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A cutting-edge 'social' robot recently on the cover of Time Magazine is to hold BINGO lessons for OAPs in a British care home as part of a study

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stevie the robot was designed to keep people company and is so advanced he was named one of the inventions of 2019. Now the robot designed by a team from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, will be going into Reflections day centre in Camborne, Cornwall. There he will keep the elderly company and will even be leading bingo sessions to keep the residents involved, entertained, and engaged. Recently back from a visit to the States, Stevie has been placed into the care of experts from the University of Plymouth’s Centre for Health Technology. Dr Conor McGinn, assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, said: “This pilot is the start of an exciting new relationship with the University of Plymouth.

EuroMillions winning builder, 42, ‘on the verge of a heart attack’ after £105m win

A builder admitted he was "on the verge of a heart attack" when he realised he had scooped up the £105million EuroMillions jackpot. Steve Thomson, 42, and his Slovakian wife Lenka, 41, are overjoyed they can upgrade from their three-bedroom terraced house with their three children - and one has already asked for a Tesla. Steve, from the village of Selsey, in West Sussex, said he "started shaking" when he realised he won the lucky dip on Friday. The self-employed builder, who has been playing the lottery regularly for 25 years, said: "I started shaking a lot. I knew it was a really big win but didn't know what to do. "I think I was on the verge of having a heart attack."

Icons & Idols: Film Prop Auction

Julien's Auctions, the world-record breaking auction house, has announced its star-studded event ICONS & IDOLS: HOLLYWOOD to take place on December 16, 2019 at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills and live online. This year end extravaganza offers over 400 items taken out of the vault and production archives of Hollywood's greatest films from the Golden Age of Hollywood to today's modern and new box office classics as well as important artifacts, rarely seen or coming to the auction block for the first time. The top coming attractions on the auction marquee are two original iconic props with tremendous provenance that were featured in two of Hollywood's biggest film franchises of all time: The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the original Superman starring Christopher Reeve.


The £5m Doughnut House: kid's imaginative dream homes are brought to life as digital renders

A group of British children have put their imaginations to the test and drawn their dream homes with their ideas then brought to life as digital renders. Children aged 4 to 10 years old from all over the UK were asked by website Bankrate UK to create their perfect house as a fun way to remind adults that planning their first home doesn't have to be all stress, and that when it comes to hopping on the property ladder, it can help to think outside the box. An estate agent from Andrews then provided valuations for each of the eight incredible houses. The expert estate agent from Andrews 7 fantastical creations selected.

A baby boy has been dubbed Mowgli after the Disney Jungle Book character by his adoring parents - thanks to his thick mop of black hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Oscar Jones' hair was so long sonographers spotted on the scan before he was born, estimating it was already 1cm long. But parents Sara Morris, 36, and Joshua Jones, 29, were blown away when 7lb 8oz Oscar was born with an astonishing 5cm of thick jet black hair. His locks were so flowing he needed his first haircut at just eight weeks, and his mum gets stopped in the street by admirers who notice his long mop.

„Diamond” holdout village at Guangzhou CBD

As the last village resist to move outside of the central business district in Guangzhou city, Xian village is nicknamed as 'Diamond village,' because once the residents agree to move, they would receive a large amount of money plus several houses as compensation. By now, there are still over 262 families and 143 units refuse to sign the contract. The dilapidated Xian village forms a sharp contrast with skyscrapers around at the center of Guangzhou, one of China's super city.

Fish sauce making

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tens of thousands of freshly caught anchovies are laid out to dry as part of a traditional process to make fish sauce. The fish and the trays holding them created a sea of silver after they were placed together on raised railings. Aerial photographs show workers tending to the anchovies as they underwent the essential drying process underneath the hot sun. The anchovies were boiled and fermented in a salt solution before they were laid out in a small fishing village next to the ocean on Phu Quoc island, Vietnam.

Otter playing with tree bark

***EXCLUSIVE*** A playful otter entertains itself by playing catch with small pieces of bark that it has torn from a tree. It can be seen laying on its back, repeatedly tossing the piece of bark up to 7ft up in the air, and impressively, catching it in its mouth. The peculiar behaviour of the adult otter caught the attention of photographer Lawrence Homewood while he was at British Wildlife Centre, near the village of Lingfield, Surrey this weekend. Lawrence, 50, is from East Grinstead, West Sussex.