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Woman, 31, who married a 63-year-old man says people ask if he's their baby's GRANDFATHER

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman turned down an invtation to TOUR THE WORLD to be with her partner who is THIRTY-TWO YEARS older and says he is like her ?human Valium? - although strangers frequently mistake him for her FATHER. In 2017 business owner, Emma Thomas (31) from California, USA, was just coming out of an abusive relationship when she met auto shop owner, John Planas (63) from Quezon, The Philippines, who would console her and comfort her. She felt an instant attraction to him, and even though he gave her his number to call him, she decided not to pursue him as she was afraid of what people would think due to their age gap. However, a few months later, she was with a friend who wanted to buy a packet of cigarettes, so they went into a casino that was nearby. As she went inside, she bumped into John again by chance and decided not to let the moment go by. They began dating and fell in love quickly and one day she invited him to a punk rock band concert. The main singer, who knew Emma, approached her and invited her to tour with the band so they could be together, but she decided against it as she felt a connection with John. From that day their relationship became serious and in November 2018, they both spontaneously proposed to each other, using rubber rings from a car as engagement rings. They got married on April 1, 2019, and have since welcomed their first child together, Anneliese, who is now three months old.

London chapel transformation

***EXCLUSIVE*** NOW THAT’S DEDICATION: Designer spent TWO DECADES converting this London chapel into the perfect home – and now it could be yours for just £3M. Complete with its own pulpit, majestic stained-glass windows, and Latin frieze, the reincarnated chapel is God’s gift to those seeking a unique piece of architectural excellence within half an hour’s commute of central London. A fusion of modern styling and historical sympathy, where glass balustrades meet hand crafted antique wood panelling, the four-bedroom house has been a Labour of love for acclaimed  interior designer Peggy Prendeville (64) who has spent the last two decades creating her ‘best piece of work to date’.

Biggest storm in the solar system will live to die another day: Astronomers claim that reports of Jupiter's Great Red Spot demise are 'greatly exaggerated'

***EXCLUSIVE*** The biggest storm in solar system will live to die another day, according to new research. Scientists have found reports Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is dying to be „greatly exaggerated.” The storm, which is bigger than planet earth, has been visibly shrinking since it was first observed over 200 years ago. Professor Philip Marcus at the University of California, Berkeley said: „The shrinking of the clouds of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter has been well documented with photographic evidence from the last decade.”

Man who lost 20 stone in 12 months gets himself an 'amazing' girlfriend

***EXCLUSIVE*** Darren 'Dibsy' McClintock hit the headlines last month when it emerged he'd lost half his entire body mass since embarking on an epic weight loss journey last year.  The 28-year-old's no nonsense personal trainer banned Dibsy from local takeaways in a bid to turn his life around after doctors warned he was "eating himself to death".  The Middlesbrough man has now revealed he's in a relationship with a trainee nurse called Jade, 28, who got in touch with him after following his progress online.  The pair exchanged messages over Facebook before going on their first date, at a bowling alley, in August and becoming an 'official' couple a month later.  Overjoyed Dibsy, 28, said: "Jade is such an amazing girl. She's so caring and is really supportive of my weight loss and what I'm doing.  "The two of us just click and get on so well.‚

Woman battling anorexia says girls' trip saved her life

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young woman has told how a girls' trip to Magaluf saved her life when her friends noticed her anorexia - which had stopped her periods and caused her hair to fall out. Chloe Frame, 20, became so determined not to eat that she feared even using toothpaste would cause her to put on weight. At the height of her illness, Chloe weighed just six stone - and would eat one meal of 500 calories a day, while doing 25,000 steps to burn them off. Her periods stopped and her hair began to fall out, and she was only sleeping two hours a night.

Teenager ‘so happy’ after pet moggy returns home after ten years missing

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenage girl was reunited with her runaway cat who "wandered off" almost a decade ago - and was found living less than a mile away. Isobel Thatcher had barely started school when her beloved black cat Max disappeared. The youngster, now 14, was shocked to discover her pet was not only still alive, but being fed by an elderly woman within walking distance of her home. The teenager said: "It's the best thing to happen to me all year - it's a Christmas miracle."