Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Girl, 14, with severely bowed legs gets life-changing surgery to correct her deformity

***EXCLUSIVE*** Valerie from Benin, western Africa, is going back to school for the first time after having corrective surgery on her bowlegs by international charity Mercy Ships. A teenage girl who grew up with bowlegs is going back to school for the first time in a decade after hospital ship offered corrective surgery. Valerie from Benin, western Africa, developed bow-leggedness aged four - and had such low confidence that she asked her dad to pull her out of school. She was sent to the port-city Cotonou to live with her uncle, where she apprenticed at a nearby tailors and dreamed of opening her own store. One day, while Valerie was cutting, ironing, and stitching fabric together, a stranger told her about international charity Mercy Ships.

A pair of pooches were taken on a special walk - down the aisle for their own WEDDING

***EXCLUSIVE*** The retrievers tied the knot in front of around 50 guests in a marquee erected outside of the Prince of Wales pub in Yeovil, Somerset. The bash had all the trappings of a human ceremony including a specially-made tiered cake, a dress and a guitarist to play the bride in.

A baker made this brilliant lifelike cake in the shape of a gory LIVER to celebrate the anniversary of his sister's organ transplant

***EXCLUSIVE*** Every year Esme McCallum, 20, gets together with family and friends to mark her „liver birthday” - the day a transplant saved her life when she was five-months-old. The nursery worker celebrated her 20th anniversary this year - and brother George McCallum, 28, decided to bake her a surprise cake for the occasion. The advertising creative spent more than 10 hours baking the vanilla cake that looks almost identical to a real-life liver.

You can now buy Brussels Sprout ketchup on Amazon just in time for Christmas

If you're someone that needs to put ketchup on everything - even a roast dinner - it might now finally be socially acceptable to whack out the bottle on Christmas day, thanks to the launch of brussels sprout ketchup. Amazon.co.uk has teamed up with UK condiment experts Sauce Shop to create its first „Brussels Sprout Ketchup”. The limited-edition Christmas ketchup will be available to pre-order exclusively on Amazon.co.uk for £3.00 a bottle from today. The festive sauce will begin shipping from Monday 2nd December, in plenty of time for Christmas. Sauce Shop - an artisan British sauce maker who sell a variety of ketchups on Amazon.co.uk - are known for creating flavoursome condiments using all-natural ingredients. Each bottle of the seasonal sprout ketchup will contain around 15 sprouts. The British Brussels sprout variety has been chosen for the bespoke recipe for its sweet, nutty flavour and has been blended with cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon to give the tasting notes of braised red cabbage, making it a perfect accompaniment to any Christmas dinner. The Brussels Sprout ketchup, which is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, will also be a particularly welcome addition to the ubiquitous Christmas sandwich, and perfect as a dipping sauce for festive canapes.

The Great Melbourne telescope reassembled for 150th anniversary

Australia's Great Melbourne Telescope has been reassembled to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its installation at the Melbourne Observatory in 1869. Once the second-largest telescope in the world and the largest in the southern hemisphere, the 48-in (1.2 m) reflecting telescope has been restored thanks to an 11-year volunteer effort after being severely damaged in a bushfire in 2003. The Great Melbourne Telescope was originally built in 1868 by Thomas Grubb in Dublin, Ireland before being disassembled and shipped to Melbourne for installation in the observatory next to the Royal Botanical Gardens. After it was properly adjusted, it was used for decades for a variety of research projects. When the Melbourne Observatory closed in 1944, the telescope was sold to the Australian Government's Mount Stromlo Observatory near Canberra and was upgraded with a new 50-inch (1.3 m) pyrex mirror, followed by a new equatorial mount and state-of-the-art instruments in the 1990s, including a computerised digital imaging telescope for the study of dark matter. Unfortunately, bushfires in January 2003 destroyed the observatory, reducing the telescope to its heavy cast-iron backbone and not much else. In 2008, staff and volunteers from Museums Victoria uncovered the remains and set about restoring it as a joint project of Museums Victoria, the Astronomical Society of Victoria, and the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria with the aid of a AU$600,000.

Ice-built hotel opens up in northern China

Tourists experience at the ice-built hotel in Beiji village, whose name literally is translated as the northernmost end of China, in Mohe city, northeast China's Heilongjiang province. The hotel is totally constructed by ice and snow, with electric blanket, sleeping bags and a piece of roe deer fur on the bed. There are in total three rooms, among which the largest one is over 30 square meters. It only takes 880 Yuan (126 US dollars) to experience the ice-built hotel.

Meet the black Labrador who invites the internet to see things from her point of view

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jeray Tomlinson has been filming with his black lab/Doberman cross Roxy for the better part of a year now. He captures the amazing first person footage by affixing a GoPro to a saddle on Roxy’s back. The subsequent footage is both adorable and hysterical from interactions with other dogs to exploring scenic locations and of course: excited runs!