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Drunk nurse, 22, plunges 40ft from fourth floor window of Florida apartment onto concrete but miraculously SURVIVES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Megan Heidgerd posed in denim hot pants in the photograph taken five hours before she blacked out and plummeted over 40ft from her roommate’s bedroom window.  Megan, 22, landed on the concrete patio of her apartment building’s swimming pool in Pensacola, Florida, USA. She broke her right foot and knee, sliced open her left leg and sustained head injuries which required 20 stitches. The hospital worker, from Cheshire, Connecticut, blamed the horror fall on mixing her prescribed Prozac medication with liquor and believed she was going to die as she plunged to the ground.

Bible from Gutenberg's printing press to be auctioned off

Hamburg: An employee of Ketterer Kunst, a Hamburg art auction house, leafs through a volume of a Bible from Gutenberg's printing press, which is auctioned off in an anniversary auction of valuable books. The Biblia latina from 1462 by Johannes Fust and Peter Schöffer, the direct successors of Johannes Gutenberg, is worth one million euros and has a circulation of 75 copies. (to dpa "Valuable Bible will be auctioned - estimated price one million Euro").

Babysitter, 39, reveals her horrific injuries after her friend's Siberian husky savaged her face and arms in a brutal 45-minute attack

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum Rachel Anderson, 39, was looking her friends children last Boxing Day when dog attacked.  The massive animal locked its jaws on her face, before pulling her to the floor and dragging her into the kitchen.  It savaged her arm for 45 minutes while mum-of-two Rachel screamed in agony, fearing she'd never make it out alive.  It was only when one of the children STABBED the hound with a knife on the counter she was able to get free - and call police who shot the dog dead, she claims.  Former hairdresser Rachel needed nearly a dozen operations to repair the gaping wounds, and surgeons feared they'd have to amputate her arm, she claims.  But the limb was saved when medics sewed it INSIDE her stomach for four weeks to get new skin to grow back.  Nearly a year on, police have dropped the case but Rachel can't work and is still receiving treatment for her injuries, and unable to use her right hand properly.

Mummified LION CUBS up to 5,000 years old go on display after being found in Egyptian burial ground alongside cats, crocodiles and a mongoose left for the gods

Up to five mummified lion cubs as well as several crocodiles, birds, a mongoose and cats have been discovered in Egypt.  Items from the new find were displayed at a makeshift exhibition at the famed Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, south of Cairo, near where mummies and other artefacts have been found in a vast necropolis. Archaeologists frequently find mummified cats but the recovery of a lion is rare. In 2004, the first lion skeleton was found in Saqqara, revealing the sacred status of the animal in ancient times. 

Woman born with 20 toes, 12 fingers says neighbors call her a 'witch'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has told how her neighbours think she is a witch - because she was born with 19 toes and 12 fingers. Kumar Nayak, 63, from the Ganjam district in Odisha, India, who was born with the defect, has no money to fund her treatment and is forced to stay inside her residence due to her more than usual number of fingers and feet which are reminiscent to that of an elephant. 

Brain tumour patient, 25, is left with one side of her face PARALYSED after surgery to remove the growth 'caused her to have a stroke'

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: Londoner diagnosed with a brain tumour at EIGHTEEN underwent BRAIN SURGERY that caused a STROKE and left her with facial paralysis – despite originally being told the tumour was ‘nothing to worry about.’ Finance officer, Samantha Taylor (25) who is originally from Bromsgrove, UK, but moved to London in 2017, experienced her first dizzy spell when she was 14, but it was considered a one off despite it happening again a year later.  Unfortunately, by the time Samantha was 18, dizziness was a monthly occurrence which would often wake her up in the early hours. The regular frequency of dizziness became concerning so Samantha had an MRI which revealed a mass in her brain measuring 18mm.  Samantha was told it was nothing to be concerned about and that it was likely just found by coincidence. Following this, Samantha had MRI scans every six months between 2013 and 2014, and then annually until 2016, and then she was supposed to have one final scan in October 2018 before being discharged. By 2018, Samantha would wake up in the night to a head rush, spinning walls and she had nystagmus, the involuntary movement of her eyes. In December, Samantha was told that the tumour in her brain had grown to 22mm, much to her surprise because she believed that as she was due to be discharged, the chances of the tumour growing must have been minimal. Samantha was told that her dizziness was due to vertigo, but now she insists that it was caused by the growing tumour in her brain. The mass was successfully removed in June 2019, but doctors think that a possible stroke during surgery left her with facial paralysis and a weaker right side. A biopsy confirmed that the mass was a pilocytic astrocytoma which would have continued to grow had it gone unnoticed. While doing physiotherapy to recover movement in her face and strength in her right side, Samantha started her Instagram page, @beautybrainuk to raise awareness so other patients can avoid being discharged when their health is still at risk.

