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Wand-erful weekend getaway: Harry Potter fans can now stay in cottage where wizard was born

Lavenham, Suffolk, United Kingdom: If you used to fantasise about living among wizardkind and one day receiving your Hogwarts acceptance letter, you can now live out your dream in Harry Potter’s childhood home. While it doesn’t promise a run-in with He Who Must Not Be Named, Muggles can now rent the cottage where Lily and James Potter lived with their son before they were killed. The home, which is available to rent on Airbnb, is not actually located in Godric’s Hollow, but rather the village of Lavenham in the English county of Suffolk. And although it is not really where the Potters lost their lives protecting their only son, the De Vere House is famous in its own right - as it used to be a former Five Star and Gold Award bed and breakfast. The listing itself is for just two guests, who will stay in a private one-bedroom room with a shared bathroom, a private sitting room and a courtyard garden for £110.

Robot cat companion smashes crownfund goal

A robot companion for you cat that allows you to interact with it from anywhere in the world has smashed its crowdfunding goal. Ebo is equipped with a HD camera and mic to beam live video and audio by wi-fi via the Ebo app. It can even make „facial” expressions thanks to digital eyes and has cute add-ons like a tail, hats and feather-like attachments for your cat to play with. The device has so far seen £158,750 pledged of a £3,978 goal (as of 25. When owners are busy, Ebo comes to life on its own and keeps cats company. It has multiple functions like rolling, spinning, dancing, and even flashing a built-in laser pointer. Ebo knows how to interact with each cat differently, as it’s able to analyse behaviour and react to different moods. It then mimics real-life actions, so cats feel like they’re playing with a living friend. The user and Ebo can understand more about their pet thanks to the activity collar. You simply put it on the cat and check the app to monitor activity much like you would a Fitbit. This also gives Ebo valuable information such as when to leave your cat alone (if its sleeping or being lazy). When Ebo needs a charge, it returns to its dock automatically. It’s completely independent, so all owners need to do is plug in the dock and let Ebo get to know its new furry friend. Ebo is extremely durable and resistant to the most rambunctious roughhousing from frisky felines.

Gold and diamond necklace Napoleon reputedly gave his Polish mistress has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extravagant gold and diamond necklace Napoleon reputedly gave his Polish mistress has emerged for sale for £12,000. The lavish piece of jewellery is thought to have been a gift from the Little General to Maria Countess Walewska in 1810. The receipt it was sold with reveals it was purchased on May 4, 1810, just six days before she gave birth to their lovechild. Experts believe this could have been a present to mark the arrival of Alexandre Joseph. At the time, the adulterous Frenchman had only just married the Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria.

John Lennon's psychedelic dressing gown has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Lennon's psychedelic dressing gown has emerged for sale for £15,000. ($20,000) The Beatles star owned the vivid red paisley-patterned robe in around 1967, while he was living at Kenwood in Weybridge, Surrey. He gave it to his trusty housekeeper Dot Jarrett when he moved out the following year as a 'token of his appreciation'. Jarrett's family, who have kept hold of it for the past 51 years, are now selling it with US based RR Auction.

Victims of their time: Haunting 19th century mugshots show Victorian criminals who faced months of hard labour for stealing bread, oats and socks

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the haunting mugshots of Victorian criminals – who could face months of hard labour for stealing bread. The recently unearthed photographs reveal the brutal punishment reveal the brutal punishments that were dealt to Victorian teens for petty offences – which would barely warrant a police caution in Britain today. The images, which originate from Oxford Gaol, Oxford were taken between March 1868 to May 1870 when the concept of photography was still relatively new. In the 19th century, Oxford Gaol was a prison reserved for the some of the poorest members of society driven into crimes such as theft and fraud largely through desperation. And Victorian Society put great stress on hard labour as a means of crushing the spirit of inmates forcing them to amend their ways.

Is this crazy stunt a BRIDGE TOO FAR?

***EXCLUSIVE*** The trio of stuntman known as the „Dunking Devils” have been filmed performing an insane range of stunts on an inverted Russian Swing. Matev Pogaar 26, Maks Veselko, 28, Gasper Novak 26, Janidar 22 are all professional acrobats and stuntmen with the Dunking Devils team. They are seen jumping from the gigantic Russian swing suspended from under a railway bridge in in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The trio perform a multitude of intense acrobatics and are pictured diving, swinging and flipping into the Sava river below.

A black-and-white ruffed lemur tries to grab a photographer's camera by dropping down from a tree by it's tail

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a cheeky lemur hung upside down and tried to grab a camera from a photographer who was trying to take its photo. Photographer Luca Bracali, 54, was "really surprised" when the black-and-white ruffed lemur attempted to snatch the camera from his grip. The funny photo which was taken in Andasibe National Park in Madagascar shows the animal staring directly down the lens while hanging upside down from a tree.

Extraordinary exploits of a hero officer who was part of legendary rearguards at Dunkirk & Arnhem

***EXCLUSIVE*** The extraordinary exploits of a hero officer who was part of legendary rearguards at Dunkirk and Arnhem can be revealed after his bravery medals emerged for sale. Regimental Sergeant Major William 'Bill' Gilchrist, of the Irish Guards, took out a German tank which was advancing towards Dunkirk, causing it to explode into flames. He stayed at his post until all his ammunition had run out and his anti tank gun jammed from over-firing. During his defiant stand, Sgt Maj Gilchrist was shot three times through the helmet. But he refused to retreat despite relentless German machine gun fire. Sgt Maj Gilchrist was also part of the relieving force which came to the aid of the Allied airborne divisions who captured 'The Bridge Too Far' in the Netherlands in September 1944. His medal group, including a prestigious Distinguished Conduct Medal, is being sold by his family with auction house Spink & Son, of London. It is expected to fetch £5,000.