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Woman who spent her pregnancy renovating an old school bus and started a new life on the road with a newborn insists more families should do the same because babies are 'adaptable'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple ditched their ONE THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT townhouse for life on a bus with their NEW BORN BABY and say their only worry these days is finding somewhere safe to park at night. Seamstress Hannah Hernandez (25) and her solar installer husband Ian (27) from Orlando, Florida, USA were both working really hard just to maintain their rented 1,000sq ft townhouse. Quality time together was strapped as they looked out for a solution. With the dream of living more simply and much contemplation the duo eventually decided to spend their savings on a 1991 International Bluebird 35 ft School bus. They found the vehicle on Craigslist for just £1,522 ($2000) in November 2016. Hannah and Ian were ready to have a child and raise them in their future tiny home, so they were really excited when they found out Hannah was pregnant in January 2018. Now the couple had a deadline to deal with to prepare their home and move on board. With this information in mind they had to make sure they built a bus that was safe and strong enough to home a growing, climbing, adventurous little toddler.


No, Mr Bond, I expect you to buy! Paradise Jamaican villa on 007 author Ian Fleming’s GoldenEye estate goes on sale for £3.6million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A paradise villa nestled in the grounds of James Bond creator Ian Fleming's Jamaican estate has emerged on the market for £3.6million ($4.75m). Strangeways is on the historic estate of GoldenEye, a parcel of 15 acres of land Fleming bought in 1946 on the island's north shore. The legendary British author who died in 1964 used it as an idyllic writing base, bathing in the ocean then sunbathing in the garden before picking up his pen and getting to work for the day. Jamaica features prominently as a location in both the first James Bond film, Dr No, and the upcoming No Time To Die. The Strangeways compound, consisting of a main two storey house, two cottages and a kitchen building, sits on top of a cliff with sweeping ocean front views of the Caribbean. It is being sold with estate agent Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty.

Original 1960's Batman and Robin costumes for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Iconic Batman and Robin costumes used in the classic 1960s TV series have emerged for sale for £155,000. The instantly recognisable outfits were worn by stars Adam West and Burt Ward who played the famous hero in the popular 'Batman' show. The programme ran for three series between 1966 and 1968 and remains a firm favourite among fans of the Caped Crusader today. Both costumes have spent more than 20 years in a private collection but are now set to go under the hammer.

Mysterious 150-year-old mansion frozen in time more than a decade ago has remained completely untouched with beds looking freshly made and the lights still on

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie photos show a mysterious one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old mansion abandoned over a decade ago - but with the beds neatly made, lights still on, and a wall scrawled with ANTI-SEMITIC graffiti. Fascinating photographs of the derelict family home, located in Lincolnshire, include an old wooden TV set with a hastily sprayed swastika and the bizarre message, „It’s a Jew” on the wall behind it; a fully furnished sitting room with boarded up windows; and a creepy nursery with stuffed animals tucked away into a stained cradle. The remarkable property, which cannot be specifically named or located for fear of further vandalism or theft, was recently visited by an urban explorer known as FreakyD who was amazed to find the property in such a relatively untouched state.

A classic car dealer is locked in a High Court battle with a super-rich US collector over the world's most expensive car and its missing gearbox

***EXCLUSIVE*** Racing driver and supercar trader Gregor Fisken, based in Kensington, west London, is fighting lawyer Bernard Carl over the $44m (£37million) sale of a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. Just 39 of the cars were built by Ferrari between 1962 and 1964 and the model is regarded as the holy grail for the world's wealthiest car collectors.

Maritime historians who recovered the wreck of a rare wartime Fairey Barracuda sea plane that has spent 76 years underwater are stunned to find its battery still works

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ever Ready - Archaeologists stunned after WW2 battery recovered from under the Solent still works. Maritime historians who have recovered the wreck of a rare wartime aircraft that has spent 76 years under water were stunned to find its battery still works. The Fairey Barracuda sea plane was found by accident during a seabed survey of the Solent ahead of the laying of an underwater electricity cable. The Royal Navy torpedo bomber ditched in the sea moments after taking off from HMS Daedelus at Lee-on-the-Solent, Hants, for a test flight in 1943.

Historic wartime Commonwealth Conference photograph emerges

***EXCLUSIVE*** A never-before-seen photograph showing Prime Minister Winston Churchill hosting the very first conference of the heads of the Commonwealth at a critical time in the war has come to light. The 23ins by 27ins black and white photo was shot in the back garden 10 Downing Street on April 27, 1944, just five weeks before the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France. The prime ministers of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa were among the VIPS who attended the historic event. The unique photo is coming up for sale at Chiswick Auctions.

Incredible snaps show two polar bears cubs play-fighting in the snow

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two adorable polar bear cubs were snapped play fighting before one puts his paws up in a surrender. The brothers were grappling to prepare them for later in life when they will have to fight other older bears. One of them even appeared to slap his sibling in the face as they wrestled around in the grassland of Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. The photos, taken by 54-year-old property manager, Hao Jiang, show the two bears only a few days after they have left their family behind.

NASA rocket tank splits open

Huntsville, Alabama, United States: Engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, on Dec. 5 deliberately pushed the world’s largest rocket fuel tank beyond its design limits to really understand its breaking point. The test version of the Space Launch System rocket’s liquid hydrogen tank withstood more than 260% of expected flight loads over five hours before engineers detected a buckling point, which then ruptured. Engineers concluded the test at approximately 11 p.m. „We purposely took this tank to its extreme limits and broke it because pushing systems to the point of failure gives us additional data to help us build rockets intelligently” said Neil Otte, chief engineer of the SLS Stages Office at Marshall. „We will be flying the Space Launch System for decades to come, and breaking the propellant tank today will help us safely and efficiently evolve the SLS rocket as our desired missions evolve.” The test version of the tank aced earlier tests, withstanding forces expected at engine thrust levels planned for Artemis lunar missions, showing no signs of cracks, buckling or breaking. The test on Dec. 5 -- conducted using a combination of gaseous nitrogen for pressurization and hydraulics for loads -- pushed the tank to the limits by exposing it to higher forces that caused it to break as engineers predicted.

Colourful clothed workers pick through chillis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers sort thousands of chilli peppers which cover an entire field. The 50 female workers, in brightly-coloured outfits, gather on the bed of crimson peppers as soon as the sun rises to begin their day-long sorting task. Gathering in rows over the collection of peppers, the women bend down to sort the chillies at the start of the season until dusk.

Arctic foxes – can yo spot them?

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two Arctic foxes blend in to the landscape at the Western Hudson Bay in Monitoba, Canada. The animals were spotted by Nina Waffenschmidt, 34 a management consultant from Germany.