Stunning collection of original hand-drawn animations from classic Disney movies

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vast collection of original hand-drawn animations from classic Disney movies has emerged for sale at auction. Nearly 300 lots have been put up for sale with animation drawings, original concepts, layouts and storyboards among the most appealing items. It is believed the group is the largest collection of original hand-drawn Disney animation ever offered in a single auction.

The time capsule cottage: Photographer captures eerie pictures of abandoned house with oil lamps, 60s wallpaper and coats hanging by unmade beds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A long-abandoned Welsh cottage is a melancholic reminder of what life was like fifty years ago. Remarkable photos of a forgotten house buried deep in rural Wales show a charming stone cottage being slowly reclaimed by nature. Inside the property is a time capsule of mid-20th century fashions – including a turquoise green bathroom suite, peeling brown and orange patterned wallpaper, and a fascinating array of trinkets and oddities that are sure to spark memories of a visit to your grandparent’s house. Urban explorer and photographer The Elusive, who prefers to remain anonymous, stumbled across the dilapidated property by mistake whilst trekking the Denbigh Moors in North Wales.

Will the New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond live up to the standards of the world's most famous secret agent?

***EXCLUSIVE*** After the success that followed OMEGA's limited edition James Bond timepiece, the Swiss luxury watchmaker returns with a special Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond Limited Edition Set. The set, which will only release in a quantity of 257, is comprised of two unique watches inside a Globe-Trotter suitcase.

Weight loss: Mum with postnatal depression who piled on pounds after kids dropped 7st & finally feels confident

***EXCLUSIVE*** SUTTON IN ASHFIELD, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UK: This British mum-of-two has lost almost SEVEN-STONE in less than a year after ditching her TWENTY-ONE cans of fizzy pop a week habit and has overcome postnatal depression and for the first time in her life says she loves herself. Mobile hairdresser and mum-of-two, Samantha North (27) from Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, struggled with her weight all her life and was picked on at school because of it, with bullies calling her ‘fatso’ and ‘Mrs Blobby’. After giving birth to her first child, Jack (5), Samantha started to pile on the pounds and snacked on sugary foods like, chocolate bars, bags of sweets, donuts and crisps throughout the day to give her short bursts of energy and could never be bothered to cook a proper meal which saw her weight reach 17st 8lb and a UK size 22. Samantha never drank water and instead would have three cans of fizzy pop a day to keep her going, it wasn’t until after the birth of her second child, Olivia (2) that Samantha’s mental health declined. She struggled with postnatal depression, had no energy and didn’t feel excited by life anymore and was fed up of her routine. Worried that her children would pick up on her habits of skipping meals and keeping themselves going with sugary snacks, Samantha made the decision to lose weight and after searching on social media found a personal trainer who helped her with nutrition and exercise. In the space of a year, Samantha has lost almost 7st and is now a slender 10st 13lb and UK size 10 to 12. She’s happier than she’s ever been, she has the energy to run around after her kids, loves clothes shopping because she knows that she will find items that fit and can finally say that she loves herself. In October this year, Samantha took part in a sexy photoshoot she won in a competition, taking part was a terrifying prospect at first but thanks to her weight loss, her confidence shone through.

