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A fun-loving five-year-old boy is on the verge of achieving a spectacular new world record - after climbing the equivalent height of Mount Everest in just six months

***EXCLUSIVE*** Since April this year little Charlie Batham has climbed a whopping 30,000ft - higher than the tallest mountain in the world - to reach the top of 19 British peaks.  Two of the youngster's most impressive conquests are 2,300ft Pen-y-ghent and Scafell Pike in the Lake District - the tallest mountain in England at more than 3,000ft. Schoolboy Charlie often hikes up to ten miles a day but proud dad Paul, 51, says his boy "never gets tired" and has "unbelievable" energy to keep going for hours and hours.

Woman’s transformation: she took to alcohol and heroin after suffering abuse as a child

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the mum who became an ALCOHOLIC at TWELVE-YEARS-OLD, before PRISON gave her the nudge she needed to turn her life around - and she’s UNRECOGNISABLE now. Author, Jen Elizabeth (42) from Temecula, California, USA, was brought up in a home of addictions and mental illnesses and when she was just three years old, her parents joined a cult where she was molested until she was nine when they escaped. The years of sexual abuse she endured lured her into a destructive path and she had her first taste of alcohol when she was just 12 years old, in the form of a bottle of vodka. Since then she used alcohol as a way to find peace, which progressed to opiate drugs. She was in and out of hospitals and became dependent on them. Throughout this dark period, she became homeless and was offered heroin and a syringe at which time she didn’t care about what happened to her. She was a frequent IV heroin user and spent 13 years in and out of homelessness; living in cars, motel rooms and was arrested many times for drug possession, being under the influence, receiving stolen property and violations of probation. In 2010, she was in her state prison cell, halfway through her sentence, when she had an epiphany and decided that she was worth more than just existing or getting by the way she was. She decided to get help and turned her life around. Though the road to recovery was a long and challenging process, she re-built her life and set up a daily routine of drinking coffee in the morning, praying, meditating and playing with her two children; Gage (6) and Ava (2). Having children has helped her appreciate her life and given her a sense of purpose. She plans to be open with her kids about her journey and believes that you are never „too far gone” to turn your life around.

Skydiver „surfing” on his friend’s back - 15,000ft above

***EXCLUSIVE*** Skydiver uses his friend as a human surfboard 15,000ft above the Spanish countryside. Dani Roman captured the footage last month in Empuriabrava, Spain.  Pete Allum can be seen landing on Dani’s back and surfing on his back while hurtling through the sky. Professional Skydiver Dani said: „This was an awesome day on location, we shot ourselves wingsuit and parachute flying together at the skydiving center where I work in Empuriabrava. The footage worked out great!”

A rare Faberge egg made to commemorate George Best's European Cup win

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Faberge egg made to commemorate George Best's leading role in Manchester United's first ever European Cup win has emerged for sale for £18,000. The 24-carat gold egg has a detachable top which can be removed to reveal a small statue of the legendary footballer. He has a diamond studded football at his feet and looks poised to set off on a trademark dribble.

Father-of-two, 68, sells huge collection of Matchbox cars kept in their original packaging because his grandmother discouraged him from playing with them on her table for fear of scratching it for a whopping £252,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** One man's vast collection of model cars amassed over a lifetime has sold at auction for an incredible £250,000. Simon Hope, 68, has been collecting matchbox models since he was a small child and has bought over 4,000 over the past six decades. His hobby has cost him thousands of pounds and at and engulfed a huge slice of his life but he has now decided to part with the toys.

Set to fly: Concorde’s most popular seats

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two front row seats for a Concorde jet the likes of Princess Diana and Kylie Minogue sat on are set to fly at auction. The prestige seats were for positions 1C and 1D on a British Airways Concorde supersonic plane that regularly crossed the Atlantic in under three hours. It is documented that among the famous posteriors to grace the specially designed leather and fabric upholstered seats were those of Princess Diana, Kylie Minogue and Michael Jackson. As well as the seats, an original slimline hostess cabin trolley with 12 interior trays from the legendary aircraft is also being sold off.

From Prussia with love! Gold and diamond necklace Napoleon gave his Polish mistress in 1810 just days before she gave birth to their lovechild goes on sale for £12,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extravagant gold and diamond necklace Napoleon reputedly gave his Polish mistress has emerged for sale for £12,000. The lavish piece of jewellery is thought to have been a gift from the Little General to Maria Countess Walewska in 1810. The receipt it was sold with reveals it was purchased on May 4, 1810, just six days before she gave birth to their lovechild. Experts believe this could have been a present to mark the arrival of Alexandre Joseph. At the time, the adulterous Frenchman had only just married the Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria.

Heartwarming letter from Princess Diana to a friend revealing how young William and Harry were ‘thrilled’ ahead of Christmas 1990 is uncovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heartwarming letter by Princess Diana revealing a young William and Harry's excitement for Christmas has come to light. The then Princess of Wales described how the two boys were 'thrilled that Christmas was on the horizon'. She went on to tell how the young princes had 'searched high and low' around Kensington Palace for their presents. In the same letter Diana also displayed the compassion and empathy that she was famous for towards recipient Ivy Woodward.

Lizard walks across road on tip toes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chameleon slowly 'tiptoes' across a road, as it walks on its claws.  The fluorescent-green Indian chameleon rocks back and forth in a bobbing motion between every step - a defence mechanism to break up its image to predators. Its bright skin suggests that the lizard is happy, and it will typically turn a darker shade of green when it becomes angry or agitated.  Photographer Goutham Shankar spotted the creature making its way towards a forest as he was driving through Kabini Wildlife Reserve in Karnataka, South India. 

Wacky Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe miniature scenes

A wacky miniature of American president Donald Trump selling cigarettes and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe selling pop corns on the street were presented at a shopping mall to attract and amuse visitors in Shanghai, China.

Blind barn owl feeds her fledgling

***EXCLUSIVE*** A blind barn owl (right) holds a mouse by the scruff of its neck as she leans forward to feed it to her hungry fledgling (left).  The 12-year-old mother, named Tyto, who can no longer see at all, caught the mouse through an exceptional sense of hearing. The seven-month-old male - named Uli - eats the mouse straight away, swallowing it head first.  Having spent 10 years in the wild - well exceeding the four year life expectancy for a barn owl, Tyto now lives with her offspring in Topvogel Nature Park in Diessen, Holland.

Chirpy frog

***EXCLUSIVE*** The white tree frog, which is native to Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea was spending time in the sun while perched on a branch. It is believed that frogs 'sunbath' to avoid fungus' by increasing their body temperatures. Creative designer Kurit Afsheen, 38, from Indonesia took these photos of the frog in his backgarden of his home in Jakarta, Indonesia. He said, 'The frog was on the branch for around 5 minutes.  When it opened its mouth it appeared he was laughing'

Lions face covered in flies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of flies take advantage of a resting lion as they ingest blood on his face from his latest kill. Photographer Payam Farahani, 23, captured the image in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Payam said, "Lions rest after hunting to regain their strength.  This didn't seem too bothered by the flies, but once in a while he would shake his head to make them move."

Crop harvesting aerials

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial photos of rice fields reveal the array of patterns created by rows of paddy plants, making the landscape look almost like a patchwork quilt.  Amongst the rows of crops, two workers can be made out working the fields under the hot sun. Photographer Abdul Momin captured the shots with a drone 700ft above the fields in Panchagarh, northern Bangladesh.