to work but since almost HALVING her body weight she’s got her job and life back. Service assistant, Louise Nicola Hickson (28) from Luton, United Kingdom, attributed her weight gain to PCOS, depression, anxiety and binge drinking. Louise couldn’t keep up with family when out shopping, she was always in pain within five minutes of walking and was regularly getting sick with infections which she believes was due to the extra pounds she carried with her. On a typical day Louise skipped breakfast but ate bacon sandwiches with crisps for lunch and later she would eat carb heavy super-sized portions for dinner. She washed this down with high calorie cider and Chinese or chicken takeaways. Louise was reminded of her weight occasionally by her father Richard, who warned her that she didn’t want to end up with diabetes like him. Louise jumped on the scales and was mortified when she saw she weighed a hefty 17st and was also wearing a UK dress size 22. The extra weight took a toll on her energy levels and she had to leave a job. In February 2018 Louise had vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery (VSG) and afterwards she knew she had to change her relationship with food and alcohol. Now on a typical day she will have bacon, eggs, vegetables and high protein toast for breakfast, salmon or chicken salad for lunch and high protein low carb curries, Bolognese and roasts for dinner. Occasionally she will snack on low calorie fruit or a little chocolate from time to time. By April 2019 she had dropped an amazing 8st and now weighs 9st 1lb.

Marilyn Monroe's personalised army jacket and ID card have emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marilyn Monroe's personalised army jacket and ID card have emerged for sale for £80,000. ($100,000) The starlet wore the green woollen jacket which is covered in army patches during her famous visit to entertain US troops in Korea in February 1954. The name 'Monroe' is in white stitching above the left pocket, and there are black and white photos of her posing in the long sleeved 'medium' sized jacket. Monroe has signed it and a wealth of personal information is listed, including her date of birth, height, weight, hair colour and blood type. The items are being sold with Los Angeles based Julien's Auctions.

Former coal barge converted into luxury houseboat with three bedrooms and two bathrooms can be yours for £400,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former coal barge that has been converted into a stylish two storey houseboat has emerged for sale for £400,000. Liverpool 91 comes with its own tidal mooring in Gosport, Hants, which enjoys stunning breathtaking sea views across the Solent. On one side of the spot is Portsmouth - home of the Royal Navy - while on the other the Isle of Wight. It was transformed by the current owners around six years ago and they have lived on the vessel ever since.

Incredible collection of prehistoric animals preserved in AMBER go up for sale in the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of Jurassic Park-like fossilised amber containing 100 million year old insects has emerged for sale at auction. The 12 translucent lumps of the prehistoric resin date back to when dinosaurs walked the earth. At least five of the samples hold the perfectly preserved form of insects including a mosquito, a spider, a scorpion and a cockroach. In Steven Spielberg's classic 1993 film starring Richard Attenborough dinosaurs are reintroduced to the world by extracting their DNA from a mosquito preserved in amber.

Replica of Noah's Ark arrives at ABP's Port of Ipswich

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who has brought his €3m (£2.6m) Noah's Ark replica to the UK said he wanted to create a "talking point" for people from all backgrounds. The 70m-long (230ft) ship has been transformed into a floating museum housing wooden sculptures depicting Bible stories. Creator Aad Peters said the ship, currently docked in Ipswich, was an "emotional and cultural" experience for visitors, not religious. This is its first visit to the UK.

Siberut Islanders struggle with development threats to unique natural heritage

Madobag, Siberut Island, Indonesia: A Mentawai tribesman on his fully laden motorbike fords a river on the only trail connecting Madobag village with the coast. There are few vehicles, and most people walk due to the state of the trail which regularly washes out due to monsoon rains characteristic of this tropical region. Plans to build the trans-Mentawai highway are currently underway, but landrights along the route are being strongly contested by tribal residents.

Monkey looks suprised

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby monkey looks wide-eyed with amazement as it watches other monkeys swinging through the trees. Sat on its mother's shoulders, the seven week old baby appears in awe of the antics of other monkeys in the forest around her. Taken in the 62-acre Gaia Zoo, located in Kerkrade in the Netherlands, photos show the young red howler monkey taking in the world around him. Mouth open, the infant looks like he cannot believe what he is seeing in.

Bashful seal

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grey seal appears bashful as it shies away from the camera while lounging on muddy ground. The adult male covered its face with its flipper and turned its head away from the camera. However the seal, lying on a muddy salt marsh at an English coastal site, did appear to give the photographer a smile as it opened its mouth. These shots were taken at Donna Nook, on the low-lying coast of north-Lincolnshire, after the male seal came ashore to mate with females who were there to give birth.

Spooky trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** A forest of dead trees give an eerie presence as the sun sets behind them in Xinjiang , China. The trees called, populus euphratica are one of the very few that can live in the desert due to their strong vitality. The photos were taken in an area called "Devil Forest" near Shaya, Xinjiang, by landscape Photographer Kah-Wai Lin, 36, of New Jersey, USA. The Uygurs, who are native to the area, believe that the populus euphratica trees have a life span of 3000 years. They believe the trees live for 1000 years, followed by another 1000 years of standing after death and then last a further 1000 years where they will remain without rotting having fallen to the ground. Following a successful research career at Princeton University, Dr. Lin followed his passion and became a professional landscape photographer. To date, Dr. Lin has explored and photographed some of the most diverse and remote places in over 30 countries.