Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Forget the Hairy Bikers and meet the FURY bikers!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rocket is a dog who loves nothing more than cruising down the open road on a motorbike with his owner. The three-year-old Shiba Inu named Rocket after a character from „Guardians Of The Galaxy” began training to ride a motorbike with his best friend and owner Chance McBride when the adorable dog was only 5 months old. After a head injury and a move away from a majority of his friends and family Chance from Colorado spent a majority of his time riding his beloved motorcycles in solitude. Finding his furry little co pilot has been a fantastic emotional boost for Chance and now the pair are virtually inseparable and ride everywhere together.

Mum conceives third set of twins in a row beating incredible odds of 700k-to-one

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother-of-two has defied the odds to conceive a second consecutive set of twins without IVF - with no history of multiple births in her family. Incredibly this is the third consecutive twin pregnancy Chelsea has had in the past seven years but tragically she miscarried her first set of twins at just eight weeks. About a year later the mum fell pregnant with her second set of twins, non-identical Max and Louie, who are now five years old. The 30-year-old mum and her husband, Mark Hadfield, 36, then decided they wanted to add one more to the brood but were left gobsmacked when a scan at 13 weeks revealed she was pregnant with another set of two.  Now the family of four will become a family of six in May next year.  Speaking about when her and Mark, a labourer, found out the news, Chelsea said the idea of another set of twins was actually already in the back of her mind.   She said: "When I was pregnant with the boys, I didn't have any symptoms, I felt fine all the way through - it was the perfect pregnancy.”

Britain’s most festive pub called The Gingerbread Inn - decorated with 60,000 dazzling Christmas lights and a giant beer bottle snowman

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain’s most festive pub has been decorated with 60,000 Christmas lights and a giant 22ft snowman made out of beer bottles to become The Gingerbread Inn. The Queen Victoria Inn in the middle of the Cotswolds has undergone a magical transformation to celebrate Christmas. The quaint boozer in the small village of Priddy, Somerset, has been covered in an incredible display of festive decorations to raise money for a children's hospice. It features 5,000km of wiring, some 60,000 bulbs and took four people eight days and more than 240 to install.

Brain bleed while I was pregnant nearly killed me and my unborn twins — now I’m disabled and suffer memory loss

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum-to-be told her family she was pregnant with twins - then woke up from a coma hours later to discover she'd had the babies and was now disabled. Carly O'Loughlin, 33, and husband, Jon, 36, fell pregnant and waited until their holiday to tell loved ones. But when they returned home from the break the next day Carly went to bed with a migraine and just ten hours later Jon found her fitting on the bathroom floor. Carly was rushed to hospital still fitting - forcing doctors to deliver twins Roxy and Rae 14 weeks early by C-section.

Mum 'back to normal' just three days after giving birth at home - thanks to pole dancing

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum claims she was "back to normal" just three days after giving birth at home - thanks to pole dancing. Georgie Baddley, 26, took up the exercise regime two years ago after struggling to shift the pounds following two births. She fell in love with pole dancing - losing more than 5st - so when she fell pregnant again she vowed to keep shimmying up and down the pole as long as she could. Breastfeeding supporter Georgie was still pole dancing - albeit with an enormous belly - when she was 39 weeks pregnant.

British baker makes raw turkey that is actually a delicious cake

United Kingdom: Just in time for Thanksgiving / Christmas - a plump raw turkey, that is actually a CAKE. British baking genius Sarah Hardy has created the horrifyingly beautiful sweet treat in time for the holiday season. But despite the unappetising appearing, Sarah says the cake is delicious to taste. She explains „It was made as a surprise for my family at Christmas and it certainly worked. Someone even got angry at the idiot who left raw turkey on the beautifully laid table!” Although it looks rather unpalatable, it is made with a citrus drizzle sponge and basted in a zesty syrup. That and the marzipan mean it is rather tastier than it looks. It's funny how many people are revolted by it. I just find it funny. „I am often asked why I didn't make it look like it was cooked - but where is the fun in making something tasty look like something tasty? I rather like that it is both repulsive and attractive - mischief maker. I used to be a sculptor and a wax-work figure maker for museums and now I am a food artist making weird and wonderful things in my shop The Edible Museum (www.ediblemuseum.com); mostly human hearts and brains, beetles and toads. My toads sold out at Fortnum & Mason for Halloween this year.”

