Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A singer is hitting the road on a gruelling tour to break a Guinness World Record - playing 50 different cities in a WEEK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pop-star Minhee Jones will perform across Britain from December 5 to 12 in a relentless schedule. Guinness’ rules for the record tour - during which she will be playing her Christmas single Next Xmas - are strict. Each venue has to be at least 31 miles from the last, each gig must have a least ten people in the audience with tickets and last at least 15 minutes.

A street artist has ditched the usual spray paint to create amazing images - using WOOL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ana Martins uses wool woven around screws drilled into walls to create her colourful scenes - much more eco-friendly than spray paint.  With a background in graphic design, the 23 year-old from Lisbon, Portugal, gains her inspiration and influence from her grandmother’s embroidery teachings. One of her largest and most popular pieces, 'Switch-over', reaches up to 2 x 5 meters (6.5 by 16.5 feet), and uses up to 700 meters (nearly 2,300 feet) of wool and over 2300 screws.

Christmas came early for the residents of Dogs Home, when a winter wonderland grotto was set up for them

***EXCLUSIVE*** The snow-covered space featured a giant gingerbread house made entirely from 2,000 dog biscuits, 1,600 chewy treats, 12 kilos of melted dog drops for 'cement' and 24 pup-friendly stockings. The four-legged friends reacted with delight at the unusual festive décor. Footage captures the adorable pups munching at the walls and festive hangings.

Squirrels getting in the Christmas spirit - sending cards and phoning home to loved ones

***EXCLUSIVE*** Top wildlife snapper Geert Weggen regularly takes photo series of the red squirrels in his Swedish woodland. The furry critters were caught on camera playing with a miniature iconic red British telephone box and were joined in the fun by two blue tits.

Adventurer climbing tower in up a narrow spiral staircase barely big enough for one person!

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a travel vlogger got himself into a tight squeeze as he ascended the spiral staircase of the ancient Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka. Standing on the peak of an isolated mountain at at a staggering 3567ft above sea level the elegant Ambuluwawa Tower is a mind blowing spectacle situated in Gampola, Sri Lanka. The perilous journey to the top of the structure requires a trek up a narrow spiral staircase barely big enough for one person. The climb is no easy task but it was small potatoes for Australian adventurer Brandon Cody Bruce who filmed his climb on a selfie stick showcasing the precarious ascent as well as some spectacular views of the Sri Lankan countryside.

The little white mouse braces as the frog opens up to eat it

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the funny moment a hungry frog opened its mouth to snap up a mouse for lunch before deciding not to and becoming friends with it instead. In the photos a white tree frog is sat on a tree branch next to a tiny white mouse who the frog looks at eagerly and begins to stick out its tongue. The little mouse closes its eyes, bracing for what's to come until the frog changes its mind and decides not to eat the rodent.