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World’s most expensive Christmas tree features over $15M in ornaments

***EXCLUSIVE*** The opulent, 19 foot tree sparkles with trinkets hand-crafted from upcycled jewelry and designer fabrics, including a ‚ÄúCartier adorned glass bauble‚ÄĚ and nutcrackers encrusted with blue sapphires and diamonds. Celebrity artist Debbie Wingham, 37, spent one month making over 500 decorations by hand, with materials such as vintage Louis Vuitton leather, emu eggs, upcycled mink fur and jewelry by Bvlgari, Cartier, Van Cleef, Arpels and Chanel.  According to Wingham, her tree smashes the current record for the "world's most expensive Christmas tree" reported to be a $11.4 million sparkler displayed at The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi in 2010.

Woman nursed lost duckling which turned up on doorstep in a storm — and now it won’t leave her side

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kind woman has adopted a lost duckling which turned up on her front doorstep in a rain storm - and now it barely leaves her side. Jessica Clewes, 24, has been hand-rearing Denzel the duck after her dad Michael Clewes, 70, opened his front door when he heard chirping outside. With no mother duck in sight, she nursed the tiny shivering bird back to health - warming him up under a heat lamp and feeding him worms.

Pink Panther-obsessed gran has over 1,400 toys of the cartoon cat in her home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pink Panther mega fan June Amos, 79, has amassed a colossal collection of 1,404 Pink Panther toys - having started collecting memorabilia and merchandise of the iconic cartoon cat since the 1980s, when her husband Don bought her a large Pink Panther toy at London Zoo. The mega-fan great-grandmother has amassed a colossal collection of 1,404 Pink Panther toys. June Amos, 79, has been collecting memorabilia and merchandise of the iconic cartoon cat since the 1980s, when her husband Don bought her a large Pink Panther toy at London Zoo. It sparked a decade-spanning obsession, and has led to June filling an entire room with toys, ceramics, jigsaws and keepsakes of the iconic TV character. She said: „Don bought me my first pink panther, a big one. That’s what started me off - and I just carried on.”

Mischievous husky-mastiff puppy 'Bear' sparks 999 fire alert by switching on MICROWAVE and filling home with smoke while owner was out

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pet owner today described how his mischievous puppy Bear sparked a fire scare after accidentally turning on a microwave cooker while he was out. Josh Hill, 25, only discovered his pups antics when he checked a camera feed on his phone during work. To his horror he saw his kitchen full of smoke and he rushed home to see if his six-month-old husky mastiff puppy was okay. He arrived home to find a guilty-looking Bear and a room full of smoke pouring in from the kitchen.

A British dog has given birth naturally to a staggering litter of 21 puppies - which its owner thinks could be a world record

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joanne Hine watched in amazement as her Great Dane and American bulldog cross Mary Jane (MJ) popped out the astonishing number last month. She had initially been told the pet would give birth to between six and eight little canines. But an examination closer to MJ's due date showed the actual total was going to be much higher - potentially becoming record-breaking.

Friends met in 1941 and have been friends ever since

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward, both 89, became friends as 11-year-old schoolgirls in 1941. They bonded over teasing boys and playing games and have stayed close friends ever since. Staff at Berry Hill Park in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, have dubbed them the "dynamic duo" and say you can still "see their love for each other".

Yoga bear

***EXCLUSIVE*** This chilled out polar bear appears to adopt a series of yoga poses as he frolics on a frozen lake. The giant carnivore even performs a 'down dog' pose with his fur-covered bottom sticking into the air. A series of amusing photos of the relaxed bear were captured by photographer Paul Williams on a lake south of the arctic circle.