Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Woman has completed a historic feat of endurance - running 2,620 miles across the UK BAREFOOT

***EXCLUSIVE*** A super-tough adventurer has completed a historic feat of endurance - running 2,620 miles across the UK BAREFOOT. Anna McNuff set out from the Shetland Isles in June 2019 and, after 2,620 miles - the equivalent of 100 marathons - reached the finishing line. The intrepid explorer, who has previously cycled through all 50 US states and run the length of New Zealand, has been obsessed with running without shoes for a while now.

Couple sold their £350,000 home and took their two kids on a 51,000 miles, 13 country world travel tour

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple bored of the “9-5 working life rut” quit their jobs and sold their £350,000 family home to travel the world with their young kids. Stock market trader Andre Baldeo, 45, was happy and healthy but realised he was simply "going through the motions" rather than living life to the full. In a bid to show kids , Rico, 12, and Tiana-Mae, 10, there was "more to life than suburbia", he convinced wife Becky, 44, to uproot the entire family. They both quit their jobs, sold their belongings and bought a one-way ticket for an 18-month trip of a lifetime.

World's fastest tractor record

***EXCLUSIVE*** TV speedster Guy Martin has smashed his own record for driving a tractor at the fastest speed ever - more than 135mph. Fearless Guy drove the specially-designed JCB tractor at breakneck speeds, smashing the previous record, that he set earlier this year, by more than 30mph. Fastrac Two tractor was designed and built by a team of engineers in Staffordshire, and secured the title at Elvington Airfield, in York.

A globetrotting dynamic duo have set a remarkable new Guinness World Record - by visiting 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in just 24 hours

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tireless Chris Fletcher, 39, and Adam Leyton, 42, hopped on and off 36 buses, planes and trains as they traversed three countries and 1,200 miles. The pair made whistle-stop visits to iconic spots including Brussels' La Grand-Place, the canals of Amsterdam and the Tower of London.

A man has told he was hospitalised for three months and lost the use of his legs - after a PARASITE crawled up his penis when he was swimming in a lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Michael, 32, went swimming in Lake Malawi in southeastern Africa with pals two years ago, and had no idea a parasitic worm had burrowed into his privates. The worm laid eggs, which very slowly made him more and more ill - eventually making his immune system to go into overdrive, attacking his spine.

Wonders of Waste photo competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caught between a sea of green and brown plastic bottles, this picture of a recycling worker was shortlisted in a competition highlighting the fight against litter around the globe. The Wonders of Waste photo competition, organised by charity WasteAid shows some of the ingenious ways that recycling happens and how the industry can boost economies. Mohammed Rubel  from Bangladesh took the picture of the man amongst the bottles at a recycling centre.

Neon lights shine bright in this photo series called 'SynthCity', showing the glow of Tokyo's busy city centre

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning series of images shows one of the most high tech cities in the world looking like a film set from Blade Runner. Art director Zaki Abdelmounim used clever tricks of light to capture on camera a futuristic version of Tokyo that looks like a cyberpunk city. The Moroccan artist created 'SynthCity' by losing himself in the city’s labyrinth of alleyways to capture the bustling Japanese capital in a range of moody colours and tones.

Aerial image shows illuminated greenhouses in the Westland region of the Netherlands as part of a new experiment

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new experiment into how to feed more people by using less land to grow food has resulted in stunning images of illuminated greenhouses. With the United Nations' prediction that the world population will grow to 9.7 billion by 2050, innovative ideas of how to feed an increasing amount of people are being thoroughly looked into. Researchers in the Netherlands have created indoor gardens using LED lights and experimenting with temperatures and humidity to encourage the growth of crops all year round.