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Incredible moment boy with severe cerebral palsy walks for the first time - despite doctors warning he’d never be able to

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the incredible moment a boy with the most severe type of cerebral palsy walks for the first time following life-changing surgery. Bleu Greenwood has just taken his first steps at the age of four after being born with stage five cerebral palsy which causes severe limb spasticity and left him unable to use them. Bleu Greenwood was born with stage five cerebral palsy which causes severe limb spasticity and left him completely unable to use them. He also suffers from epilepsy, sleep apnoea and has a weak immune system, making him more susceptible to infections. Bleu has already been hospitalised for multiple chest infections, pneumonia, the staphylococcus infection and sepsis twice. He was originally one of twins, but sadly the other baby didn't make it. Bleu's condition means that he cannot walk, talk or feed himself and has to be cared for by his parents around the clock. In January of this year he was given a feeding tube, which he uses for all meals, liquids and medications. But even though life is incredibly tough for this remarkable little boy, his mum says he is very happy and never stops smiling.  His family fundraised for an operation, which was not available on the NHS. It helped reduce the effects of the condition on his limbs. He is using a specially-adapted walker.


The ultimate busman's holiday! Stay in a renovated 1960s double-decker bus from £139 per night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Take the ultimate busman’s holiday with this quirky accommodation contained inside a renovated double-decker bus in Wales. Incredible images show the blue bus from the outside with a porch area, the surprisingly spacious interior featuring a living area and kitchen on the ground floor. A dining area and toilet is also available downstairs while on the upper deck there is a large double bed and windows provide spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The vintage 1964 Leyland Titan double decker bus has been renovated into a vibrant glamping location that sleeps up to six. The converted bus is located at Ceridwen Centre, an organic farm that offers a number of unique lodgings, such as converted barns, yurts and even a cool eco pod.

Rare 19th century images reveal what the first Ku Klux Klan members really looked like

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wearing fake beards and pillow cases for masks, these are the little-known haunting images which reveal what the first Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members in the 19th century really looked like. Extraordinarily rare photographs - taken in the 1860s and 1870s - show Klansmen dressed in early examples of the terrifying hooded costume that would become infamous with the hate group in the early twentieth century. By the 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan had become so powerful that members could mail-order their infamous trademark white robes in an official catalogue. However these unearthed images show how the very first Klansmen had to fashion their own bizarre costumes, hats and masks to frighten the public.

A man has converted the front of his house into a Christmas themed concert by configuring 2,000 lights to flash in time with festive songs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nick Wright, 47, has spent many hours across four weeks setting up his amazing Yuletide display at his home on Malham Road, Stourport.  However programming every light on the house, each individually controlled by a computer network, took three months of hard work.  The now align perfectly with a playlist of 14 Christmas songs, that have a rock style twist, and can be heard from the street.  Nick, a barrister in his day job, says he has spent £5000 importing various lights and gadgets from the United States and China in order to put on his own stunning show.

Eerie photographs of Turkish ghost town - where citizens were death marched out from their homes

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the eerie photographs of an abandoned ghost town where the unfortunate citizens were persecuted from their homes by genocidal maniacs. Kayakoy in Western Turkey was once called Livissi, a Greek name, as it was home to thousands of Greek inhabitants. They had lived there for hundreds of years as part of the multi-cultural Ottoman Empire, before the new Turkish government began a genocide against all Greeks living in Turkey during the First World War.

Woman lost a stunning 125lbs after her late grandfather begged her to lose weight on his deathbed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A waitress shed 125lbs [8st, 9lbs] after her grandfather begged her to lose weight on his deathbed. Jessica Reid, 25, tipped the scales at a staggering 284lbs [20st, 2lbs] when she heard her granddad Robert Cross’s dying wish. The veteran, who passed away at 95, urged his granddaughter to drop the weight and get in shape. The waitress, of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, said: “His dying wish was for me to get in shape and to be in good health.”