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Couple lives with 350 Christmas trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lower Saxony, Rinteln: There are dozens of Christmas trees in the Jeromin family bathroom. There are many Christmas houses in Germany that are illuminated from the outside. Thomas Jeromin, on the other hand, has created a Christmas wonderland in his living rooms. His collection of self-decorated plastic trees is even recognized as a world record.

YX One: the ultimate all-terrain board launches

Dublin, Ireland: The daily commute is about to get a lot more exciting - thanks to a three-wheeled scooter-type vehicle that can go off-road. The YX ONE has a 37-mile range and a top speed of 25mph, but unlike electric skateboard or scooters is claimed to be all-terrain. The YX ONE is available at a limited time launch price of $1,099. It will ship in time for Summer 2020 when the expected retail price will be $2,290. Currently being crowdfunded, and already over its funding goal, Dublin-based company Moby say: „A fully electric, all new design, combining the best of electric one wheel, all-terrain & eSkate technology. Power, control and exhilaration, all perfectly balanced. Responsive hand-controlled acceleration and powerful disk braking. Go where your electric skateboard won't. Do what your one wheel simply can’t. Tackle hills, trails, race across sand dunes or cruise to work. Proven off-road and designed to provide an exhilarating experience on any terrain. The YX ONE is more mountain bike than electric skateboard in its capabilities. The YX ONE’s rear powered wheel & front positioning wheels ensure awesome ride manoeuvrability and control at any speed. The rider moves body weight to control, shifting weight front to back, toe-heel to dictate direction.”

Photographer captures divers swimming amongst hundreds of jellyfish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Freedivers are swarmed by thousands of jellyfish as they explore the ocean.  Huge clusters of the translucent jellies look just like small white clouds as they float around the divers. Elle Mayell, 25, and Rhys Muddle, 29, can be seen enjoying themselves in just their swimsuits, flippers and snorkels as they swam among the marine animals.  The jellies are believed to be moon jellyfish, a species considered relatively harmless as their sting cannot penetrate human skin. Photographer Alex Kydd, 28, captured these underwater shots just off the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia.

Deep sleep cocoon jacket is made to help you rest anywhere

London, United Kingdom: A British brand have created a jacket that's designed to help you sleep anywhere - even in space. Dubbed the Deep Sleep Cocoon, the jacket is designed to create a self-contained microhabitat for the wearer that’s a cross between a cocoon and a spacesuit, helping you sleep virtually anywhere, from lengthy flights, to trips to space.

Everyday objects made into works of art to celebrate the launch of Logic Compact Crystal

***EXCLUSIVE*** A renowned artist has transformed household objects into works of crystal encrusted art, including an electric toothbrush, vegetable peeler and phone charger. Vince Vinceri, a crystal artist, has made a career from adding glitz to the already glam such as covering a Lamborghini with more than one million crystals. For his latest project, Mr Vinceri has taken on the challenge of turning everyday objects into gleaming masterpieces. Given an electric toothbrush, calculator, vegetable peeler, bottle opener and phone charger, Mr Vinceri and his team spent more than 50 hours making them sparkle using nearly 5,000 crystals.

Cute bear looks like he's saluting

***EXCLUSIVE*** The amusing sight was captured during a hike by professional photographer Todd Mintz, 52, from Regina, Canada. Todd said, 'I was photographing the bear which was scratching and cleaning itself after eating some salmon it's mother had caught.  When I looked back through the shots I had taken I realised it looked like the bear was doing a cub scout sign to me.'

Vegetables being sorted for market

***EXCLUSIVE*** A farmer walks through what looks like a sea of cauliflower as he tends to his crop.  Thousands of the vegetables completely fill the photograph's frame as the worker navigated his way through them while carrying a load above his head. The cauliflowers were loaded into large bags before they were transported to be sold and workers can also be seen tending to other vegetables including radish and cabbage.  Bright orange rice grains were laid out at this farm in Shibganj Upazila, Bangladesh, to dry under the hot sun.

Cloth laid out to dry

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of metres of newly dyed, bright red cotton are rolled out to dry in the sun.  Aerial photos show workers unfurling numerous huge stretches of the fabric across green fields in the Narayanganj district of Bangladesh. With some strips of cotton approaching 500 metres long, the workers can cover 100 hectares with the cloth.  Once a strip has dried - typically taking four hours - they fold it up and replace it with another, newly dyed stretch.