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Couple who sold their house and business to live on the open road in a converted school bus say they'd rather DIE than go back to their old lives

***EXCLUSIVE*** This successful couple SOLD EVERYTHING to live the bus life and narrowly escaped BANKRUPTCY on the way but they say they would rather DIE than go back to their old lives. Content writers, Tawny McVay (34) and her husband Michael (31) from Billings, Montana, USA, had a family gym business, a three story house and a nice car but they weren’t happy. After watching a bus life renovation video in Spring 2018, they started to do a little bit of their own research on tiny homes on wheels. Just two months later they put their home on the market and sold almost everything they owned including their family business. They found buyers for their business and home but both fell through after they’d bought their bus. This put them in a very difficult position. Struggling to make ends meet, they had to live with family for six months and Tawny and Michael were a week away from bankruptcy. Finally, in December, 2018 their house and business were squared away and they could look forward to living life on the road. They call their bus Oliver and he is a 2004 RE International school bus which they found at a local company which cost £3,900 ($5,000) and renovations set them back £11,700 ($15,000). In May 2018, the McVays made their dreams a reality and excitedly moved onboard full time.

Brit pilot snaps stunning photos on his work trips – and the jetsetter has even won awards for his shots

***EXCLUSIVE*** A high-flying British pilot has combined his love of aviation and photography by taking a huge array of stunning snaps across the world. The incredible images include staggering aerial shots of the metropolis of Hong Kong, exquisite captures of Sri Lanka?s iconic Nine Arch Bridge, and a sun-dappled Lombard Street in San Francisco. The remarkable photos were all captured by long haul pilot, Lee Mumford (32) from Berkshire, UK, who has spent much of the last five years flying to every corner of the globe, working as well as chasing the perfect photo.

Meet the Australian couple who sold all their belongings to live on the road in a BUS with their two children - and what's inside the vehicle will amaze you

***EXCLUSIVE*** After the birth of their TWO YOUNG CHILDREN this couple decided they ‘DIDN’T NEED MONEY’ and sold EIGHTY PERCENT of everything they owned in favour of life on a BUS. Wanderluster, Jed Harris (38) and baby sleep consultant, Marthe Rovik (37) from Australia met in Norway when Jed was on a working holiday visa. When the visa ran out the two travelled Australia together for two years before getting married on the beach in Western Australia in October 2010. After a few years of travelling the love birds had their first child, Ellida Olise Harris (4) and then two years later they had their second daughter, Embla Eli Harris (2). Since having Ellida, Jed and Marthe had both been searching for ways to make money online so they could spend more time together as a family. Ultimately, they realised they were already sitting on a lot of money. The two sold about 80 percent of everything they owned, including their home and most of its contents for about £21,453 ($40,000 AUD). They learned to become minimalists and when Embla was born they were ready to live a life of freedom on the roads of Australia. The bus they purchased was an former 60 seater 1998 MAN bus for £5,364 ($10,000 AUD) which they found at a local transport yard in Margaret River just south of Perth, Australia. Renovations took 18 months to complete and cost around £21,453 ($40,000 AUD) and Jed continued working full time while also doing the renovations. Finally, on August 13, 2019 the family of four moved into their dream home.

Giant carbon footprints at Whitby Bay Beach, England

Whitby Bay Beach, United Kingdom: Giant footprints appeared in the sand on Whitby Bay Beach, England, illustrating the carbon footprint of electric vehicles compared to petrol and diesel cars. The artwork, commissioned by EDF Energy, showcases how the collective „carbon footprint” of petrol and diesel cars on UK roads is FOURTEEN times what it would be if all those vehicles were to switch to electric by 2030.

A heartbreaking postcard sent by a British WWI soldier to his sweetheart 18 months before he died on the Western Front is to be reunited with his ancestors after a social media appeal

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heart-breaking postcard sent by a brave British soldier to his sweetheart as he headed for the Western Front in WW1 is to be reunited with his descendants after a social media appeal. The card was posted by Lance Corporal Thomas Folkes, 21, to his girlfriend 'Flora' just shortly before he was deployed to France. The postcard - which features a man and woman kissing behind a parasol - contained a simple message to Flora asking whether she was well and finishing with a poignant 'goodbye.' Tragically L/Cpl Folkes from Bedfordshire was killed just 18 months after and it is not known whether he had any further contact with her.

