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Ex-Fort Land Rover ‘Matilda’ visits 100 countries in eight years

***EXCLUSIVE*** A much-travelled Land Rover from the Highlands is on display in a German museum - after venturing around 100 countries and breaking down nearly 2,000 times in eight years. It was while inspecting the Caledonian Canal near Fort William in 2002 as part of his job that New York City native Christopher Many stumbled across a near 30-year-old dilapidated ex-British Army Land Rover that a local farmer was using to transport sheep. Eight years later and thousands of miles covered across 100 countries on five continents – and more adventures than you could count – and the result is a first book by Christopher, now in his late 40s, entitled Left Beyond the Horizon.  

A mum says her life was saved by her fake BOOBS - after they pushed a cancerous lump to the surface

***EXCLUSIVE*** Litha Georgiades, 49, felt something in her left breast and after a visit to the doctor was diagnosed with cancer. But medics realised Litha had been able to discover the tumour because it was pushed towards the surface by her F-cup boob implants. Medics say without the fake boobs it would have stayed hidden for much longer. Brave Litha is still battling cancer but says she is determined to beat it and thanks her fake boobs for alerting her to the disease. She said: "I'd always had nice boobs, and they just disappeared when I lost weight, so I got a boob job which really boosted my confidence. "I absolutely loved my implants from the moment I got them, they looked amazing and I had no problems with them at all. "I was washing my body in the shower when I suddenly felt this hard lump on my left breast - I'd never felt anything like it in my breast before. ''When the doctor told me that I had cancer, I felt absolutely devastated. I never ever thought that something like this would happen to me. "Fear consumed me and I just thought I was going to die.

Special poet publishes over 500 poems with one finger

***EXCLUSIVE*** Xu Tianlun, the one-fingered poet with cerebral palsy, smiles to the camera at his home in Changzhou city, east China's Jiangsu province. Xu Tianlun was born in August 1992, after which he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He has been living for over 20 years with only one movable finger. Yet he never gives up no matter how tough life is. Taught by his elder cousin, Xu learned how to read and type, and then started to compose his own poems. After three-year effort and crowdfunding, Xu manages to publish his 500 poems, to deliver his persistence and optimism to readers.

A Back to the Future superfan spent £80,000 restoring a run down DeLorean- and now takes his kids to school in it

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Napier, 37, admits he's probably the coolest dad in the playground when he picks his three kids; Paige, 16, Devon, 13, and Daisy, 8, from school.The silver motor looks like it's come straight out of the 1985 American sci-fi film in which Marty McFly travels through time in a modified DeLorean.