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The world's gone bananas! Duct-taped fruit installations created by Maurizio Cattelan sell for up to $150,000 at art exhibit in Miami

Would you spend nearly $150,000 for a banana duct taped to a wall? Wealthy art collectors are shelling out the big bucks to get their hands on the prized installation by Maurizio Cattelan that's housed at the Art Basel Miami Beach. Perrotin, the Parisian art gallery with branches in New York and across Asia, sold the first piece from the Italian artist for a staggering $120,000. 'We sold it already,' Emmanuel Perrotin said of the piece - called the Comedian.

Mother of baby with a 'clubbed foot' reveals she feared her daughter would DIE when doctors asked if anyone with a cold sore had kissed her

***EXCLUSIVE*** GATESHEAD, UK: Mum was asked by doctors if she had kissed someone with a COLD SORE when they noticed her baby?s CLUBBED FOOT, leaving her terrified her baby might DIE - before tests later found it was LYMPHEDEMA. Team manager, Karen Diamond (28) from Gateshead, UK, was already a mother to her son Bentley (9) when she welcomed her daughter Willow on April 29, 2019 at 37 weeks and one day, weighing 7lb 2oz. Willow was born with a port wine stain on her back and hips, something Karen and her husband Kris (35) weren?t aware of until she was delivered. When Willow reached two weeks old, Karen noticed a small lump in her leg and immediately feared it could be sinister. They took Willow to the hospital where it was also noticed that her feet look slightly clubbed, to which a doctor asked whether she had ever been kissed by someone with a cold sore. Karen knew the answer was no, but the suggestion was heart-breaking because she?d heard numerous tragic stories about babies dying as a result. At three weeks old, Willow was admitted to hospital after Karen noticed she had rectal bleeding and it was there that doctors noticed she had extra lymphatic fluid in her legs, suspecting Klippel-Trenaunay Webber Syndrome (KTWS), a vascular disorder which can cause limbs to be disproportionate because of excess lymphatic fluid, often a result of birthmarks.

Heartbreaking photos show two polar bear cubs fighting over a scrap of plastic washed up on remote Alaskan beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALASKA: Sad: A bamboozled bear casts a doleful glance towards photographer Danny Sullivan, unaware that the plastic it may be ingesting could prove harmful. HEART-BREAKING photographs show two polar bear cubs fighting over some plastic they found in a remote part of Alaska. The upsetting images show the cubs battling it out over the plastic pollution as they get increasingly hungry and desperate waiting for the arrival of this winter?s sea ice, allowing them out on to the ice to hunt seals. The striking shots include a cub getting its nose stuck inside the gallon milk jug, the two furry siblings playing tug of war with a scrap of litter, and another showing the infant bear gnawing on the plastic packaging.

Ori-garments - An artist has creates a 1750's masquerade Ball with characters made of paper

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ori-garments -  Artist Denise Watson has created a stunning 1750's masquerade Christmas Ball with characters made entirely from paper at the National Trust's Uppark House in West Sussex. Denise has dressed 14 shop mannequins with clothes, shoes, masks, fans, floral details, hair and even jewellery made from things like tissue paper, gift wrap and brown parcel paper. The festive display was inspired by Admiral Lord Gambierís memoirs in which he quotes from Lady Sarah Featherstonhaughís journal of 1753 where she wrote: " The whole party afterwards proceed to Uppark, where they passed a cheerful happy Christmas in the most friendly society, and enlivened their neighbourhood with some masked balls.Ē The design to the finished result took a total of three months. Denise said, "I am really delighted with the final result. It has been a joy to work at Uppark using the grand rooms and to recreate an event which actually took place".

Vivien Leigh's necklace from Gone With the Wind to sell

***EXCLUSIVE*** A crystal necklace that was worn by legendary actress Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind has emerged for sale for £23,000. The stylish piece featured in the film when Leigh's character Scarlett O'Hara is on her honeymoon with Rhett Butler - played by Clark Gable. It is seen as Scarlett gorges herself on dinners and desserts, while Rhett informs her that he will divorce her if she gets too fat.