Overweight CEO and mom-of-two who was in constant pain and couldn't even shave her LEGS because of her size loses 160LBS in a year after getting life-changing gastric sleeve surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** ATWATER, CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman’s weight had gotten so out of control that she could BARELY BEND OVER TO SHAVE her legs until a gastric sleeve helped her lose a whopping ELEVEN STONE in a year – but she insists she still had to put the work in. CEO, Nicole Church (32), from Atwater, California, USA, who has two children, Jaden (9) and Kinsley (4), is a former cheerleader turned business entrepreneur. Once Nicole stopped the cheerleading she did as a teenager, she started to notice that she was gaining weight. Having a hectic career running her own businesses meant that Nicole relied on takeaways, buying ready meals and she didn’t have time to exercise. By the time she hit 30, Nicole was 22st 7lb and a UK size 28 and despite always portraying herself as very professional and confident to those around her, Nicole knew there needed to be a shift in her lifestyle that would solidify her confidence mentally. On the inside, she felt old, struggled to find clothes to fit her and would become exhausted shaving her legs in the shower. Nicole met with her doctor and they both decided that to jumpstart her weight loss journey, a vertical sleeve gastrectomy would be best, reducing her stomach to the size of a banana and she was booked into surgery in August 2018. Thanks to surgery, Nicole is now a super-svelte 11st 1lb and UK size 10 and she’s more confident than ever. Some people may look upon this surgery as a ‘quick-fix’ solution, but Nicole mentions she has met people who thought the operation would do all the work for them but didn’t realise that the body still requires the right food and vitamins for it to be a success.

A biscuit tin of a double-decker bus which was kept in a kitchen cupboard for decades turned out to be a rare collectors’ item and sold for more than £3,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Huntley & Palmers tin had been gathering dust for 25 years after its owners, a retired couple, tucked the object away in a cupboard and forgot all about it. When the couple moved house they discovered the colourful red and cream tin and took it to an antique valuation event to find out about its history. They were left stunned when experts revealed it was a 1929 prized collectors’ item and was worth thousands of pounds. The 90-year-old biscuit tin doubles up as a clockwork double decker motor bus destined for London's Liverpool Street complete with passengers and driver. The vehicle features pictures of a sassy set of 1920s London commuters together with the driver and a Huntley & Palmers advert for Breakfast Biscuits. It was expected to sell for around £1,000 but it eventually fetched £3,100 when it went under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers on Tuesday (19/11).

Extreme close ups of insects

***EXCLUSIVE*** Extreme close-up photos reveal the bizarre alien-like bodies of tiny insects which are no larger than a piece of rice. Seen in such detail, the creatures' huge eyes and hair-covered legs can make them look like nightmarish monsters. The vibrant colours, and armour-plated skins of the flies and weevils in these macro photos are rarely seen in such detail. Javier Ruperez, who is a specialist in 'extreme macro' photography, said: "It is a technique that allows us to view an unknown world that we live amongst every day.

Tens of thousands of sticks balance on bikes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tens of thousands of sticks are bunched together and precariously balanced on the back of tricycles as they are transported across a town. Workers stacked the huge piles of jute sticks around them, leaving just enough room to sit on the vehicles' seats.The material, which is bunched in piles up to 10ft high, is held together by strings and passengers can be seen perching on it next to the drivers.The jute sticks were being transported into Kushtia, Bangladesh, where they are loaded into trucks and sent off to factories to be turned into chipboard.

Workers sorting through thousands of tomato fruits

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers painstakingly sort thousands of tomato fruits into wooden boxes at a warehouse at Inle Lake, Myanmar.Photographer Nguyen Huu Thong, 32, from Vietnam said: “Once rotten tomatoes are removed from the piles the rest are packaged into wooden crates and exported to nearby states where they are sold at markets and to companies who make tomato sauce.”The tomatoes are gathered from farmers fields and brought straight to this warehouse, hence the variety of colours seen here.

Gardner surrounded by pots

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gardener planting colourful flowers is surrounded by thousands of empty plant pots in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar. Curious as to why all of the flowers seen at gardens are all at the same stage and stunning, government officer Aung Ya went behind the scenes to observe the process at the National Kandawgyi Gardens. The 35 year old said from Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar said “To get the beautiful flowers you see on display at the garden, the gardener plants them and lets them blossom in advance before moving the ‘adult’ plants to the garden area.” “The gardener is mixing soil and fertiliser in with the plants, and since it is behind the scenes there are around 5 to 10 gardeners planting thousands of plants into the pots.” “That is the magic of gardeners.”