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Photo of Billy the Kid playing cards with his gang - just the second known picture of the notorious gunman - is set to fetch $1m at auction after family of fellow outlaw Billy Wilson decided to sell it

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hands Up...if you want to buy this almost unique photograph of notorious gunman Billy the Kid. A remarkable photograph showing wild west gunman Billy the Kid (2nd left) playing cards with his gang has emerged for sale for almost £800,000. The black and white wet collodion tin type image is thought to dates back to around 1877 and is only the second confirmed image of the notorious American outlaw to be known of. It shows him wearing a top hat sat around a table with three members of his gang - L-r Richard Brewer, Fred Waite and Henry Brown - all of whom were wanted men.

Princess Diana's iconic blue velvet evening gown, which she wore to dance with John Travolta at the White House, goes on sale for £350,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The one that you want...Princess Diana's iconic 'Travolta' dress she wore as she danced with the actor at the White House has emerged for sale for £350,000. She looked resplendent in the Victor Edelstein blue velvet evening gown at the state dinner hosted by President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy on November 9, 1985. Footage of them dancing to music from his hit film Saturday Night Fever went around the world, with John Travolta describing the experience as 'like a fairytale'. The gown held a particular appeal for Diana as she wore the dress for her portrait by Lord Snowden, just months before her tragic death in 1997.

"Calorie-free" food art looks good enough to eat

Boynton Beach, Florida,  Stanford Slutsky, (born 1941 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American artist and sculptor, known for his unique giant-sized food themed realistic sculptures. The self-taught artist said, he was inspired by a summer job, driving a Good Humor Ice Cream Truck in the summer of the mid-1950s. Stanford Slutsky’s is a full time working artist and his evolution  has led him to a larger-than-life exploration of food, one of our most basic needs. Not just any food has captured his fancy. His art is original and one of a kind as he harnesses the innocence of youth in the form of various sweets. People of a certain age have fond nostalgic memories of  his ice cream dessert bars, realistic-looking frosted donuts, box’s of chocolates and other sweet things. Slutsky's hyperrealism pop art food sculptures are larger than life. By enlarging the size of these snacks and desserts, the artist similarly enhances the viewer’s craving for them and they are calorie free. ”Walking into the home studio of Stanford Slutsky is like walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory”, the giant-sized hyper-realistic art on the wall looks good enough to eat.

Medieval ring found Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest tipped to sell for £50,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A medieval ring found by a metal detectorist in the heart of Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest is tipped to sell for £50,000. Mark Thompson unearthed the gold ring in the Nottinghamshire woodland made famous by the legendary outlaw. The ring that contains a sapphire gemstone would have belonged to someone in the upper echelons of society in 15th century Sherwood. It is the sort of bling Robin Hood would have taken from the rich to give to the poor.

Woman, 22, reveals shocking photos of half-missing skull after hit and run crash

***EXCLUSIVE*** These shocking X-ray pictures shows a young woman who had a large part of her skull removed after she was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing. Steph Blake, 22, suffered traumatic injuries, including brain swelling, when she was knocked down by a vehicle that failed to stop.She was left in a coma for 19 days during which time doctors had to remove a large chunk from the top of her skull due to her brain swelling. And her injuries also meant she was unable to take up a job offer to become a cabin crew member for easyJet.

You could own a Ford Granada driven by the Queen Mother that Princess Diana rode in for just £6,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A humble Ford Granada car that belonged to the Queen Mother has emerged for sale for £5,000. The everyday estate car was leased by the Royal fleet in 1983 having been made by Ford a year earlier. It is unclear what regal duties it was used to fulfill but it was driven regularly by the Queen Mum, covering 19,000 miles in Royal service.

Desert camel train

***EXCLUSIVE*** A camel train is led along giant sand dunes at sunset, leaving a trail of prints behind them. Accompanied by two herders they venture through the Kumtag Desert, which is part of the much larger Taklamakan Desert, in Xinjiang, China. Landscape photographer Kah-Wai Lin stood on higher dunes to capture the images. The critically endangered Bactrian camels stand at around 7ft tall, and unlike other the more common Dromedary variety, have two humps. The Taklamakan desert is nearly 125,000 square miles in size, making it one of the largest sandy deserts in the world, and was an important part of the Silk Road - a network of trade routes that connected large swathes of the planet from the second century BC to the 18th century. Dr Lin, 36, from Malaysia, said: "Because the pictures are in a section of the desert that was historically a part of the Silk Road, they reflect what has happened in the past."

Colourful cloth drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of multi-coloured sheets of cotton are delicately laid out to dry under the blazing heat. The patchwork of purple, pink, blue and orange stretches towards the horizon after workers unfold hundreds of metres of freshly-dyed cloth. The field, in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, is packed with the bright sheets which will be used to create traditional women's dresses. Cotton cloths ready for dyeing are plunged into water before wax is used to create stunning multi-coloured Batik patterns. Once dried, the vivid sheets of cotton are taken to a local wholesale market where buyers purchase in bulk ready for customers. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie said he felt "amazing" when he captured the colourful cloths from the air with a drone after six hours admiring their patterns. The 32-year-old, who lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh, added: "I loves colours and there is lot of different colours with patterns. Thousands of cloths were there."

Burrowing owl scares off stork

***EXCLUSIVE*** A burrowing owl opens its wings and stands off against a nearby stork. Photographer Marta Demarteau captured the moment the typically cute animal retaliated to being threatened by giving off loud shrieks and this defensive stance at the Diessens Broek Nature Reserve, Netherlands. The 38 year-old said "In Diessen the owls will mostly stay outside during the day, so they can dig, walk, rest and fly out in the open. In other words, they can still use their natural imprinted instincts and show their natural behavior. The burrowing owl likes to dig in its burrow, alone, without interruption.” “In the image one of the burrowing owls at the nature reserve comes to a stand-off with a common stork that is also living there and came too close to its liking.“ Marta Demarteau is a volunteer at the Diessens Broek Nature Reserve and said "The burrowing owl felt threatened, so it had two options: dive down the burrow and wait out the supposed danger, or to fluff itself up to a size that could make an impression along with high shrieks. The owl decided to get big and loud!” “The action only lasted for a few seconds. The stork eventually decided to make a detour around the owl."