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Adorable boy, 2, with spina bifida is thriving thanks to emergency surgery at just eight hours old despite doctors' fears he wouldn't survive

***EXCLUSIVE*** UTAH, USA: This smiley boy was diagnosed with a condition that meant he had to have a SPINAL SURGERY when he was just EIGHT HOURS OLD and despite strangers feeling SORRY for them, his parents couldn’t be prouder of their miracle baby. Stay at home mum, Shaylise Harris (26) from Utah, USA, and her husband, Alex (28), had tried for a baby for two years and had undergone numerous fertility tests before Shaylise found out that her hormone levels were way off. Three months into taking a hormone drug, Letrozole, they found out they were pregnant and they were thrilled at the news. They had already started buying baby clothes before they had taken a pregnancy test as they were so excited to start a family. But on her 20-week pregnancy scan, their technician told them they were having a baby boy and went very quiet. After they left and began shopping for their baby boy, Shaylise got a call from the doctor who said that their pregnancy scan didn’t look right; he had problems with his brain, spine and feet. A few days later it was confirmed that their son had myelomeningocele spina bifida, a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth. Despite being offered an abortion by their doctor and not knowing the severity of his condition, baby Leo (2), was born in November 2017. At just eight hours old, Leo had to have a spinal surgery that lasted four and a half hours. He also had an external ventricular drain (EVD) to alleviate pressure off his back-closure stitches when he was just 10 days old. He wore a pelvic harness from the age of one month to six months and he has been using a wheelchair to move around. There have been strangers who have said that they were sorry that he has spina bifida, but Shaylise and Alex want to prove to the world that Leo his condition doesn’t stop him from living his life.


Daredevil skateboarder on one of the highest bridges in Sao Paulo

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a fearless skateboarders rides a ramp attached to a suspension bridge - 150 FEET in the air. The mesmerising stunt was carried out by Sandro Dias, known as Mineirinho, on the Estaiadinha Bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil last Tuesday. In the hair-raising footage filmed by Red Bull, Sandro is seen skating 50 metres up in the sky wearing nothing other than a helmet to protect himself. The ramp is only three metres wide and six metres high, a narrow space at that elevation.

Star Wars-Inspired Instant Pots

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Force is strong with the Star Wars cash grab, and the latest item to get branding from a galaxy far, far away is the beloved Instant Pot. Williams Sonoma has churned out a range of Instant Pots in appropriate sizing for its associated characters.

Historic Marvel Comics No. 1 sells for record $1.26 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heritage Auctions completed a public offering of the highest-graded copy of Marvel Comics No. 1, originally issued in 1939. Known as the starting point for the renowned comic book powerhouse, the ultrarare comic sold for a whopping $1.26 million USD.

UK's biggest warehouse and the largest Amazon depot in the world get ready for Black Friday

***EXCLUSIVE*** These dramatic photos show Britain’s largest Amazon depot preparing for Black Friday. The depot, in Dunfermline, Fife, is the size of 14 football pitches but resembled Santa’s grotto as the 1,000 members of staff wore Santa hats over the festive period. Gifts waiting to be packaged are stacked floor to ceiling waiting to be wrapped up by workers. Amazon first introduced Black Friday to the UK in 2010.

A couple who learnt their eight year-old boy only has four weeks to live, organised their wedding in just A WEEK so he could be part of their special day

***EXCLUSIVE*** The parents of eight-year-old Ethan Martin were told last week that he only has four weeks to live, after he's been battling cancer for half of his life. Hannah and Henry Matthews had originally planned to get married next summer, but desperate for their little boy to be part of the special day, they decided to bring forward their wedding and organise the whole thing in a week.

Stunning snaps of Ecological photography competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning image of a Malagasy boa constrictor perched in a tree, has slithered to the top spot in an international nature photo competition. Also among the top spots in the British Ecological Society's annual photography competition are a sloth crossing a road and a group of monkeys in Malaysia tucking into McDonalds fries. The shot of the increasingly rare Malagasy tree boa which is threatened by hunting and fires, is "remarkable," say judges. The amazing photo, snapped by Roberto García Roa on a trip to Madagascar, scooped the overall prize in the competition whose theme this year was 'Capturing Ecology.'

Meister captures Hulk, Spider-Man, Black Panther and more in 'Avengers: Endgame' collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Los Angeles-based watchmakers Meister has teamed up with Marvel for an Avengers: Endgame capsule collection. Meister has captured the spirit of Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy clan, and Hulk. Each watch is extremely limited.

Get ready to strut your stuff in the Hand Catwalk

***EXCLUSIVE*** Give them a big hand! A trio of top models let their fingers do the walking in this fashion show with a difference… Professional hand models Julia Holden, Cherelle Claudia and Sarah Skjoldevik strutted their stuff on a miniature catwalk complete with lighting rigs and a tiny crowd of fashionistas. All the models nailed it - despite one of them experiencing a Naomi Campbell-style runway tumble before regaining her balance and continuing like a true diva. In celebration of the hand catwalk, watch brand Seksy is searching for Britain’s next top hand model who will get paid to test the new Seksy Edge collection.

LEGO's been making fun of Tesla's Cybertruck

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tesla's long-awaited Cybertruck launch was met with a plethora of memes surrounding its 16-bit style and controversy due to its shattering shatterproof windows. The latest contender to step into the ring is LEGO, who took to its Australian Facebook page Monday to ensure that its rudimentary bricks are shatterproof.

Louis Vuitton’s single sneaker box lets you display your favorite pair in style

***EXCLUSIVE*** Louis Vuitton has announced a monogram Sneaker Box, one of several projects that the luxury house will unveil at this year's Design Miami. A smaller variation of Vuitton's Sneaker Trunk, the Sneaker Box features a black-on-black monogram leather exterior and perspex monogram doors.

"Roly-poly Woman" in China

A 23-year-old woman dressed up in traditional Tang-dynasty costume dancing on a roly-poly enchanted visitors and travelers in central China's Xi'an city. The woman was hired to dress up as aroly-poly woman to attract customers. Her lower body was fixed onto an iron stand while she was interacting with visitors at the Datang Everbright City in Xi'an city, central China's Shaanxi province