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A man who owns around 1,500 Harry Potter books - possibly the biggest collection in the world - is parting with a handful at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The book, a first edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, signed by J K Rowling, cost only 1p plus postage - and the owner had no idea it was so special when he snapped it up online. It’s set to go under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers on December 12 with an estimate of £1,800-£2,500. Mark Cavoto, 51, from Buxton, Derbyshire, has bought and sold around 3,000 Harry Potter books over the last 10 years thanks to a chance discovery courtesy of his daughter Holly, now 25.

A university graduate could become the youngest ever Brit to hold a PhD after being accepted onto the course - aged 15

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wang Pok Lo graduated with distinction in his masters MSc in Statistics with Medical Applications after studying in his free time. Known as Pok to his friends at Queensferry Community High School, in South Queensferry, West Lothian, he is still en route to complete his schooling. But the maths whizz has now been offered a place at the University of Edinburgh to study a three-year PhD in population health science.

The country's oldest Christmas tree that survived Hitler's bombs put up for its 99th year - despite almost being lost in a house move

***EXCLUSIVE*** The country's oldest Christmas tree that survived Hitler's bombs and killer storms has been erected its 99th year - despite almost being lost in a house move.Kay Ashton, 65, thought she had lost the treasured family heirloom when she downsized from her three-bedroom house to a flat earlier this year. When Kay came to unpack the tree, which she said evokes childhood memories of Christmas, she could not find it and thought it had been lost forever. Luckily the tree was found just in time for it to be put up in its eighth home. Kay had stayed at her daughter Becky's house temporarily during the move and it was under her bed all along. The artificial spruce, thought to be the oldest in the country, was bought by Kay's grandmother Elizabeth Naylor for sixpence from Woolworths in 1920.

A twelve-year-old who is one of Britain’s youngest transgender children has started transitioning - after realising she was born in the „wrong body” aged just THREE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ash Lammin is, biologically-speaking, a boy. But according to her mum, she insisted that she was a girl as soon as she could speak. Terri Lammin, 43, said that watching her daughter - who was born Ashton - grow up confused and upset by her body was „heartbreaking”. She said: „Although she was born male, from the moment she could speak Ash insisted she was a girl.”

Jojo, the world’s friendliest dolphin, who loves to play with her surfer buddies and dog best friend 8-year old cocker spaniel Zyzz

***EXCLUSIVE*** Where have you FIN all my life- Meet the world's friendliest dolphin who loves to play with her surfer buddies and dog best friend! Jojo is an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin who lives in the waters of Turks & Caicos with his family. He has a rare personality and loves to actively seek out human interaction. Jojo can often be seen chasing his pals at Wake to Wake watersports as they whizz past on their surfboards and speedboats and if he is not doing that he can usually be found playing with his best friend; 8-year old cocker spaniel Zyzz. The heart warming footage of the playful loving Dolphin was provided by Wake to Wake Watersports who operate out of  JoJo’s home of Turks & Caicos.

Pensioners at a care home were given a real hiss-story lesson - after welcoming snakes and other reptiles during an animal therapy session

***EXCLUSIVE*** Around 20 residents at Bupa Arkley Care Home spent an afternoon getting up close and personal with fearsome creatures including a boa constrictor, a water dragon and a Madagascar hissing cockroach. They also had the chance to embrace other animals including a gecko and giant African millipede, which were brought to the home by a trained handler. Though the reptiles might not look endearing, the animal therapy sessions are actually designed to introduce the seniors to new experiences and boost their mental health.

The world’s second largest ice sheet is melting far more rapidly than previously thought - leaving tens of millions more people exposed to floods, reveals a new study

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scientists around the world have warned Greenland’s ice sheet is melting faster than expected, seven times more than in the 90s. The speedy melt will push sea levels up further - exposing 40 million more people to coastal flooding, according to the findings published in the journal Nature. Study lead researcher Professor Andrew Shepherd, of Leeds University, said: „As a rule of thumb, for every centimetre rise in global sea level another six million people are exposed to coastal flooding around the planet.”

Naked Island Happiness

Vietnam, Hanoi: Do Duc Hoang, a follower of nudism, enjoys a quiet moment and meditates on a fallen tree on the banks of the Red River. In the middle of Vietnam's conservative capital Hanoi lies a refuge for friends of nudism. On the island visitors not only strip off their clothes, but also the rigid norms of the country for the duration of their stay.

A gym addict who was given the all-clear from pelvic cancer found she had secondary tumours in her spine - after going for a PRIVATE scan

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super-fit Gemma Sisson has now started a petition calling for thorough checks for the life-threatening illness before patients are told they are cancer-free. It has so far attracted 48,000 signatures with many contributors telling their own horror stories of how they did not find other cancers until it was too late. Gemma's own story sees her fighting an incurable cancer that has put an end to entering bikini fitness competitions and her love of pumping weights in the gym. The 38-year-old, who now has a collapsed spine, feels lucky to have at least found her secondary cancer before she became completely paralysed, but feels it could have been detected earlier. Her diagnosis came after a private physiotherapist she was seeing for chronic back and neck pain told her she ought to pay for another *****  scan as what she was suffering was not normal. The scan she paid £330 for - seven months after being told she was cured of her pelvic cancer in January by the NHS, and one month after her last scan - revealed **** the cancer in her spine had eaten away at two and a half vertebrae. The scan showed the tumours growing on her spine, liver and her stomach, and Gemma was dealt the heartbreaking blow that they were secondary cancer and incurable.

Blood sucking insects with teeth have been found trapped in 100 million year old Burmese amber... dining on dinosaurs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sealed inside two pieces of fossilised tree resin, scientists found ten of the young creatures clinging onto feathers from the predatory reptiles. Their powerful jaws housed at least four sharp teeth. It is the earliest evidence of parasitic insects feeding on feathers.