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Mum named her sons Ronnie and Reggie without realising she had copied notorious gangster Kray twins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the cutest Ronnie and Reggie - a pair of twins dressed as Santa and his little elf whose mother had no idea they shared their names with gangsters. A mum-of-five excited for Christmas has taken these adorable photos of her twin boys Ronnie and Reggie - dressed as a little Santa and Elf. Lisa Tarr, 27, bought her youngest sons these tiny festive outfits after spotting a cheeky £4 discount from retailer Mothercare. She was so excited finding these costumes on December 1, she took these adorable photos of Ronnie and Reggie, seven weeks old, wearing them. Full-time mum Lisa dressed Reggie as Santa Claus, suited and booted in red and white, and put Ronnie in a cute Elf costume with a pointy hat. Lisa from High Wycombe, Bucks., said Ronnie and Reggie were NOT named after the Kray twins.

Abandoned balding puppies nursed back to health with specially-made Christmas jumpers

Two balding lurcher puppies who were found abandoned are being nursed back to health by wearing Christmas jumpers. Holly and Ivy, were found dumped at a roadside in Surrey, England along with their mum, Mistletoe. The dogs were freezing cold, infested with parasites, and needed urgent care. They were taken into Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham, Surrey, where part of their treatment included wearing specially-made Christmas jumpers to keep them warm and cosy after the loss of their fur made them more likely to feel the chill. The pups had mange, caused by tiny, microscopic mites that burrow beneath the skin surface and lay eggs, which made them scratch and bite at their skin, causing pain, irritation, and hair loss. As well as keeping them nice and cosy, the jumpers also help to prevent the dogs from scratching at their skin.

Fisherman uses cormorant birds to help catch bigger fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman with a close bond to cormorants uses the flock of birds to catch big fish in a river. The aquatic birds can be seen perching on a bamboo raft before swooping into the calm water to grasp hold of prey. Cormorants have thick, hooked bills perfect for firmly seizing fish and help fishermen catch bigger finds than their nets usually can. These images showing the ancient art of cormorant fishing were captured by photographer Julia Wimmerlin at Li River in Guilin, China.

Squirrel reflected in water

***EXCLUSIVE*** An inquisitive red squirrel comes face to face with his reflection as he searches for food. Olivier Colle, 40, captured the moment from a hide on the border with Belgium and Holland.