Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Family-owned DIY store Christmas ad that cost £100 to make

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hafod Hardware in Rhayader, Powys, Wales, has launched its festive commercial, with cute two-year-old Arthur Jones stealing the show. Arthur's proud dad Tom Jones, whose family owns the shop, and film-maker friend Josh Holdaway filmed and edited the two-minute video all in a day for less than £100. It has already won over the hearts of customers in the small town and now they hope it grabs a nationwide audience much like their previous ads. The video begins with little Arthur getting out of bed before donning his apron and carrying out a day's 'work' at the family-run hardware store. Sweeping the floors, polishing the counter and replacing stocks on the shelves are all part of his duties. The busy boy is also on hand to deal with customers - all with a friendly smile and big thumbs up.

Edible candy cane house is available to stay in this festive season

Booking.com, the digital leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of unique places to stay, has created the world’s sweetest home just in time for the festive period in the heart of London’s Soho. Aptly named the Candy Cane house, lucky guests will spend a magical night immersed in candy, chocolate, gingerbread and more! Available exclusively on Booking.com and accommodating up to two people for two respective nights, candy cravers and chocolate lovers will be able to nibble on the edible Christmas wreaths upon arrival, whilst admiring the property’s show-stopping Candy Cane inspired windows and glistening, icing sugar infused, snowy facade. Once inside, guests can relax and enjoy their complimentary hamper, complete with celebratory bubbles and a selection of confectionary favourites in the Candy Lounge. Here, large candy-style treats line the walls, and candy canes and edible baubles adorn the candy floss coloured Christmas tree. If that wasn’t sweet enough, stepping stones of Christmas sugar cookies will lead guests into the master Ginger-Breadroom, a true fairy tale inspired delight, where guests will be immersed in a festive woodland, complete with delectable edible chocolate pine cones. Then comes a chocolate extravaganza in the Coco-Kitchen, where guests will find themselves inside a giant caramel chocolate, complete with melting chocolate walls and caramel flooring. A Sugar Cube-icle bathroom is also available as part of the property’s incredible confectionary inspired facilities. Each room in the Candy Cane House promises to look, feel, smell and most importantly taste like Christmas.


Polyamorous throuple say group yoga helps control their jealousy

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple met their girlfriend at a gig and say that other men are envious of their three-way relationship - but they diffuse any jealousy between themselves by PRACTICING YOGA. Civil engineer, Michael Taylor and wife yoga instructor, Lauren (both 30) from Florida, USA, started dating in 2011 when they both met at college and were married in 2016. The couple had been in a monogamous relationship for seven years but had realised that they had more love to give than to each other and wanted to enhance their partnership when they met health coach, Jessica Woodstock (30) by chance at a Gryffin gig in June 2018. During the concert, Lauren felt the energy in the room shift and turned to see Jessica standing there with her friends. Jessica approached Lauren and Michael and told Lauren how beautiful she was and the three spent the evening talking, listening to their favourite music and laughing, they’ve been together ever since. Michael, Lauren and Jessica view their relationship as three people in love equally, not two people together, plus one additional person. Although their triad relationship is predominantly based on the three of them and their bond as a throuple, they each have individual relationships as couples, which they say, along with open communication is the key to their success as a triad. Their respective families have all accepted their relationship and sexuality and the triad say one of the best things about being in this type of relationship is that they have three sets of friends and family who love and support them. However, when out in public they are greeted with looks of confusion from people who are intrigued to learn more about their relationship dynamic with men being envious of their lifestyle. The triad recognise that feelings of insecurity, anger and sadness are natural in any relationship but practicing yoga and meditation helps them become free of insecurity and enables them to remain level-headed enough to talk though any difficulties that may arise.

World’s first car that can fly and drive 'with a top speed of 200mph in the air and 100mph on the ground' - the first delivery is set for 2021

Called Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle, or PAL-V, this flying vehicle is equipped with retractable overhead and rear propellers  and can cruise at an altitude as high as 12,500 feet. It uses automobile gasoline and tops speeds of 200 miles per hour in the air and 100 mile per hour on the ground. The Dutch-made machine is already in production and is selling for $599,000 with 70 pre-orders to-date - the first delivery is expected to be in 2021.

Bugatti unveiled limited edition hypercar Chiron

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bugatti a dévoilé deux éditions très limitées de son hypercar Chiron, la Noire Sportive et Noire Élégance Bugatti has unveiled two highly-limited editions of its Chiron hypercar, the Noire Sportive and Noire Élégance. The new offerings are limited to just 20 units each, with both clad in carbon fiber and drawing influence from the marque's one-off La Voiture Noire. The price of each limited-edition Chiron starts at $3.3 million USD.