Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Black cab gin bar

***EXCLUSIVE*** Schweppes will launch the ultimate service for busy Londoners – the UK’s most exclusive on-the-go bar - a black cab that you can hail for an amazing experience, that offers the commuted the chance to enjoy a G&T on route. With room for two lucky passengers, and their very own bartender, it’s the ultimate in G&T luxury! London. Commuters can now ride in the world's smallest gin bar - in the back of a taxi.  The unique vehicle is decorated to resemble a luxurious Christmas bar, featuring timber flooring, sumptuous leather seating, festive garlands and twinkling Christmas lights. With room for two passengers, those who hail a ride will be treated to a Schweppes cocktail or mocktail, made for them personally by a travelling mixologist.   Each journey comes with a private driver, mixologist and a festive drink.

Photographer gets up close and personal with 20 feet anaconda

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRAZIL: Astonishing footage shows a daredevil photographer getting up close and personal with the World’s biggest snake - and he even managed to snap a selfie with the legendary creature. An incredible video shows a huge green anaconda, measuring around 20 foot in length and with considerable girth, flirting with the camera; a striking shot shows the gargantuan reptile flicker its tongue; and another shows the fearless photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser (35) grabbing a quick selfie with his new slithery sidekick. Hauser, who started the adventure travel company Pelagic Fleet in Baja, Mexico, spent 40 extraordinary minutes with the green anaconda on a breath-taking visit to Brazil - where he also came face to face with a caiman crocodile.

Little Angel who has delivered over 1000 Christmas cards to strangers - despite only having one leg

***EXCLUSIVE*** A disabled schoolgirl has delivered more than a thousand Christmas cards to strangers despite having her leg amputated last year and nearly losing her life. Eleven-year-old Angel Farley has handwritten and delivered 1064 greetings cards so far this year in her mission to put a smile on people's faces at Christmas. Angel was born without a femur and hip socket meaning her lower leg was attached directly to her hip. Despite her limited mobility, the thoughtful youngster decided to start sending Christmas cards to lonely people in her village two years ago.

Folding smartphone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Escobar Inc, led by Pablo Escobar‘s brother Roberto Escobar, has just released an unexpected piece of technology in the form of a folding smartphone. This latest ESCOBAR FOLD 1 smartphone takes advantage of the rather new folding screen technology that Samsung has been pushing as of late. The unlocked phone for $349 USD and $499 USD, for the 128 GB and 512 GB versions, respectively.

Shanghai driver finds passion on servicing pet dogs

***EXCLUSIVE*** As a driver working for an online taxi-hailing platform, Li Junshe do not service people. Instead, he is a special pet driver who taking dogs for pet grooming and vaccine injection for those busy owners. During the past year, Li has serviced over 6000 pets. For him, 'it’s more pleasure work for pets than for human beings.'