„Even a snowman’s better than no man!”: Outrageously politically incorrect vintage Christmas adverts reveal how guns, hoovers, toothpaste and weighing scales were touted as the perfect gift in the mid 20th century

***EXCLUSIVE*** As the world’s biggest brands continue to unveil their show-stopping Christmas commercials, we look back at some of the most outrageous festive adverts of yesteryear which pedalled everything from handguns to ironing boards. Whilst these year’s heart-warming John Lewis and Tesco Christmas commercials have had many of us feeling sentimental, these vintage holiday adverts from the mid twentieth century have quite the opposite effect. Many of these seasonal adverts reveal the sexist marketing strategies used by advertising executives of years gone by - and show how products like weighing scales, hoovers and even toothpaste for bad breath were cruelly promoted as gifts for women at Christmas. A 1958 Colgate Dental Cream commercial shows a young woman declaring that „Even a Snowman’s better than no man!” when she is unable to bag a husband because of her bad breath until she is gifted the brand’s toothpaste.

Hollywood memorabilia auction

Superman’s cape and Bilbo Baggins’ tobacco pipe from the original Lord Of The Rings film are among a trove of Hollywood memorabilia going under the hammer. Nearly 500 items, from Hollywood’s “Golden Age” up to modern blockbusters, will be up for sale at an auction in Beverly Hills next month. One of the most recognisable superhero costume pieces in the history of cinema, Superman’s cape, is the headline item from the auction. Worn by the late Christopher Reeve in 1978’s Superman, it is one of six original capes made for and used in the film, according to organisers Julien’s Auctions. It is estimated to fetch between £78,000 and £156,000.

A roll of NAZI-themed loo roll which pokes fun at the Third Reich and Hitler has sold at auction for £160 - making it some of the most expensive toilet paper ever

***EXCLUSIVE*** A roll of NAZI-themed loo roll which pokes fun at the Third Reich and Hitler has sold at auction for £160 - making it some of the most expensive toilet paper ever. The 20 sheets, which were thought to have been produced in the 1930s, were put up for sale after being discovered in a barn and attracted worldwide interest. The tissues are each imprinted with an image of a Nazi caricature - with one picturing Adolf Hitler with the caption: 'Now I'm brownshirt all over'. Another features a large German general with the wording: 'No power on earth can wipe us out'.

The cyst covered kidney removed from a patient in India - the world’s largest kidney ever recorded

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kidney weighing 7.4 kg, which was claimed to be the world's largest till date, was surgically removed from the abdomen of a 56-year-old Delhi resident at a city hospital, a doctor said on Monday. "While a normal human kidney weighs between 120-150gm, this kidney equalled the weight of two newborn human babies," said Dr Sachin Kathuria, urology consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here. It took a two-hour surgery to remove the organ, the dimensions of which were 32 x 21.8cm. It had occupied almost the entire abdominal cavity of the patient. The patient suffered from a genetic disorder, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), in which fluid-filled cysts develop in both kidneys. This leads to swelling and renal failure. ADKPD later requires renal transplant.

British Airways and Aston Martin release limited edition sports car that honours the Concorde

In British Airways centenary year and on the anniversary of Concorde’s final flight, the airline is proud to announce a partnership with Aston Martin, with a limited-edition sports car that honours the supersonic aircraft. The luxury British car manufacturer has created the DBS Superleggera Concorde Edition. Launching in October 2020 each vehicle will feature titanium from compressor blades that were used across British Airways’ supersonic fleet. Each model will have a unique CAA.

A pair of newlyweds ditched the professional cameras and had their entire wedding day shot exclusively on a smartphone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Holly Eeles, 26, and James Sherris, 34, were married on 16th November, at Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa, in Windermere in the Lake District, and had an intimate and classic winter wedding with 70 close guests. But rather than using a professional DSLR camera on their big day, photographer Ian Weldon used a smartphone instead. Weldon, dubbed ‘the coolest wedding photographer in the world’, was challenged to create wedding-ready images which showed the real story of the couple’s day using only a P30 Pro smartphone. He said: “In most instances, photographers would have at least two cameras, multiple lenses, and lighting equipment. “But having shot Holly and James’s wedding exclusively on the P30 Pro, I can safely say it is also possible to capture an entire wedding on a smartphone.

Talented baker has made an incredible almost life size sculpture of her pet beagle Poppy - out of CAKE!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A talented baker made a nearly-lifesize sculpture of her pet beagle - out of CAKE. Anna Dillon, 51, has turned her hand to celebrity caricatures including actor Sylvester Stallone, and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, and makes the portraits out of Victoria sponge or Madeira cake. The mum-of-one, who has been making themed cakes for nearly six years, competes in baking shows around the UK as a hobby. She was inspired to make a cake model of her puppy, Poppy, aged eight months, showing the beagle with her ears flying as she leapt through the air.

A shopper was left shocked after unwrapping this chocolate Santa - and finding it had a chocolate WILLY

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jason Greaves, 28, picked up the £1 festive treat from his local Tesco last week. He unwrapped the hollow chocolate treat, but when he smashed through the front he noticed an unusual penis-shaped splodge inside the bottom half of the chocolate. He called over partner Candice, 19, and the pair giggled before taking a few pictures.