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Mother has no problem telling her twin boys apart because one is black and the other is white

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mum of these twins has no problem telling them apart after they were born with with different skin colours - one black and one white. Daniel and David Omirin were born just minutes apart, but they couldn’t look less like brothers. Despite parents Stacy, 30, and Babajide, 38, being black, baby David has pale white skin and golden hair. While his brother Daniel, has black skin and dark curly hair - just like his parents and four-year-old sister Demilade.

Mum who had tongue removed to fight cancer got a new one - made from her arm

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who had her tongue removed to fight cancer now has a new one - made from her ARM. Stephanie Wigglesworth, 36, was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a cancer affecting the mouth in February 2013, after noticing a tiny ulcer on her tongue which started to tingle before becoming numb. Doctors told her she would need radiotherapy to try and cure the cancer. She was forced to have her tongue cut straight down the middle, and half of it removed. at Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge, in March 2013.

All mum wants for Christmas is two front teeth after swallowing hers eating mince pie

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum said 'all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth' - after accidentally swallowing her dentures while eating a mince pie. Angela McGill, 52, was tucking into the festive snack when she swallowed what she thought was a bit of pastry. Gulping hard, she realised that she'd actually swallowed her partial dentures - two teeth attached to a plastic plate - and started panicking. The caterer went to hospital and an x-ray revealed the plate was stuck half way down her throat.

Too fat for sex

***EXCLUSIVE*** Woman says being overweight LIMITED her SEX LIFE, leaving her only able to do ONE POSITION because others hurt her knees – but she’s a different woman after losing an impressive TEN STONE. Duty manager, Kaitlyn Gonzalez (27) from One Mile, New South Wales, Australia, had learned to eat in excess as a child as she wasn’t allowed to eat dessert until her overflowing dinner plate was finished. She was bullied in school but although her mother Kerry made her healthy packed lunches she tucked into unhealthy food when she returned home and by the age of 11 the weight had started to build. Having full access to whatever food she wanted at home meant unhealthy choices as she grew up and she would often skip breakfast and have McDonalds regularly. Kaitlyn tipped the scales at 22st 11lb and wore a UK size 22, she was in denial about her size, but was reduced to tears whenever she saw her reflection. Her love life took a hit and she was rejected due to her size and strangers would point and shout at her in the street, telling her she was fat. Kaitlyn went on nights out with her smaller friends and was ignored by men. In May 2017 she chose to have vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) surgery. Kaitlyn put a large emphasis on fitness after that and worked out every day, she also started eating more lean meats and lots of vegetables and within just one year she lost 10st 10lb and now weighs just 12st 1lb and wears a UK size eight. Kaitlyn also struggled with excess skin and had two operations to have 7lb removed in February 2019 and a breast lift in October 2019.

Wildlife Photographers Bird Photographer of the Year 2019

***EXCLUSIVE*** This heartwarming picture of an emperor penguin family in Antarctica has won an international bird photography competition. Snapper Thomas Vijayan beat off thousands of entries from all over the globe to land the top prize in The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers Bird Photographer of the Year 2019 in aid of the RSPB. Other stunning pictures of our feathered friends include bald eagles scrapping, moorhens fighting, a colourful kingfisher and gannets gobbling fish underwater. Thomas, 50, an architect from Ontario, Canada said: "After a courtship of several weeks, a female emperor penguin lays one single egg then leaves.

When the poor really WERE the great unwashed: Re-enactment group show off the rotten teeth, sore and filthy clothes of the Victoria era

***EXCLUSIVE*** Actors from the award-winning living history group, the Ragged Victorians - The Great Unwashed, dressed up in costumes and roamed around the dock of the SS Great Britain, which is located in Bristol. The cast of characters, including a policeman, dock worker, fisherman's wife, swindler, fish seller and a rat catcher with live rats, acted out scenes throughout the weekend. Brunel's famous SS Great Britain was one of the most important historic ships in the world. When she was launched in 1843 she was the world's first great luxury liner.

