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Woman, 20, discovers headache and flu symptoms are caused by FIVE brain tumours which spread from a mole she had removed a year earlier

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO, USA: Teenager who had a cancerous mole removed was astounded when what seemed like the flu a year later turned out to be caused by FIVE BRAIN TUMOURS. McKennah Carter (20) from Colorado, USA, had the shock of her life when she was diagnosed with stage one melanoma aged just 17, following the removal of a cancerous mole from her back. Once it was removed, she hoped that was the end of her experience with the wretched disease and she was told she wouldn?t have to worry about cancer again. A year later, McKennah started to experience flu-like symptoms and relentless headaches which she initially assumed were down to pushing herself too hard. After a month of the symptoms, McKennah went to the hospital because she started to become suspicious that there could be a more sinister cause. Doctors were initially baffled as to why a seemingly healthy teenager would have these intense symptoms for such a prolonged period, so they did an MRI of McKennah?s brain which made the shocking discovery of five brain tumours. McKennah was stunned by the news but she was immediately sent for a CT scan and a biopsy which showed that the cancer had spread to her liver, lungs, bones and lymph nodes. McKennah was subsequently diagnosed with stage four metastatic melanoma and she started immunotherapy and radiation straight away. As her health swiftly deteriorated, McKennah recalls laying in a hospital bed and realising that she could resent the circumstances she found herself in, or she could be hopeful, and she firmly believes that after choosing the latter, her health started to improve because her mindset was positive.


Santa School opens to new batch of Father Christmases

Future Father Christmases have been put through their paces at the 23rd annual Santa School. The annual event, hosted by the Ministry Of Fun at Southwark Cathedral, teaches performers how to be the perfect Father Christmas and covers a range of Santa subjects. Pupils at the school are taught how to wish children a happy Christmas in a variety of languages as well as getting a crash course on the most popular toys of the year. There is also a lesson in the history of Santa and tips on how to embody the most festive of roles. The actors on the course go through roleplay scenarios so they are ready to answer queries from children they meet while making public appearances. In the past, Santas who have graduated from the school have gone on to make appearances at locations including Harrods, Selfridges and Legoland.

Some of the world's most breath-taking landscapes have been captured in a stunning series of images for a prestigious photo contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than 25,000 photos were entered into Agora's 'The World's Best Photos of #Landscape2019' and 50 finalists have been selected.  The photos were submitted in a bid to be crowned the #Landscape2019 Hero and bag $1,000 prize money.  One photographer from Vietnam pledged to donate part of any prize money to a ferryman he captured in a mesmerising picture.  The photo, by @anhtrungqng, features a ferryman pushing his empty boat to fetch passengers to take across the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, Vietnam.

A pensioner who lives near a school has been invited in for lunch with pupils every day - to stop him feeling lonely after the death of his wife

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cyril Aggett, 86, said he has struggled with a lack of company since the loss of his wife Shirley six years ago. The acute pain of being on his own hit him straight after he closed his front door following her funeral. The granddad lives near school gates and when realised they had not seen him about as usual and they gave him a call - to see if he was OK.

A teddy bear that „joined” the British Army and travelled in an M10 tank destroyer as the Allies liberated occupied Europe during the Second World War has been unearthed

***EXCLUSIVE*** The toy with an „amazing story” has been languishing in a loft for around 40 years. But now the teddy which was at the Battle of the Bulge, took part in the Allies’ victory parade in Berlin in 1945 and doubled up as a soldier’s pillow is set to be auctioned. Its owner Tom Matthews, 76, a retired aircraft technician from Stafford who is married to Mo, 75, said: „We have no children, no one to leave the bear to. I’d hate him to end up in a skip during house clearance because someone thinks he’s just a scruffy old bear. He’s seen and done a lot of things - more than most people. I want someone to buy him who will look after him and share his story. Thanks to its provenance, auction experts think the early 20th century bear in the style of Steiff could smash its £400-£600 guide price when it goes under the hammer at Hanson London on December 9.”  Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons Auctioneers, said: „I’ve never heard such an amazing story connected to a humble teddy bear. He’s crossed Europe in a tank with the Allies and come under enemy fire but, though he’s a little battle-weary, he’s survived. I’m honoured to be selling him.” The bear was given to Tom’s father, Thomas Matthews snr, by a Dutch woman whose home town of Raamsdonksveer was liberated by the Allies in 1944. Thomas snr arrived there with the Royal Artillery’s 62nd anti-tank regiment - and risked his life to source coal to heat homes and hot water.

A pregnant mum suffering from the same extreme morning sickness as Kate Middleton claims she has cured her chronic vomiting by - smoking CANNABIS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sammy Warnes, 30, said her hyperemesis gravidarum was so bad when she was ten weeks pregnant with daughter Arabella, now three, she considered an abortion. Strong medication from her doctor didn't work, so she turned to cannabis, having a puff or two on a joint, until the symptoms disappeared at 25 weeks. She said her daughter was born fit and healthy, so when she experienced the same symptoms with her current pregnancy, she once again ignored expert advice.

Sleep Pod is a lifesaving shelter that was created to protect people who live on the streets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of rough sleepers in Britain are to be given ''pioneering pods'' this Christmas - previously used in the 'Calais Jungle'. More than £10,000 has been raised for the groundbreaking initiative, which is being rolled out across Bristol, Bath and Weston-super-Mare. The lifesaving 'Sleep Pods' were originally made to help refugees in Europe and cost roughly £25 each. But 400 are being brought to the South West as part of a project aimed at battling homelessness and are set to be distributed next month.

This is the hilarious moment a 'social' robot recently on the cover of Time Magazine held BINGO lessons for OAPs in a care home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stevie the robot was designed to keep people company and is so advanced he was named one of the inventions of 2019. Now the robot designed by a team from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, has visited Reflections day centre in Camborne, Cornwall. He has already been keeping the elderly company and hosting bingo sessions to keep the residents entertained.

China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’

A 100-metre high air purification tower in Xian in Shaanxi province has helped reduce smog levels in the city, preliminary results suggest. An experimental tower over 100 metres (328 feet) high in northern China – dubbed the world’s biggest air purifier by its operators – has brought a noticeable improvement in air quality, according to the scientist leading the project, as authorities seek ways to tackle the nation’s chronic smog problem. The tower has been built in Xian in Shaanxi province and is undergoing testing by researchers at the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Blue and great tits reflection that looks like a mirror

***EXCLUSIVE*** A great tit lands on a rock, with its reflection in the water surrounding it producing an almost perfect mirror image. The bird can only be distinguished from its reflection by the ripples in the water that it creates as it approaches the rock.

In another shot, a slightly smaller blue tit can be seen nestled amongst a collection of leaves, twigs, and mushrooms. Wildlife photographer Paul Sawer spent five days arranging twigs and rocks trying to capture the shots at a pond in Rendham, Suffolk.

Workers make a living by picking through burning piles of rubbish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Children brave flames as they sift through burning heaps of rubbish, desperate to find items to sell. The poverty-stricken youngsters scale 200ft-high rubbish mountains, clutching still burning items in the hope they can later be sold at a local market.

Shocking photos show children as young as 12 hunting through the 40-hectare refuse site in Chittagong, Bangladesh, as heaps of rubbish continue to burn.