Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Wacky artist has raised thousands of pounds for prostate cancer charities drawing hilarious pop-culture inspired sketches - of PENISES!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A quirky artist has raised thousands of pounds for charity -- by sending sketches of penises all around the world. Meet the man who has sent almost 1000 penis drawings to people around the world - raising thousands for charity in the process.Graphic designer Brendan Pearce is the brains behind a thriving business dedicated to selling weird, wonderful and often hilarious drawings of penises. The 28-year-old from Brisbane, Australia, is the founder of the Send Your Friend a Penis Drawing website.


Woman flies all the way to South Korea to adopt dog rescued from being eaten

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This Londoner flew to South Korea to rescue a dog who had his BACK LEGS CHOPPED OFF for the meat trade - but she insists that HE has SAVED HER TOO. In June 2017, mental health worker and university student, Rafi Sahin (33) from London, UK, was searching for a rescue dog in the UK and contacted various charities, only to be told they had already been re-homed. One day she was reading an article about the Yulin dog meat festival in China which lead her onto a Korean organisation’s website called CARE who rescue dogs who survived the dog meat trade and fell in love with a Korean Jindo, called Jindol, who had his back legs chopped off. She called them up and immediately began the adoption process, which was a surprise to the founders of the charity as they thought his disability would put people off from adopting him. It took around six months of vaccinations, health checks and inspections before Rafi was able to pick him up. In January 2018, the adoption process was complete, and Rafi decided to travel to Seoul, South Korea to pick Jindol up and she moved him to the UK. Jindol has since adapted to his new life and she says his personality has changed dramatically. Rafi has two other dogs, a Husky/Samoyed crossbreed named Loki and a French Bulldog called Lyra, who get along with Jindol very well. When he was first rescued, he was filthy, thin and needed to be nursed back to health; the staff at the shelter bandaged his leg stumps for him to walk more comfortably. Once he was taken to London, Rafi took him to various amputation specialists and is now fundraising for him to undergo a bionic leg procedure so that he can live a pain-free life. Despite Jindol being rescued by Rafi, she says that having him has improved her life drastically and his journey has inspired her.

Wanted: Jack the ripper, the Ratcliffe Highway murderer and Winston Churchill! Extraodinarily rare wanted posters for Britain’s most notorious Victorian criminals

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the incredibly rare wanted posters for British criminals from the 19th and early 20th century. Many of the little-known images feature notorious lawbreakers who still capture the British imagination today such as the infamous Jack the Ripper; the scandalous wife-killer Dr Harvey Crippen; the mysterious Ratcliffe Highway Murderer and even future prime minister Winston Churchill. A fascinating image in the series shows how a Ł50 reward was offered for information about  the individual often considered to be LondonŐs first serial killer - the Ratcliffe Highway Murderer.