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Mother reveals she gets death threats and is accused of child abuse because she breastfeeds her two-year-old - and will let the toddler choose when to stop

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum-of-two has received death threats and been accused of abusing her children for practicing natural term breastfeeding which has seen her breastfeed her daughters on demand for FIVE YEARS but says no mum should feel ashamed of the act. Lactation consultant, Melissa Ostroth (34) from Toledo, Ohio, USA, always knew she would breastfeed her children after seeing her own mother breastfeed her brothers when she was a child. Melissa and her husband, Steve (34) have two daughters together, Emilia (4) and Wrenly (2) and she has been practicing natural term weaning, meaning she lets her children decide when they wish to stop breastfeeding. Melissa has been breastfeeding for five years with just a three-month break between her two daughters after her eldest self-weaned whilst Melissa was 20-weeks pregnant with Wrenly because she didn’t like the taste of colostrum. Melissa breastfeeds on demand, which can be anywhere between six to 10 times per day and she shares her journey on Instagram under the handle @milkitivity_. She hopes to be an inspiration to other mums to show them that they shouldn’t feel ashamed of breastfeeding their children past the age of one year. The mum-of-two has lots of likeminded followers on social media who support her message but she has been subjected to abuse from cruel trolls online who have sent her death threats, accused her of child abuse, told her she’s only breastfeeding for her own benefit and that she needs to cut the cord. Melissa, who has studied infant nutrition for four years, says the biggest misconception surrounding natural term or extended breastfeeding is that breastmilk declines in nutritional value as a child gets older, something Melissa says is not the case.

A festive miracle! Mother who was told one of her premature twins would die after they were born weighing less than 2lbs on 25th December prepares to celebrate their second birthday at Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORWICH, UK: This British mum was told to say goodbye to one of her PREMATURE TWINS who weighed just over ONE POUND on BOXING DAY – until she miraculously SURVIVED and her twins will be celebrating their THIRD BIRTHDAY this Christmas. Former care assistant and stay at home mum, Ellie Beales (24) from Norwich, UK, had a normal pregnancy until her contractions started on Christmas Eve 2017 at 6:30am. She had an infection which caused her premature labour as her twins were originally due in April 2018. In the early hours of Christmas Day during labour, doctors warned Ellie that both of her twins’ heart rates had dropped and she was forced to have an emergency c-section and they were delivered in the early hours of Christmas Day; Elsie was born at 4:26am and Evelyn was born at 4:27am. Evelyn and Elsie weighed just 1Ib 10oz and 1Ib 9oz respectively. They were both ventilated, but Ellie wasn’t able to hold either of them at this stage as they both had chronic lung disease and were diagnosed with bleeds on their brains. On Boxing Day, Evelyn had suffered a pulmonary haemorrhage in her lungs and she was also required to have laser eye surgery and a round of injections into her eyeballs due to having retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). By this point, doctors were unsure if she would pull through and suggested Ellie and her family say their final goodbyes. However, two days later Evelyn regained her energy and was labelled a ‘miracle’ for pulling through her ordeal. Ellie wasn’t able to hold Elsie for 17 days and Evelyn for 23 days after their birth and she admits that she never would have imagined being able to hold them both. Since they missed out on Christmas that year, Ellie and her partner, James (28), have since built up every other Christmas Day to celebrate their miracle twins’ birthday.

Pensioners strip off to show their ‘rude health’ in nude 2020 calendar

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of fearless London PENSIONERS are baring it all to raise money for Britain’s struggling older people’s services in a NUDE calendar. Incredible pictures show staff and volunteers of the Elders Voice charity posing naked to break the stigma attached to growing old. Husband and wife volunteers are pictured waltzing around a dayroom in the nude as a pianist looks on, whilst the charity’s handyman is captured giving a sink a closer inspection and the group of models sit down for a spot of tea. Other stunning images taken by photographer, Liam Young (32) show a man posing strikingly on the charity’s rooftop overlooking the breath-taking London skyline and a group of volunteers forming a musical ensemble with just a tambourine, guitars and a piano concealing their modesty. The models who are all staff, volunteers and service users of Elders Voice, a charity which provides support and social opportunities for older people over the age of 55 in the London Borough of Brent, have posed nude for its 2020 In Rude Health calendar, the proceeds of which will fund the charity’s services. The witty pictures aim to challenge stereotypes about age and getting older and how older people are represented in the media. Volunteer, Richard Downes was encouraged to get involved in the production of the calendar after his wife, Jean Bayliss, who also features in the calendar persuaded him to take part.


Footage of a group daredevil skydivers dancing and bantering with each other - whilst falling from THIRTEEN THOUSAND FEET!

***EXCLUSIVE*** This troop of fearless daredevils put your dance floor moves to shame as they are filmed performing stunts, dancing and bantering with each other - whilst falling from THIRTEEN THOUSAND FEET! Veteran skydiver Alex Krohmalny took the vertigo inducing footage over the Paradive Skydiving Centre in Israel. Alex and his thrill-seeking crew are captured demonstrating the kind of shapes you can throw while in free fall. The men are seen somersaulting, dancing and high fiving as they plummet towards the ground.

Size 32 woman sheds staggering 10st and looks like a totally different person

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British woman was placed on a diet at TEN YEARS OLD and felt so ashamed of her SIZE THIRTY-TWO shape she underwent gastric sleeve surgery and now she hopes to end the „TABOO” surrounding weight loss surgery. Recruitment consultant, Imogen Wilson (26) from Crawley, West Sussex, UK, grew up knowing she was heavier than most children her age but her weight started increasing from the age of eight years old and by the time she was 10, Imogen was placed on a diet. Over the years, Imogen lost her self-confidence, becoming increasingly ashamed of her figure and she lost hope of ever feeling „normal”. She was too scared to do anything social due to the crippling fear of anyone looking at her 25 stone frame which she tried to conceal under size 32 clothing. Imogen tried calorie counting but admits that she has always faced a losing battle with her weight, which led her to avoid travelling as she was afraid of sitting in a plane seat, and she refused to date. In early 2018, Imogen decided she’d had enough of shying away from life and she felt compelled to make a change, leading her to research weight loss surgery. She had previously feared weight loss surgery because she assumed, she wouldn’t be able to eat normally after, but upon looking into it she realised this wasn’t the case. In May 2018, Imogen paid Ł10K for a gastric sleeve and she has since shed an incredible 10 stone and she now weighs 15 stone, while her confidence has soared as she’s now able to go into shops and buy size 16 clothes.

Freezing flowers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bunches of flowers are transformed into fascinating pieces of art after they are encased in blocks of ice and plunged into a lake. Photographs of the unusual work show a variety of flowers including lilies, orchids and poppies housed in the blocks which have cracked. Artists Bruce Boyd and Tharien Smith froze the plants for three days after carefully arranging them in plastic boxed filled with water. After the ice blocks formed, the South African couple submerged them in rivers and lakes as the sudden change of temperature causes the ice to fracture, creating fascinating patterns.

Squirrel reaches for nut

***EXCLUSIVE*** A daring red squirrel risks plunging headlong into a pond as he tries to retrieve a nut he has dropped. The rare rodent had to make three attempts before he was able to stretch out and grab the brown nut which was floating on the surface.

Eventually he was able to seize it in his mouth and return to the safety of the bank. The intrepid rescue was captured by amateur photographer Lisa Clubb.