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World's best fashion photos around the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** This incredible set of photos show some of the world's best fashion photos showing models in stunning locations around the world. Over 20,000 photos were entered into Agora's competition called The World's Best Photos of #Fashion2019. The photos were submitted in a bid to be crowned the #Fashion2019 Hero and bag the $1,000 prize money.


The 2020 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar has arrived for the seventh and final year - and it is as sexy as ever!

***EXCLUSIVE*** The hilarious and undeniably saucy NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar is here, for the seventh and final year. The humorous calendar was launched in 2014 as a fun creative project by husband and wife duo Shannon Kirkman, 35, a photographer, and Phil Kirkman, 37, a writer/director. The Brooklyn-based couple wanted to make people laugh while celebrating the drivers’ contributions to NYC life. “When we started this project, its sole purpose was to make you laugh. But that quickly evolved as we met and formed relationships with the drivers,” said Phil.

Beauty in the USSR! New book chronicles the architectural legacy of the Soviet Union in Russia

***EXCLUSIVE*** Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev gave a speech in 1954 declaring his undying love for CONCRETE. The Soviet Union leader declared that EVERYTHING in Russia should be made out of concrete, and so it came to be. Fast forward 65 years, and many people believe socialist architecture to be ugly, but one photographer is attempting to reveal the beauty in what the USSR built in an upcoming book. Arseniy Kotov, 31, has created stunning images for his impending book „Soviet Cities: Labour, Life & Leisure”. Kotov has travelled to hundreds of Russian cities in the past three years and is still planning to visit more.

New invention could spell the end for uncomfortable plaster casts - a waterproof, lightweight and breathable alternative that can be worn to bathe, exercise and even swim in the ocean

***EXCLUSIVE*** The foul smell, itching and discomfort of wearing a plaster cast could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a savvy new invention from the USA. Chicago-based startup Cast21 have created a waterproof, lightweight and breathable alternative that can be worn to bathe, exercise and even swim in the ocean. The patented design is constructed from a wide mesh sleeve filled with two liquid resins, which are molded into the correct position for each patient.  The new orthotic device has a space-age look, and even comes in a range of vibrant colors.

Ranger, the German shepherd with dwarfism who will remain a puppy forever

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ranger is two-year-old purebred AKC German Shepherd who has „Pituitary Dwarfism” meaning he retains his puppy-like appearance much longer than is normal for his breed.  The canine cutie was diagnosed with the rare condition - which German Shepherds are predisposed to- after he contracted a parasite called Giardia.  After recovering from the infection his owners noticed Ranger wasn’t growing at the same rate a German Shepherd should so they took him to their vet who surmised that little ranger may have the Pituitary Dwarfism mutation.  As a side effect of his dwarfism the poor pup has contended with various health issues including shedding fur and flaky skin caused by hypothyroidism.  With the unconditional love of his owners and some help from his legion of online followers Ranger was able to get all the treatment he needed and has now made a full recovery from all his health issues.

It is possibly the ultimate symbol of status and success: a £50,000 Italian-made luxury saloon car with a rose gold metallic wrap, personalised number plate - and its own Instagram account

***EXCLUSIVE*** This Maserati Ghibli has an owner as unconventional as it is: a hot-shot entrepreneur who is on course to be a millionaire by the time he’s little older than 21. Businessman Gurvin Singh had his first taste of fame in May 2019 when the student-turned money-maker was raking in thousands of pounds a month trading on the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market. Just six months on and Mr Singh is celebrating his first £100,000 month, with his various business interests having grown to see him earning a mint from Forex, a number of training courses he’s established, and some other ventures too.