Blenheim Palace unveils its spectacular Alice In Wonderland-themed festive decor - complete with a Mad Hatter's tea party and giant playing cards

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britains only non-royal Palace has been transformed into a sound and light fantasy vision of the famous Lewis Carol Victorian novel, complete with a real life Alice to show the visitors around. Sir Winston Churchill's birthplace has been decked out with its own rabbit-hole corridor, hall of mirrors and pool of tears. Its famous long library is the scene of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, while White Rabbit can be found in the sitting room. 

Gripping war diary of pint-sized soldier who became First World War hero after joining special Bantam regiment for people below 5ft 3ins goes up for sale 100 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** The heroics of a pint-sized soldier who was part of the so-called Tommy Thumb Regiment can be told over 100 years later after his gripping war diary went up for sale. Since Captain Angus McKenzie Forsyth was under 5ft 3ins he fell below the British Army's minimum height requirement in World War One. However, such was the necessity to recruit men to fight in the trenches, special 'Bantam' units were formed for vertically-challenged Tommies Men who measured between 4ft 10ins and 5ft 3ins were eligible. 

Quill pen with which Nelson wrote his poignant, unfinished last letter

***EXCLUSIVE*** The humble quill pen with which Nelson wrote his poignant, unfinished last letter on the Victory has emerged for sale for £12,000. Two days before the Battle of Trafalgar, the British naval hero sat down at his writing desk in his cabin and poured his heart out to his lover Emma Hamilton. He expressed his intense love for her and their daughter Horatia, stating how he hoped to finish the letter after the battle. But it was not to be as Nelson was shot and killed by a French sniper while masterminding of one of Britain's greatest victories. The trimmed 8ins long goose quill pen, which was taken from Nelson's writing desk by Captain Sir Thomas Hardy, is being sold with auction house Christie's, of London. 

A silver cigarette case which saved a Derbyshire soldier from a bullet in the First World War sparked a tense battle between internet and rooms bidders at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The dented and damaged silver cigarette case was unearthed by Derbyshire’s Hansons Auctioneers - and an ageing note tucked inside revealed its secret. It read: „This silver cigarette case was given by my mother to my father during the 1914-18 war. He carried it with him in the trenches in his breast pocket where it was struck by a spent bullet. He was unharmed - JE Lytle’. The emotive object together with bravery medals awarded to Derbyshire-born Sherwood Forester Second-Lieutenant William Alexander Lytle sold for £1,850 to a private UK buyer bidding in the saleroom at Etwall, Near Derby. Second-Lieutenant William Alexander Lytle, who earned a Military Cross for bravery at the age of 21, was given the cigarette case by his wife, Bertha Elizabeth Lytle. The pair married in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, in October 1916. Adrian Stevenson, militaria expert at Hansons, said: „It’s a fantastic auction result and well deserved. This is an important historical item which helps us learn how soldiers coped with the grave dangers faced in the trenches in the war to end all wars.” 

Flying through the air like an acrobat, this red squirrel is leaping for its favourite food – hazelnuts

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures were taken in the Scottish Highlands by wildlife snapper Andy Howard.  After spotting the nuts, the squirrel had made its way along a log before launching itself through the air to land on a table where the food was.  Andy, 49, specialises in photographing wildlife found in the Cairngorms and surrounding areas.

Brave bird swoops onto capybara

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave little bird swoops in to land on the snout of an unsuspecting capybara. The 'Brazilian cleaner bird' then examines the giant rodent's fur for ticks, which it feeds on.It makes for a mutually beneficial relationship between the capybara and the bird - also known as a cattle tyrant - as it rids the 4ft-long mammal of the insects.

Salt lake ponds in San Francisco from the air

***EXCLUSIVE*** As water evaporates under the hot sun, these salt ponds are transformed into a beautiful patchwork of deep, earthy colours. Green, crimson, and orange hues are formed by the different microorganisms that reflect differing levels of salt in each pond in San Francisco, California.

Hippo bursts through water in front of photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hippo bursts out of the water at the Chobe National Park in Botswana. Photographer Neal Cooper, 54, from Pretoria, captured the moment the huge beast appeared from beneath the water during a photographic safari. Neal said, "We were cruising down the river looking for photo opportunities when it happened. The hippo's often do this when they are startled by passing boats."