Stunning collection of vintage ski posters stunning set of vintage ski posters

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning set of vintage ski posters depicting the halcyon days of European winter holidays has emerged for sale. They feature early lithograph prints of advertising posters for glamorous resorts including Champery and Gstaad. The earliest posters in the sale date from the turn of the 20th century, with the most recent examples from the 1960s. Seventy posters, which range in value from £300 to £9,000, are being sold by Lyon & Turnbull, of Edinburgh, in conjunction with poster specialists Tomkinson Churcher. As transport links improved in the 1920s and '30s, skiing holidays grew in popularity. To take advantage of this boom, prestigious resorts commissioned the finest graphic artists to create art deco style advertisements urging holiday-makers to visit.

Couple reveal amazing Christmas cards Royal Family sent them for 25 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Christmas cards sent by the Royal Family to a married couple on their staff over a 25 year period have emerged for sale at auction. The majority of the cards are signed by the Queen and Prince Philip and show the changing face of the monarchy from the black-and-white post war world to the colourful 1970s. They were sent to the married couple who worked at Balmoral, the wife in the house and the husband on the estate. The first from 1947 is signed by King George and the Queen Mother and includes a photo of them at a piano with Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret playing.

A builder is celebrating today after a hoard of silver coins he unearthed sold for £90,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A builder is celebrating today after an enormous hoard of silver coins he unearthed sold for £90,000. Don Crawley was searching farmland with his metal detector when he stumbled upon the buried treasure. He dug up 99 silver coins - 81 pennies and 18 cut halfpennies - all dating back to Anglo Saxon England and the reign of King Ethelred II from 978-1016AD. The discovery was made on farmland in Suffolk and research has established that the site used to be the grounds of a long-forgotten Saxon church. Specialists even later uncovered the remains of human bones from the site dating back over 1,000 years. Don's hoard went under the hammer with London auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb - with the coins substantially out-performing their £50,000 pre-sale estimate.

Hero Polish WW2 pilot who fought for Britian photo album emerges

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fascinating photo album has come to light to reveal how a Polish fighter pilot was adopted by the British as 'one of their own' during the war. Flight Lieutenant Antoni Lipkowski escaped Poland when Germany invaded in 1939 and was desperate to join in the fight against the Nazis. Previously a cavalry officer, he retrained as a pilot and joined one of the Polish squadrons based in Britain which did such sterling work defending these skies in World War Two. Flt Lt Lipkowski, of 316 Polish Fighter Squadron, was very tall for a pilot and turned heads with his 'handsome' appearance. There are images of him in the cockpit of his Spitfire and posing nonchalantly in front of it with a cigarette in his hand.

Last Royal Mail coach that was once attacked by a lion is saved for the nation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Last Post - Britain's last Royal Mail carriage, that bizarrely once survived an attack by a lion outside Salisbury, has been saved for the nation. The 200-year-old horse-drawn carriage harks back to the golden age of the Royal Mail when crowds gathered along the route to see the lightning-quick service thunder by. The restored four horse coach was known as 'Quicksilver' as it was the fastest in the land on its regular 21 hour run from Devonport, Devon, to London. But the red and black wooden wagon went down in history for an extraordinary incident involving a lion in the English countryside in 1816.

Squirrel collecting nuts is reflected in water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red squirrel holds a hazelnut in its mouth as its image is reflected mirror-like in a river.  The rodent is captured on camera as it forages for food for the approaching winter. Squirrels hide nuts after finding them to make sure they have enough to eat during the colder months.  Photographer Aalt van Tongeren, 73, captured the stunning shot in the Dutch village of Hulshorst, just on the edge of Veluwe ó the nation's largest nature reserve.

Live like the Mayor of Casterbridge in this magnificent Georgian house

***EXCLUSIVE*** Live like the Mayor of Casterbridge in this magnificent Georgian house that may also have helped inspire a young Thomas Hardy to become an architect. South Lodge is in the street Hardy's fictional Mayor lived, and is described as the 'most handsome home in Dorchester' the county town that Hardy called Casterbridge in his novels. As a schoolboy Hardy would have walked past the six bed house on a daily basis on his way to and from school. And when he became a trainee architect he worked at a local company just a few doors down from South Lodge.