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Photographer travelled across the world to photogragh the enigmatic Dani people

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDONESIA: Meet the reclusive mountain tribe who SMOKE their ancestors every day to help preserve their MUMMIFIED BODIES - and chop the fingers off women who have lost a loved one. Remarkable photos of the indigenous Indonesian people show a high-ranking Dani elder holding up the mummified corpse of former village chief; a wizened older lady displaying a row of amputated fingers; and a Dani huntsman standing on top of a rickety platform whilst wearing a striking Koteka (penis sheath). The Dani people of Baliem Valley in West Papua, Indonesia - who were only discovered by Western scientists 80 years ago - have a range of bizarre and macabre traditions passed down through countless generations of tribal forebears.

A pensioner has dug up a mystery sword that he first found 70-years-ago and buried to keep it safe from his friends

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peter Pike, 81, was just 11-years-old in 1949 when he found a sword in a scabbard under mud, roots, and leaves in a bramble patch. He was scared by his discovery and didn't want to tell his friends, so he buried it again and promptly forgot about it. But he eventually remembered and went back on the hunt for the mysterious sword when he returned to the area in Newton Abbot, Devon, while on holiday.

IT manager lost an incredible 215lbs (15 stone) in just two years and now looks like a Greek god

***EXCLUSIVE*** An IT manager lost an incredible 215lbs in just two years and now has the kind of abs typically reserved for professional athletes and Hellenic statues. Adam Harris, 38, tipped the scales at a humongous 430lbs but now weighs just 215lbs and boasts a toned six-pack.  Before his dramatic transformation, Adam’s eating habits were extreme. „My typical workday lunch would either be a pizza buffet, or a large burger and fries combo.”

A saucy pocket guide to Victorian London's secret brothels and prostitutes - disguised as a WALLET - has been unearthed and could fetch hundreds of pounds at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The copy of "The Man of Pleasure’s Illustrated Pocket-Book for 1850" provides an eye-opening insight into the the capital's red light districts during the 19th century. It describes, for men with "rebellious members", individual prostitutes using equestrian and seafaring references as a coded language as well as 50 sketches of women. For example, the salacious book calls Miss Murray, of Foley Place, Oxford Street, "a little frigate fit for a king to board."  Elsewhere Miss Alice Grey is described as being "frequently mounted a la militaire" while Miss Fowler "makes the most of her leg" when stepping into a cab of coach.  The 169-year-old publication, printed in 1850,  is expected to sell for between £300-£500 when it goes under the hammer in Wolseley Bridge, Staffs., on December 12.

Travellers were surprised when they were invited to enjoy an impromptu pantomime performance on a train between London Paddington and Heathrow Airport

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rather than treading the boards, Prince Charming could be seen riding the rails and running the aisles of a Heathrow Express carriage in search of travellers to try on the famous glass slipper. Meanwhile, Cinderella was busy avoiding the ugly sisters and desperately trying to get her ticket to the ball stamped by the on board team.  The performance was held by the Natural Theatre Company, and had been specially scripted to last just 15 minutes - the duration of the Heathrow Express journey between London Paddington Station and Heathrow Terminals 2 and 3. Customers were quick to join in with the traditional festive panto, sparking shouts of 'He's behind you' and 'Oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is!'. Heathrow Express director Les Freer said: "Christmas is fast approaching so we’re well into panto season and we wanted to share some of that festive cheer on board with the Panto Express.

Woman has accused Marks and Spencer of false advertising after putting up a Christmas tree she bought online - and realising it looks „awful” in reality

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aniela Jasionowicz has hit out at the high street giant for selling a „twig like” Christmas tree. The 29-year-old purchased the tree online and said she hand-picked it because of its „luxury” appeared on the M&S website. She bought the 6ft Christmas Tree Bundle for £35 which included a set of decorations.

A mama bear teaches her cub to scratch it's back on a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the adorable moment a mother bear shows her young cub how to scratch its back against a handy tree. In a scene reminiscent from Disney classic Jungle Book, the mother grizzly demonstrates the art of back scratching before the little bear has a go. These charming pictures were taken near the uninhabited Taku River in North British Columbia, Canada, which often sees grizzly bears - or North American brown bears - pay a visit.

This is the moment a wildlife photographer found himself face to face with a curious leopard

***EXCLUSIVE*** This nail-biting footage shows a game ranger guide filming a leopard mother and child of in Sabi Sands nature reserve, South Africa. Without warning the leopard cub makes it’s way down the from it’s overlook on a termite mound and ends up mere centimeters away from 25-year-old Dillon Nelson who did not have any time to move or react. Sitting perfectly still Dillon can only look on as the young Leopard investigates his boot before eyeing him up and at one point even letting out a defensive hiss. Dillon said: „I work in the area as a game ranger or nature guide and take people out on Safari and Bush walks. We were following a resident female leopard and her 10 month old cub, as they moved through a very dense Monkey Orange and Bush willow thicket. She was presumably taking the cub on a walk about, teaching her some skills about hunting and stalking prey.”

Cat-fight between female pumas

Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile: These remarkable pictures show an impressive catfight between two female pumas. British wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein captured the stand-off as a protective mother chased a rival female up a treacherous hillside. The face-off saw swiping of claws as the intruder attempted to get access to the family’s fresh kill. Exodus Travels (www.exodus.co.uk) guide Paul was leading a tour in Torres del Paine national park in Chile in November (2019) when the action happened. He explains: „Trekking up mountains, carrying all your gear to try to get near this enigmatic and frankly beautiful cat, is about as good as wildlife photography gets, however exhausting. However, I was not expecting this outcome. The puma mother, called Rupestre, had killed a young guanaco (a llama-like animal) and her family - four cubs of around eight months old - were gorging themselves on it. Just after first light another puma female - Blinker, she only has one eye - appeared, clearly having smelt the carcass. Almost immediately, the mother tore up the slope and chased the imposter high up onto the volcanic rock. Blinker slashed with her claws, and hissed and growled, but was inexorably pushed back along the rock face. Finally, with no other option, she had to drop vertically twenty feet before slinking off, her not inconsiderable tail firmly between her legs.”