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Gran has such a crippling fear of cats even pics and songs to do with felines scare her

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has told how she struggles with everyday tasks due to her crippling fear of CATS. Jean Diffenthal, 55, cannot be near or even look at photos of furry felines without panicking – she even avoids the pet food aisle in case she spots them on tinned food. The grandmother-of-two is so afraid of moggies that she avoids watching certain TV programmes or adverts in case one pops up. Jean pays her relatives to put their cats in a cattery when she goes home to visit to avoid seeing them.

Mattel unveils streetwear-inspired "BMR1959" Barbie collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** In celebration of Barbie‘s 60th anniversary last month, Mattel released a special collection, dubbed “BMR1959,” of the classic doll dressed head-to-toe in outfits inspired by streetwear culture. Both and Barbie and Ken get trendy makeovers in streetwear staples such as logo puffers, hoodies and chunky sneakers. “BMR1959” is printed in various graphic forms throughout the outfits.

Dizzying heights - astonishing new book showcases the world’s megacities from above

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the awe-inspiring images of the world’s megacities - taken from high in the air. A new book released by photographer Ryan Koopmans entitled „Vantage”, features some of the world’s most breath-taking views. Ryan spent ten years travelling all over the world to capture some of mankind’s greatest triumphs. The 33-year-old has travelled across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America for his epic book. His pictures showcase stunning architecture in places like Dubai, Singapore, London, South Africa, Rotterdam and Chicago.

This is a moment a boat load of whale watchers got an interaction that they’ll never forget as a mother gray whale and her calf swam over to them to say hi

***EXCLUSIVE*** The stunning footage shows an adult gray whale swimming with her calf near a panga boat in the waters of the San Ignacio Lagoon on the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. The two soon become curious of the boat and swim over to investigate, the whale watchers on the boat react with pure delight splashing in the waters and petting the whales. The whales are clearly loving it too, the calf somersaults in the water while the mother rolls on her back and floats under the boat showing off for the amazed whale watchers

Tesla's Cybertruck

California, USA: The Tesla pickup truck is here. Tesla Cybertruck is similar to other full-size pickups at 231.7 inches in length. That's where the comparisons and similarities end. The exterior design is so different than anything else that it hardly even resembles a pickup. Just look at it. The ''Cybertruck'' name makes a bit more sense now. It hardly looks like a production vehicle at all, much more concept-like in style. It uses 1-3 electric motors among three different powertrain options. The single-motor rear-wheel drive version will hit 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and has a range of 250 miles. This base truck will be able to tow 7,500 pounds and has a payload rating of 3,500 pounds.