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Millionaire's drug addict son, 37, who went to private school has been sleeping on the streets since he was 15 – and insists you 'just get used to it'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Things could have been very different for Ryan Staffiere. The 37-year-old, who has spent the prime of his life living in car parks in Truro, could have been anything he wanted to be. He’s charming, smart and very articulate. As he shares his story, echoes of his privileged upbringing soon come to light. But after being gripped by addiction, this one-time private school pupil has spent about 20 years living on the streets of Cornwall. At the age of 11, he began smoking cannabis and throughout his teenage years experimented with drink and other drugs „as everyone does”. Four years later he was too much to handle.

Husband and wife named 'Britain's happiest couple' had just one row in 50 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** A husband and wife who insist they have had just one major argument in 50 years of marriage have been named Britain's happiest couple. Grandparents Barry and Leslie Holmes have only spent a fortnight apart during their marriage and said their love is stronger now than it ever has been. The pair married just three days after Barry's 21st birthday, which he described as the "best present he could ever ask for". They have been inseparable ever since and still enjoy road trips, meals out and put their happiness down to a shared sense of humour.

A schoolboy was stabbed through the mouth by a huge metal pole after slipping whilst stood on a stool

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gruesome photos show how nine-year-old Ayush became impaled by a meter-long pole when he slipped whilst helping to take washing in off the line.  It happened in October and the boy required surgery to remove the hooked metal pole which stabbed him right through the chin.  Ayush became impaled on the pole when he slipped and fell from a stool in the village of Ayyapuram, Kerala, India.  He was leaning to grab the towel when the stool slipped and he fell on a hooked iron rod ‚Äď which was being used as part of a traditional moses basket.  The sharp hook end of the road pierced through his lower jaw.  Ayush was rushed to the Lakshmi Hospital where a team of doctors led by general surgeon, Dr Praveen, conducted a 90 minute operation.