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Iconic velvet gown that Princess Diana wore to dance with John Travolta at the White House FAILS to sell at auction - despite expecting to fetch £250,000

Princess Diana's iconic blue velvet gown, which she wore to dance with actor John Travolta at the White House, failed to sell at auction. The Princess of Wales wowed the great and the good of Hollywood when she wore the Victor Edelstein blue velvet evening gown at a state dinner in 1985, when footage of her dancing to Saturday Night Fever went around the world. The gown was expected to fetch between £250,000 and £350,000 when it went up for auction through Kerry Taylor Auctions in London today. However it failed to reach the reserve price of £200,000. 

Inside the cannibal New Guinea tribe that ‘butchered and ate’ Rockefeller heir 60 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating photographs of a reclusive cannibalistic tribe that would use the decapitated heads of their enemies as pillows and allegedly committed the gruesome murder of the Rockefeller heir fifty years ago have emerged. Intense photo portraits show the men, women and children of the Asmat people who live on the coast of New Guinea - including a tribal elders sitting behind their scared masks of wood; the hard stare of an older man sporting a feathered headdress; and a handsome teenager who seems far more at ease in the front of the camera. Other striking shots include the tribe gathering for a community meeting in a rudimentary hut in and a collection of the controversial tribe heading across the coastal waters on their own hand-hewn canoes.

British father has been detained in Abu Dhabi after flying there for a job interview but fell victim to identity theft, with several loans taken out in his name

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British dad who flew to Dubai for a job interview has fallen victim to identity theft and is currently detained in Abu Dhabi over the loans that have been taken out in his name. Atif Khalique, 36, had travelled to United Arab Emirates in early 2016 for an interview after he had responded to a job advert he had seen online. Atif, who was a taxi driver at the time, was thrilled to learn he had got the job and happily provided extensive personal details to the company so that they could do a background check. He returned to the UK to tell his fiance Claire Khalique, now 32, the good news but when he didn't hear back from his new employers over the next few months, he assumed he had failed the background check.

Sex felt like hitting a brick wall for me as painful vaginal clamping syndrome made intercourse unbearable

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman discovered she had VAGINISMUS after almost FAINTING from trying to take a TAMPON out. Former chartered professional accountant, Katrin Maslenkova (27) who lives in Toronto, Canada, experienced pain the first time she tried to put in a tampon. Later in life, after a volleyball tournament, she attempted to take one out, but it was so painful she nearly fainted. When she was just 18, she tried penetrative sex with her first boyfriend, but was like ‘hitting a wall’. After a few attempts when penetration became impossible, she felt an excruciating stabbing and burning pain. In January 2010, she booked an appointment with her family doctor but he couldn’t get through a PAP test and told her she may be too young; her body wasn’t ‘ready’ for penetrative sex yet and that she just needed to wait. Unsatisfied with this conclusion, Katrin decided to do some research online to figure out what was happening and came across the term ‘vaginismus’. After a few more disappointing visits to her family doctor and her only referral to a gynaecologist, a sex therapist finally confirmed she was in fact experiencing vaginismus, a physiological response to a perceived danger in the form of an involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles around the opening of the vagina. She was recommended to try dilating therapy, where dilators are are used to relax the muscles and train the mind to stop associating penetration with pain. After sharing this with her parents, they came home one day with a box of dilators. Unfortunately, the dilators lay hidden away in her closet for many months at a time, since she lacked the support in how to use them effectively. To this day, she is surprised by the limited instruction and guidance she received from the medical professionals she first went to. Her first relationship ended after two years and while still facing the condition and after a period of being single and another long-term relationship, in 2016 she was able to have penetrative sex pain-free. She started dating the love of her life, Dmitri (33), in March 2017. They are now engaged to be married and she has since quit her job to help other ‘vulva owners’ with the same painful sexual experiences.

Hilarious calendar captures dogs lunging to catch treats in mid-air

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hilarious action shots of man’s best friend catching treats have been released in a new calendar. The side-splitting images show the hungry reactions of the excitable pooches as they catch tasty treats in mid-air. An adorable husky is captured with its mouth gaped open as the snack fast approaches, an eager poodle focusses wide-eyed on the incoming morsel and a German shepherd salivates in anticipation. Other cute pictures show a retriever smiling as a treat brushes past her lips and the calendar’s cover star boxer dog looks hilariously unimpressed at being thrown a bite to eat. The pictures have been released by photographer, Christian Vieler, in his Dogs Catching Treats 2020 calendar. Christian who is based in Waltrop, Germany, has been taking photos in this amusing style since 2013 - his own dog, Lotte, inspired him when he was playing around with his camera to shoot in this style.

New Banksy Christmas graffiti pops up in Birmingham showing rough sleeper being carried off by reindeer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Crowds flocked to see a stunning new Banksy artwork today after the poignant mural was unveiled in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. The distinctive work was secretly painted on to a brick wall on Vyse Street by the mystery artist. A video highlighting the work shows a homeless man called Ryan having a drink before he settles down on a bench. A message appeared on the fabled artist’s Instagram which said: “God bless Birmingham.”

Container hotel draw attention in central China

A colorful container hotel, a hotel composed of various container and located on the height of 2200 meters above the sea level, stands at sunrise in Yichang city, central China's Hubei province.

Abandoned Cyprus airport show its last passenger jet decaying on the tarmac and waiting area left to rust

Forty five years ago, Nicosia International Airport in Cyprus saw its last passenger jet land. Since then, the formerly bustling airport has been left frozen in time - the only things to change since 1974 are the fading paintwork and rusting parts. The Trident Sun jet remains motionless on the tarmac to this day, right where it came to a stop - an eerie reminder of an airport that time forgot. The airport was once a state-of-the-art transport hub on the popular Mediterranean holiday island. The hi-tech terminal opened in 1968, with restaurants and shops to service international travellers flocking to Cyprus.

Muslim schoolgirl, 14, is too scared to leave her house after being choked with her own hijab and punched by woman shouting racial slurs who only received caution for horror bus attack

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Muslim schoolgirl told how she was 'strangled' with her own hijab and punched during an horrific racial attack as she was travelling on a bus. Redana Al-Hadi 14, was punched repeatedly by a woman who had shouted racial slurs at her while she was travelling with her 13-year-old sister, Wadaad. Redana was taken to hospital with a suspected fractured eye socket after the attack, which she says has left her "too scared to get the bus to school". The teenagers were travelling home from school when the woman, who was travelling with a man, began to "mock" their accent and abuse them about their headwear.