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Woman is fitted with robotic arm after her limb is ripped off in shark attack

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who has been fitted with a state-of-the-art ROBOTIC ARM after her real one was RIPPED OFF by a SHARK on holiday. In June 2017, project manager, Tiffany Johnson (34) from North Carolina, USA, was on a cruise ship with her husband, James (32) on holiday when they decided to go snorkelling in the reef which was a five to ten minute boat ride from Paradise island. They both enjoyed snorkelling together before he went back to the ship and just at that moment, Tiffany was faced with a shark she believed to be a Tiger shark that grabbed hold of her arm and ripped her arm off up to the elbow. She was left having to swim back to the ship while holding her amputated arm up above the water. Once she got back to the boat, they used a towel as a tourniquet as they didn’t have any medical equipment on the boat. She was rushed to the nearest hospital where she underwent surgery that lasted five hours. This was followed by three more surgeries; an exploratory one, a nerve transfer in her arm and another to remove scar tissue to repair her elbow. She had to adapt to a new life and has had many prosthetic, doctor and physical therapy appointments to rehabilitate her arm. Her new lifestyle was particularly difficult as she has three children; Kylee (8), Luke (7) and Natalie (4). In November 2017 she had her first robotic hand fitted and says that it has given her a new lease of life where she could figure out a new normal in doing simple day-to-day tasks.


Bodybuilding for Mr Right

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the former OBESE woman who has men falling at her feet since becoming a BODYBUILDING CHAMPION - but insists she loves „being alone” so that she can continue working on herself in preparation for MR. RIGHT. In 2010, ARC Fitness director of operations, Rachael Heffner (28) from Indiana, USA, was in her first year of university when she asked a boy out who turned her down due to her weight which peaked at 21st 6Ib and UK size 32. Comfort eating was the only way she felt she had control of her life when she was younger but her health was deteriorating and she felt a surge of self-hate. Due to her unhealthy habits, she felt scared that she may not live to see 25, so after a lot of determination, she got rid of all the junk food in her house and started working out four times a week. From then on, she fell in love with the results, so she continued down this path throughout her years at university and by the time she graduated, she lost 8st 8Ib. In 2014, she began dabbling with weightlifting and after meeting her coach, Adam Cayce, she lost a further 2st 2Ib. In 2017, she decided to undergo a 360-degree body lift, which is the removal of excess skin all the way round her body and is now at a healthy weight of 10st and UK size six to eight. She has since participated in many bodybuilding competitions, where she came first place in her open and novice classes for both women’s physique and figure. She won the title of Ms Indiana in Women’s Physique. She now receives countless compliments from men who think her body is „crazy” and are especially impressed by her muscles. Despite the attention she receives, she insists she is happy being single for now.

Family tired of paying $30,000 a year in rent build an incredible micro-home for $130,000 – and now travel the world by renting it out to tourists for part of the year

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young family tired of paying TWENTY-THREE-THOUSAND POUNDS a year in RENT have built their own tiny home - and now TRAVEL THE WORLD by renting it out to other families for two thirds of the year. Remarkable photos show the spectacular handcrafted two-bed home nestled in Boulder Creek, California, USA, with expansive views across a tree-filled and sun-drenched valley. Named The Escher, after the pioneering couple’s three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, stunning shots of the tiny home include an arty and decadently designed living space; a phenomenally well-appointed kitchen with all the mod cons; and a delightful hideaway bedroom, perfect for childhood adventures.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die, OMEGA has crafted a new Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aside from being crafted with military needs in mind, the new timepiece was also designed with input from Bond actor Daniel Craig. Priced at $8,100 and $9,200 USD respectively for the NATO Strap and Milanese Strap iterations.

These heartwarming photos have been unveiled as the 50 happiest photos of the year - according to the world's most popular photograph app

***EXCLUSIVE*** Free-to-use photography app Agora has released their top 50 finalists for their latest contest, #Happiness2020. The competition received more than 16,750 entries from professional and amateur photographers around the world, and the top 50 photos showcase talent from 19 countries.

Tennis legend Roger Federer is getting his own commemorative Swiss coin in honor of his achievements and contributions both on and off the court

***EXCLUSIVE*** Swissmint will be producing a 20-Franc silver coin for the 38-year-old player — marking the first time this distinction has been awarded to a living person. “There is no other Swiss person in the world as well known as Roger Federer,” said Swissmint.

A real-life Friends-style „Smelly Cat” has become an internet sensation after an appeal to help the stray moggie went viral

***EXCLUSIVE*** The plight of 12-year-old Maximus, has touched the hearts of thousands of people around the globe since a charity campaign was launched for funds.  Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands posted heartbreaking pictures of the poorly puss after it was found close to death in a gutter.  When he was picked up in Great Barr, Sandwell, on November 28 vets diagnosed him with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) - the cat equivalent to HIV.  His claws were also so long he could barely walk and he was just hours from death.  But since rescuers posted an appeal for funds on Facebook, the animal charity has been deluged with donations.  Just days after the appeal was launched more than £6,000 was raised to pay for his treatment with donations coming from around the world.

A school sixth-form pupil is devastated after his snazzy Christmas suits were BANNED by his "Grinch" teachers who said they were not appropriate

***EXCLUSIVE*** George Johnson, 17, is in Year 12, where male pupils are allowed to wear suits to school instead of school uniform. He bought three £65-each festive two-pieces - featuring Christmas trees, snowflakes, reindeer and snowmen - and started wearing them this week.

This is the adorable moment that a pair of orphaned baby elephants were snapped HUGGING each other's trunks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Makato and Musiara were rescued separately by The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the pair are pictured sharing a trunk hug and finding solace in each other at the Trust’s Nairobi Nursery for orphaned elephants in October 2019. Maktao was found as a lone orphan in July 2017 an area known to be hostile to elephants - its suspected he was separated from his family as a result of human wildlife conflict. He trusted his rescuers from the get-go and has since formed strong bonds with his carers at the SWT who report that he doesn’t like to stray too far without them. Musiara was found collapsed, alone and near death on the plains of the Masai Mara in 2017 after a film crew spotted him trailing a herd that was clearly not his own. Saved from death’s door thanks to emergency treatment during the rescue flight to the Nairobi Nursery, he has come on leaps and bounds. As social animals, elephants live in herds during their early years of life. Females will remain with their natal herds for life, whereas males will leave the family during adolescence and join other groups or male friendship groups.