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Photographer takes incredible up close and personal pics with massive great white sharks

***EXCLUSIVE*** GUADAELUPE: A British photographer has spoken out about getting up close and personal with great white sharks - even building a ‘connection’ with ocean’s apex predators. Exhilarating photos include an epic close up with a sunset glinting off a great white’s imposing black eye; a shark ‘grin’ as it’s just inches away from the unflappable underwater photographer’s lens; and a huge shark showing off its fearsome array of razor-sharp teeth. The exceptional images were captured by Euan Rannachan (34), a London-born photographer who now lives in California, who has spent much of 2019 getting intimate with massive sharks off the coast of Guadalupe Island, the westernmost point of Mexico.

Students at Cambridge University ask for 17th century artwork of a fowl market to be removed from college dining hall because it was putting vegans off their food

A Cambridge college has removed a 17th century painting from its dining hall because it offended vegans. Hughes Hall received complaints from students who said the painting, depicting a pile of dead animals, was putting them off their food. The Fowl Market, from the studio of Flemish artist Frans Snyders, features a striking collection of animals, including a boar and deer, caged hens and game birds strung up on hooks. It had been on long-term loan from the university’s Fitzwilliam Museum. A source close to the university’s Fitzwilliam Museum, which had loaned out the painting, said yesterday the college wanted to show ‘sensitivity’ to those that ‘do not enjoy eating meat’. They said there was ‘no agitated situation’ but simply the college had realised it was ‘not the most appropriate’ painting for the hall.

Metal detectorists who kept £3million Viking treasure haul found guilty of theft

***EXCLUSIVE*** George Powell and Layton Davies dug up about 300 coins in a field in Eye, near Leominster, Herefordshire, in 2015. They did not declare the 1,100-year-old find, said to be one of the biggest to date, and instead sold it to dealers.  They were convicted of theft and concealing their find. Coin sellers Simon Wicks and Paul Wells were also convicted on the concealment charge.  During their trial at Worcester Crown Court, Powell, 38, of Newport, and Davies, 51, of Pontypridd, had denied deliberately ignoring the Treasure Act, which demands significant finds be declared.  Just 31 coins - worth between £10,000 and £50,000 - and pieces of jewellery have been recovered, with the majority of the hoard still missing.  Experts say the coins, which are Saxon and believed to have been hidden by a Viking, provide fresh information about the unification of England and show there was an alliance previously not thought to exist between the kings of Mercia and Wessex.

Traditional bamboo car game in Indonesia

Lembang, Indonesia: A resident glides at high speed from the top of the track on a bamboo car in Batu Lonceng Village, Lembang. The traditional game is a hereditary tradition held during the growing season holidays as well as entertainment to villagers.