The ruins of a country mansion that served as a hospital during the wars of the 20th century

***EXCLUSIVE*** Astonishing photos of a fire-ravaged, dilapidated hall - which was once the home of a British Prime Minster and a service hospital for generations of soldiers - have emerged. Dramatic shots show the once grand Nocton Hall reduced to a ramshackle shell of a building, propped up by a series of crumbling, charred walls. Other striking shots show the internal devastation the property has suffered due to decades of neglect and arson attacks, and medical paraphernalia and signage from the property’s history as a military hospital. The Grade II listed property, in Lincolnshire, has experienced a remarkable history - housing some of the UK’s top politicians and playing a significant role during a series of major conflicts, including both world wars. But now the complex, one that cared for civilians and soldiers from World War I up until the First Gulf War, has become a constant target for vandals, arsonists and ghosthunters.

Bear gets bopped on the nose in fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two bears play fight with each other as one slaps its sibling in the face. The friendly tussle between the two young grizzlies is preparation for when they will have to fight other larger adult bears in the future. They were on their way to a nearby lake when they began wrestling around in the grassland of Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. The photos, taken by 54-year-old property manager, Hao Jiang, show the two bears only a few days after they have left their family behind.

Lion holds fawn in it's mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** The lion caught the young gazelle in the morning as they roamed through the grass savannah of the Masai Mara in Kenya. Photographer Ingo Gerlach, 66 from Germany said' I spotted movement out the corner of my eye and five meters away from the vehicle I was in I saw a young Thomson's gazellle hurtling towards the lion herd.' Obviously, the gazelle was not aware of the danger it was in at that moment as a lion mother sprinted forward towards the gazelle fawn grabbing the whole of it's body in her mouth.'

Nine gorgeous Dachshund puppies who are named after Santa's beloved reindeer are searching for their furever home in time for Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch currently have their hands full looking after the boisterous group of puppies who came into their care last month. The lovely litter arrived at the branch with their mum miniature Dachshund Olive and soon captured the hearts of all of the staff. It is believed that the puppies were bred in the hope of being sold for Christmas presents and the family have kept the staff busy.

A set of 100-year-old roof tiles decorated by a raft of famous names are to be auctioned off - to try and save an iconic cinema from closure

***EXCLUSIVE*** 39 tiles are being sold on eBay to raise money for repairs to the Curzon in Clevedon, North Somerset. The roof of the ageing picture house - which suffered damage during World War Two - is in desperate need of repair as rain water can now get in.

Healthcare crisis in Venezuela

Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela: A major crisis is happening in the South American country of Venezuela. A corrupt government and massive inflation has caused a major lack in healthcare. Those in poor slums are suffering heavily. Some NGO's are trying to help as much as they can. One such NGO is Impronta Venezuela. Impronta is a Venezuelan non-profit organization that was born with the purpose of transforming the reality that challenges us, providing opportunities for the most vulnerable populations to reach their maximum potential, in alliance with public and private institutions. Impronta spent an afternoon providing medical check ups to kids in the Tablita area of the barrio of Petare in Caracas, Venezuela.

Giving the “Dogue” meme new meaning

***EXCLUSIVE*** Canadian retailer SSENSE has released an extensive collection of dog clothing by brands including Marine Serre, Versace, Burberry, Ashley Williams and more. Sweaters, outerwear and harnesses get a runway-ready treatment for stylish pups and their owners.

Delicate Sound of Thunder: new Legacy Machine “Thunderdome”

***EXCLUSIVE*** MB&F have just unveiled their latest horological masterpiece — the Legacy Machine Thunderdome watch. The highly-sophisticated watch sees a 44mm hemispherical anti-reflective sapphire dome which houses a stunning guilloché dial plate. Retail Price: $280,000 USD MB&F have just unveiled their latest horological masterpiece &x2014; the Legacy Machine Thunderdome watch. The highly-sophisticated watch sees a 44mm hemispherical anti-reflective sapphire dome which houses a stunning guilloché dial plate.